Beatles, The / Live At The Shea Stadium / 1CD With OBI Strip

Beatles, The / Live At The Shea Stadium / 1CD With OBI Strip / Valkyrie Records

Shea Stadium New York City, NY USA August 15,1965. Digitally Remastered

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movie “EIGHT DAYS A WEEK –The Touring Years” was released in 2016. Even though the Beatles’ live activity period is short, it is impossible to look back on it in about 100 minutes, so any of the live images that are often found in documentary images were still halfway recorded. But notably, all the live tracks used in the movie have been remastered by Giles Martin.

Giles Martin is the son of Great George Martin, who was allowed to modify the Beatles heritage in this way, including the 090909 remaster. And in line with this movie, the 1977 release “The Beatles Super Live!” Was made into a CD for the first time as “Live at the Hollywood Bowl” by a new remix of Giles Martin. It was a 3-track recording in a bad environment at the time of 1965, so it would have been irritating to use the analog sound as it was in 1977, the 2016 version remixed back to the 3-track master. It was a work of. The movie’s soundtrack album wasn’t released at all, but this “Live at the Hollywood Bowl” was a de facto soundtrack paired with the movie.

Before the movie “EIGHT DAYS A WEEK –The Touring Years” was released, a live video of Shea Stadium on August 15, 1965 was screened at the same time, apart from the main story. The live footage of this share was shot using 14 of the 35mm cameras, which was the best technology at the time, and the footage also included 16mm color footage shot by fans who had not been released so far. Was there. The video is edited with 4K remaster and released in 2K according to the main story. And notably, Giles Martin has remastered the live source for the movie as well.

Considering the sound quality and recording technology aspects of the full stage, the Hollywood Bowl, which was originally recorded for that purpose, is almost the only material that can be officially released. .. This 1965 Shea Stadium is also a famous concert, but the actual sound recorded was useless, and even at that time it was re-recorded and overdubbed at the CTS studio in London on January 5, 1966 for movies. It has been processed. The Beatles members recorded it in the studio while watching the film. Giles Martin has remastered the voice of the share of the problem this time. However, as mentioned above, considering the sound quality and recording technology, it is impossible to release this as a live album or as a movie soundtrack in terms of quality, and it is a new remaster by Giles. However, it has never been used outside of movies. This work is a recording of the 2016 remastered sound source of Giles Martin.

[2016 mix by Giles Martin] “Twist And Shout”… The intro part is the voice of the share, and the record version of “Please Please Me” is used thereafter. The ending is a mix of shared audio and records.
“I Feel Fine”: A mix of the actual live audio of Share and the audio extracted from John’s vocals from the Hollywood Bowl on August 29th.
“Dizzy Miss Lizzy” … Basically, shared audio is used, but the snare sound of the drum is sampled and added. There is no overdub on the base.
“Ticket To Ride”・ ・ ・ Basically, shared voice is used, and no particular modification has been made.
“Act Naturally” …I basically use shared voice, but Paul Hamory and interlude lead guitar that were not recorded in shared voice are extracted and mixed from the record version. Also, the pitch of the apple on that day was bad, and probably because of that, the vocals were strongly reverberated.
“Can’t Buy Me Love”・ ・ ・ Basically, share voice is used. No base overdub.
“Baby’s In Black”: The shared audio and record version are mixed in half. The lack of lead guitar in the interlude remains.
“A Hard Day’s Night” …Shared voice is basically used, and no special correction has been made. Of course there are no interviews inserted.
“Help”— January 5, 1966 London CTS studio sound source is used.
“I’m Down” -Shared voice is basically used, and the record version of the drum and bass rhythm track is mixed with the overdub version of the bass and organ. George’s lead guitar remains original.
In addition, the MC part between all the songs is characterized by the addition of intense reverb/echo that is not found in the original tape.

[Mixed in 1991 by Ron Farmanek]
By the way, prior to the movie “EIGHT DAYS A WEEK –The Touring Years”, the voice of Shea Stadium was remastered in the past in the anthology project in 1995 for a quarter of a century. Sometimes. It was made by Ron Farmanek, and is also fully stored in the end. The soundtrack that accompanies the footage of the share stadium that was excerpted from the anthology was clearly remastered, which was different from before, so I was expected to release the share alone in some way. However, it has not been realized to this day. This work contains a 1991 (which is said to be) mix by Ron Fermanek.

“Twist And Shout” — The sound of the Hollywood Bowl performance on August 30 is diverted.
“I Feel Fine” — January 5, 1966 London CTS studio sound source is used. mono.
“Dizzy Miss Lizzy” … A stereo version of left and right share tapes from the stages with slightly different mixes. Paul’s bass track from CTS Studio, extracted from 1966 film audio, is added.
“Ticket To Ride”・ ・ ・ January 5, 1966 The sound source of London CTS Studio is used.
“Act Naturally”…Basically, shared voice is used. The tape with the stronger guitar component of John and George is placed in the center as a mono, and the unrecorded chorus pole harmony is extracted and mixed. The vocal of the record version of Ringo is also covered with the shared voice along with Paul’s harmony, so even though it is a live version, the lead vocal of Ringo has two voices. The studio version of the lead guitar is also covered in some places, and after the interlude, two vocals and lead guitars with different takes are mixed.
“Can’t Buy Me Love” : A stereo version that synchronizes the recording tapes from the stages with slightly different mixes left from the two types of shares left and right. Paul’s bass track from CTS Studio, extracted from 1966 film audio, is added.
“Baby’s In Black” : A stereo version that synchronizes the recording tapes from the stages with slightly different mixes left from the two types of shares left and right. The missing lead guitar of the interlude of unknown cause remains. This part has been fixed in the 19mm film version of the soundtrack that was aired from 1966 to 1967. Paul’s bass track at CTS Studio, extracted from 1966 film audio, is added.
“A Hard Day’s Night” … There is no insertion of an interview like the 1966 version of the stereo version, which synchronizes the recording tapes from the stages with slightly different mixes left with two types of shares left and right.
“Help”・ ・ ・ January 5, 1966 The sound source of London CTS Studio is used. mono.
“I’m Down”A stereo version in which the recording tapes from the stages with slightly different mixes of the two types of share left and right are synchronized. Unlike the 16mm film soundtrack that was aired between 1966 and 1967, there is only one organ. Paul’s bass track from the CTS studio extracted from the 1966 film audio has been added. At the beginning, George’s comment inserted at the beginning of the second incomplete take of the 1966 film is reproduced.

A documentary recorded at Shea Stadium on August 23, 1966. Interviews with people around the venue are recorded, from the way to the venue on the subway, outside the venue, and from inside the venue to during the concert. What’s interesting is that interviews are practiced even during concerts, so even the Beatles performances are recorded. Of course, the main thing is documentary, but it is a valuable 1966 share stadium sound source. This work is a clean version with no trace sound (needle sound) while having the same sound source as the analog boot of the same name.

[About this work]
The composition of this work is divided into three. First of all, a mix by Giles Martin in 2016. Next is a 1991 mix by Ron Farmanek. And finally, “BLAST IN STADIUM” is recorded as a bonus track. It will be a new collection to be added in relation to numerous shares. Permanently preserved press board with beautiful picture disc specifications. With Japanese obi.

映画「8 DAYS A WEEK –The Touring Years」は2016年にリリースされました。ビートルズのライブ活動期間は短いものの、約100分で振り返ることは不可能であるため、頻繁に表示されるライブ画像はドキュメンタリー画像で見つかったものはまだ途中で記録されました。ただし、特に、映画で使用されているすべてのライブトラックはGiles Martinによってリマスターされています。

ジャイルズマーティンは、090909リマスターを含め、この方法でビートルズの遺産を変更することを許可されたグレートジョージマーティンの息子です。そしてこの映画に沿って、1977年のリリース「ビートルズスーパーライブ!」ジャイルズマーティンの新しいリミックスによって「ハリウッドボウルでライブ」として初めてCDにされた。 1965年当時の悪環境での3トラック録音だったので、1977年と同じようにアナログサウンドを使い、2016年バージョンを3トラックマスターにリミックスして戻ってきたのはイライラしていたでしょう。の作品でした。映画のサウンドトラックアルバムはまったくリリースされなかったが、この「ハリウッドボウルでのライブ」は事実上映画とペアになったサウンドトラックだった。

映画「8 DAYS A WEEK –The Touring Years」がリリースされる前に、メインストーリーとは別に、1965年8月15日のシアスタジアムのライブビデオが同時に上映されました。このシェアのライブ映像は、当時最高のテクノロジーであった35mmカメラのうち14台を使用して撮影されたもので、これまでリリースされていなかったファンが撮影した16mmカラーの映像も含まれています。があった。ビデオはメインストーリーに従って4Kリマスターで編集され、2Kでリリースされます。そして特に、ジャイルズマーティンは映画のライブソースもリマスターしました。

フルステージの音質と録音技術を考えると、本来その目的で録音されたハリウッドボウルは、正式にリリースできる素材はほぼ唯一。 ..この1965年のシェイスタジアムも有名なコンサートですが、録音された実際の音は役に立たず、そのときでさえ、1966年1月5日にロンドンのCTSスタジオで映画用にオーバー録音されました。処理済みです。ビートルズのメンバーは、映画を見ながらスタジオで録音しました。ジャイルズマーティンは今回、問題の共有の声をリマスターしました。しかし、前述のように音質や録音技術を考えると、ライブアルバムや映画のサウンドトラックとしてのクオリティはリリースできず、ジャイルズによる新しいリマスターです。ただし、映画以外では使用されていません。この作品は、ジャイルズマーティンの2016年リマスター音源を録音したものです。

[2016ミックスby Giles Martin] 「ツイスト・アンド・シャウト」…イントロ部分はシェアの声で、その後は「プリーズ・プリーズ・ミー」のレコード版を使用。エンディングは、共有オーディオとレコードのミックスです。
「I Feel Fine」:シェアの実際のライブオーディオと、8月29日にハリウッドボウルからジョンのボーカルから抽出されたオーディオのミックス。
「Dizzy Miss Lizzy」…基本的には共有オーディオを使用しますが、ドラムのスネア音をサンプリングして追加しています。ベースにオーバーダブはありません。
「Baby’s In Black」:共有オーディオと録音バージョンが半分にミックスされます。間奏曲のリードギターの欠如が残っています。
「ヘルプ」— 1966年1月5日、ロンドンのCTSスタジオ音源を使用。
「I’m Down」-基本的には共有ボイスが使用され、ドラムとベースのリズムトラックのレコードバージョンは、ベースとオルガンのオーバーダブバージョンとミックスされます。ジョージのリードギターはオリジナルのままです。

[Ron Farmanekにより1991年に混合] ちなみに、映画「8 DAYS A WEEK –The Touring Years」の前に、シェイスタジアムの声は、1995年の四半世紀のアンソロジープロジェクトで過去にリマスターされました。時々。 Ron Farmanekによって作成され、最終的に完全に保管されます。アンソロジーから抜粋したシェアスタジアムの映像に付随するサウンドトラックは、以前とは異なり明らかにリマスタリングされていたので、なんとかして一人でシェアを解除することになった。しかし、今日に至っていません。この作品には、ロン・フェルマネックによる1991年(と言われている)のミックスが含まれています。

「ツイストアンドシャウト」— 8月30日のハリウッドボウルパフォーマンスのサウンドが流用されます。
「I Feel Fine」— 1966年1月5日ロンドンのCTSスタジオ音源を使用。単核症。

01. Preamble
02. Twist And Shout
03. I Feel Fine
04. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
05. Ticket To Ride
06. Act Naturally
07. Can’t Buy Me Love
08. Baby’s In Black
09. A Hard Day’s Night
10. Help
11 . I’m Down

12. Preamble
13. Twist And Shout
14. I Feel Fine
15. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
16. Ticket To Ride
17. Act Naturally
18. Can’t Buy Me Love
19. Baby’s In Black
20 A Hard Day’s Night
21. Help
22. I’m Down

23. –49. Documents 1966

Valkyrie Records. VAL-061

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