Beatles / Live At Budokan 1966 Definitive Edition / 3DVD

Beatles / Live At Budokan 1966 Definitive Edition / 3DVD / Non Label

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 30th June & 1st July Afternoon Show 1966 PRO-SHOT

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Paul ‘s arrival in Japan is coming this year, we will release video items full of surprises of Beatles’ first Japanese tour. Of course, although it is of course featuring the live image left two days left, it is a performance item to visit in Japan in 1966 that can assert that it is the ultimate culmination of finding existing or newly appearing images in detail . Though these images are recorded over three discs, the first piece records the Beatles stepping on Japanese soil until the end of the June 30 th stage. If you look at this disc it will be easy to understand the content and editing concept of this time.
The Beatles came to the attention of changing the culture of Japan as much as it was arriving at Haneda Airport from the arrival at Haneda Airport until a campaign to the Tokyo Hilton Hotel (Capitol Tokyu Hotel) with a pink Cadillac was left alone However, this time carefully investigated them and recorded along the time series carefully. As a result, the arrival of the Beatles in Japan was literally documented in real time. The appearance from the DC – 8 Matsushima issue and getting off the trap to get on the pink Cadillac is because it is shooting for news, so only fragments of images of each angle remain, and on various pre – launch boards, There were only fragments or repeatedly recording the same scene for each angle. In this board, each angle is examined from scratch, the best source is newly raised from the video master and it is reconstructed in chronological order. Furthermore, it is interesting because it can compare the existing images of black and white and color by making them multi-screen.
Regarding the video of the press conference to Japan, there is also the longest edition that edited jointly based on the sound source whose entire appearance has already been recorded, but this time it will remain as a picture rather than recording all of the long press conference as long as it will be delayed Focusing only on the part where it is focused, here again a new film source without a timecode archived by an American telecommunications company in recent years (this video itself has appeared on YouTube as well) is featured, and Japanese subtitles are added for exchange That makes it a very easy-to-read document. At this press conference that is often pointed out such as poor guidance on communication between Japanese and English walls, on the other hand, the Beatles have a good sense of amenity in a completely different dimension from other countries The situation that surprised is also transmitted. Especially because it was natural to be held in a noisy environment at other country’s press conference.

The appearance of the venue on the first day of the live showcases images that have been circulating so far by verification and editing along time series, as if I was feeling as if I were waiting for the opening outside the Budokan and I was pointed out from that time You can also realize abnormally strict guard guard with new video. Of course security guards moved to the moat, of course, from the situation that the rescue team and the ambulance had been on standby, security guards that are outrageous have been documented in real terms. To my utmost, it seems that Japan’s likeness in the 1960’s is captured.
Familiar about the live image on June 30, I am carefully summarizing from the image of the fragmentary undercard published so far. The main thing is broadcasting in 1978, but it used a different source of the upper version of Betamax recording, which has better image quality than the version that itself also released ourselves in the past, The sound source is precisely combined. Unfortunately, the situation of the stage is not as glaring as the next day, but it is clear that one of the casting artists etc. has different costumes or the camera angle at the performance of the group was totally different from the next day.
Regarding the stage of the Beatles, as mentioned at the beginning, remastered based on the HMC version that appeared two years ago. Particularly with respect to sound, the HMC version was sounded like Mokomoko because the sound was compressed at the time of DVD conversion, but this time it was replaced with the best source and the separation of performance became better and it was more natural It has become clean sound quality. Furthermore, 8mm which captured the Beatles before the stage which was introduced on TV on around 1990 was also connected without fail according to the time series, and it became possible to see it for the first time in the appropriate position.

Regarding July 1, which was used for the main channel broadcast of 1966, the main live image is also based on the HMC version, but this is also a natural and vivid image quality by adjusting the image quality It has been reborn as a version. Especially in the middle of the undercard from She’s A Woman, the image got darker and darker and the color tone became unstable. The master had a drawback, and the HMC version was recorded as it was. This time, I corrected all those shortcomings and improved the resolution for the full story. It seemed as if the fog was sunny. However, further noteworthy is that the second disc has been reproduced the program program of the time broadcasted on the evening of July 1, 1966.
The document before the live show was recorded even when the live on June 30 was broadcast to television or video / software, but restored everything that was being done at that time in 1966 Restored to the version of the time. And in recent years a fragment of valuable black and white video in which the main broadcast of the then broadcast was recorded in 1966 appeared on YouTube, but by combining the CMs seen there, I revived the more realistic 1966 broadcast version. In the HMC version, the end of the undercard was faded out, but this board is also noteworthy that it became to be seen until just before switching to CM by joining this broadcast source. Although it will be personal, my mother and I went to a friend’s shop where parents were eating and drinking and watched in color broadcast and witnessed the experience of the time, but I would have watched it at that time Real-time feeling can be re-experienced in 2018!
Also, as I went back to the UK after returning to the UK (strictly speaking, there was a nightmare Manila performance) and George said that Japan was wonderful compared to Manila … Also recorded from a good new image quality source, Moreover, it is summarized in time series. That is, I also documented the appearance of the Beatles from the live on July 1st until the departure day for the second disc as never before.

Regarding extra discs, documentaries “becoming familiar among maniacs in recent years” recorded “Contemporary leading Beatles!” I can not forbid the surprise that the image of the outstanding document that tells the state of Beatles’ visit to Japan so far was not destroyed. As it was broadcasted in 1996, the 30th anniversary of visiting Japan, the picture quality is the best. It is realistic that the 1966 Japanese celebrates the Beatles.
In addition to the 1st piece disc, the live of June 30th was recorded. Since it was recorded from the version which was released in the 1980’s VHS, it is now nostalgic that the song title is credited with (slightly larger) font at the beginning of the performance. But in any case it is quite soft and natural natural image quality like 1966’s color video, but rather people who likes this feeling are not unlikely. In addition, in the HMC version, the bottom and the right side of the picture are cut and it is in a state of being trimmed a little, but here also there is a difference of full size recording with the original angle of view of the original tape. As regards voice, we have not done any equalization etc, so you can enjoy natural sounds here than the original tape intact disc 1. Originally in the 1980’s we saw this as a matter of course.
Thus, regarding July 1st live, it is the first time to taste the nostalgia of the 1966 broadcasting, and at the same time, with respect to the live on June 30th you can also enjoy the nostalgic feel of the VHS version of the 1980s. And finally you can enjoy valuable things such as the Japanese broadcast version of “OUR WORLD” recorded in the second bonus at the same time. Real-time fans, current follow-up fans, comprehensive culmination without complaints that all of them can enjoy. And in Heisei is going to end in 2018, the 1966 Japanese performance ceremony for Japanese people will be released on the limited press DVD!




1966年の本チャン放送に使われた7月1日に関しても、メインのライブ映像に関してはこちらもHMC版をベースにしていますが、これまた画質を調整したことで自然でなおかつ鮮やかな画質のアッパー版へと生まれ変わっています。特に前座の途中からShe’s A Womanにかけて映像がどんどん暗くなってしまい色合いも不安定になる欠点がマスターにあり、HMC版もそのままの状態で収録されていました。今回はそれらの欠点を全て修正し、全編に渡り解像度もアップいたしました。それはまるで霧が晴れたかのよう。しかし、それ以上に特筆すべきは、2枚目のディスクは1966年7月1日の夜に放送された当時の番組プログラムを再現した内容となっていること。

そしてエクストラ・ディスクに関しては近年マニアの間でおなじみとなりつつあるドキュメンタリー「現代の主役 ビートルズ!」を収録。ここまでビートルズ来日直前の様子を伝えてくれる秀逸なドキュメントの映像が破棄されずに残されていたことに驚きを禁じ得ません。来日30周年の1996年に放送されたこともあって画質は最高。1966年の日本がビートルズを迎える様子がリアルに捉えられています。
こうして7月1日ライブに関しては1966年の放送の懐かしさを初めて味わせてくれる内容であると同時に、6月30日ライブに関しても80年代VHSバージョンならではの懐かしさも味わえる。そしてとどめは二枚目のボーナスに収録された「OUR WORLD」の日本放送バージョンという貴重なものまで同時に楽しめてしまう。リアルタイムのファン、現在の後追いのファン、それらすべてが楽しめるであろう文句なしの集大成。そして平成も終わろうとしている2018年、正に日本人の為の1966年日本公演集大成が限定のプレスDVDにてリリースされます!


Disc 1(76:12)

29th June
1. Haneda Airport

2. Hilton Hotel 3. Press Conference #1 4. Press Conference #2

30th June
5. Fans Arrive At Budokan #1 6. Fans Arrive At Budokan #2 7. Beatles Arrive At Budokan

8. Opening Act #1 9. Opening Act #2


30th June Show
10. Introduction 11. Rock And Roll Music 12. She’s A Woman
13. If I Need Someone 14. Day Tripper 15. Baby’s In Black 16. I Feel Fine 17. Yesterday
18. I Wanna Be Your Man 19. Nowhere Man 20. Paperback Writer 21. I’m Down

22. After the Concert #1 23. After the Concert #2 24. After the Concert #3

Bonus Track
25. ABC Raw Footage



Disc 2(67:54)

・当時7月1日に放送され56.5%の視聴率を記録した、日本テレビの番組「特別番組 ザ・ビートルズ 日本公演」を完全再現
・当時の大変貴重な録画(Sony CV-2000で録画)ソースを使用し、間のテレビコマーシャルもノーカット完全収録
・「Our World」の日本放送版「宇宙中継 われらの世界」より All You Need Is Loveをボーナス収録

★日本テレビの番組「特別番組 ザ・ビートルズ 日本公演」7月1日21時放送の再現映像

1st July Afternoon Show
1. Documentary 2. TV Commercials 3. Opening Act #1 4. Opening Act #2 5. Opening Act #3
6. Opening Act #4 7. Opening Act #5 8. Opening Act #6 9. Opening Act #7 10. TV Commercials
11. Introduction 12. Rock And Roll Music 13. She’s A Woman 14. If I Need Someone
15. Day Tripper 16. Baby’s In Black 17. I Feel Fine 18. Yesterday
19. I Wanna Be Your Man 20. Nowhere Man 21. Paperback Writer 22. I’m Down
23. TV Commercials

3rd July

24. Beatles Leaving Japan

Bonus Tracks
25. Beatles arrive back in London from Manila on 8th July 1966

1967年6月26日放送 NHK「宇宙中継 我らの世界」
26. All You Need Is Love (Broadcast on 26th June 1967 in Japan)



Extra Disc(54:24)

・1996年6月30日TBS放送のドキュメンタリー「現代の主役 ビートルズ!」を完全収録
・6月30日公演はDisc 1とは別の1984年リリースのVHSヴァージョンを収録
・リマスターされたDisc 1とはまた異なるナチュラルな画質と音質

TBSテレビ 1996年6月30日22時30分から放送
ドキュメント 現代の主役「ビートルズ!」

TV Documentary Special: Broadcast on 30th June 1996

1. Documentary #1 2. Documentary #2 3. Documentary #3 4. Documentary #4
5. Documentary #5 6. Documentary #6 7. Documentary #7 8. Documentary #8
9. Documentary #9 10. Documentary #10


30th June Show (from VHS released in 1984)
11. Introduction 12. Rock And Roll Music 13. She’s A Woman 14. If I Need Someone
15. Day Tripper 16. Baby’s In Black 17. I Feel Fine 18. Yesterday
19. I Wanna Be Your Man 20. Nowhere Man 21. Paperback Writer 22. I’m Down



PRO-SHOT COLOUR/B&W NTSC Approx.198min.(Total)

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