Beatles / Les Beatles A Paris 1965 New Remaster / 1DVD

Beatles, The / Les Beatles A Paris 1965 New Remaster / 1DVD /Non Label

Les Beatles Broadcast on La Deuxieme chaine on 31st October 1965 from 7.30 – 8.00 pm,Palais Des Sports, Paris, France 20th June 1965 (Evening Show)



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“Blackpool Night Out”
Broadcast on ABC Television (UK) on 1st August 1965 from 9.10 –10.05 pm
ABC Theater, Blackpool, England UK 1st August 1965

The Beatles’ live video, which stands out alongside the 1964 Washington performance, is the 1965 Paris performance. Strangely, it was shot with a black-and-white video camera like Washington, and it has a common feature that it was easy to see at that time. However, while Washington has been blessed with dramatic improvements in image quality and items in the last decade, Paris seems to have been at a standstill in recent years.
The broadcast version, in which the song order was messed up and “I Feel Fine” was cut, was a classic video that could be obtained at shops since the VHS boot era, but it was originally broadcast on French television. Therefore, the image quality was not good because of the walls of PAL and NTSC, which are unique to Europe.

However, in the 90’s, VHS dubbing technology improved, and the image quality improved dramatically compared to before. Furthermore, this video was branched and not only the broadcast version, but also the version in which “I Feel Fine” was recorded at the end without editing the song order became widespread. I think there are many enthusiasts who got the latter version.
However, in the age of DVD, the image quality of the video of the Paris performance became stagnant, and rather it was the best in the performance scene of “I’m A Loser” and “Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby” used in the official “ANTHOLOGY”. An image quality version is available. However, it is a black-and-white video image in Europe in the early 1960s, and the scene of “A Hard Day’s Night” adopted in “1+” released in the Blu-ray era is also a studio where the audio adjusts the tempo and interludes. It was said that the video was hardly tampered with, while the take was repeated and the work was considerably modified.
Therefore, even if you are not a maniac, you want to see the whole movie of the Paris performance with “ANTHOLOGY” level image quality … It was the wish of fans all over the world, but in 2020, it’s finally time to realize that feeling.

Lord Reith, a maniac among maniacs, made the maniac’s dream come true. This time, he released a better copy that he got from a core trader. It was said that it was passed in MPEG-1 format, but it certainly has much better image quality than previous versions via VHS analog generation. Lord Reith not only publishes it, but also adjusts the noise points as much as possible, and the problem of low frame rate, which is a drawback of MPEG-1, is restored to smooth 60 fps by frame interpolation processing. .. Furthermore, the image quality and position of “I Feel Fine” are restored firmly. It is regrettable that there are still some noise in the song, but the overall image quality has improved dramatically. This is a level suitable for calling it the upper version. The audio has also been remastered and replaced with the Pyramid board “Live In Melbourne And Paris” as the best source, going back to the old existing source. The restored audio is also wonderful!
This time, the performance in Paris was finally seen with the image quality of “ANTHOLOGY” level, but the Beatles on this day are really wonderful. It is unique to the video image that is good at clearness that all the members are showing a performance full of leeway.
In the United States two months later, the stadium would rise to super stardom, but in Paris it was still possible to hold a concert at a venue that attracted less than 5,000 people. You can see from every corner of the video that the members are playing on stage in a situation where they can clearly hear their performance, which is why John shows a funny gesture for a moment while singing “I’m A Loser”. I think it was done. On the other hand, Paul’s scene of singing with a bitter smile in front of the excitement of the audience singing in “Can’t Buy Me Love” ignoring the development of the song is very funny.
“Baby’s In Black” is the best scene where you can see how the audience is enjoying the performance, not just screaming. The sense of unity of the audience seats that shakes the body from side to side according to the waltz-like performance is a moving sight not found in other Beatles live images.

And with this release, the bonus includes the best version of “BIG NIGHT OUT”, which is the live TV video of The Beatles left after the performance in Paris. This is also a TV appearance that became a major in “ANTHOLOGY” at once, and at the same time, in recent years, the full-length version with good image quality is also the same. As before, this time it is a version with time code, but by remastering after obtaining a copy with the best image quality, we achieved the highest level ever. In the existing board, the image was stretched vertically, but in this title it is recorded with a normal screen ratio. Furthermore, by replacing the audio with the Master Jedi remaster recorded in “LIVE UP GRADES”, this is also finished as the best source ever.
This was a valuable appearance that showed the new song at that time live for the first time just before going to the United States, but among them, “I’m Down” is smoother than John’s VOX organ elbow playing method later in the United States. It’s interesting not to go. In addition, it is also valuable that the Beatles are dating the dance of the performers at the ending of the program. With this bonus recording, the strongest coupling in the Beatles 65 years live video before coming to the United States was realized. Anyway, the improvement of the image quality of the main Paris is just amazing. Please enjoy the best pure live video of 1965 with the highest image quality to your heart’s content, unlike the share stadium that was modified in various ways at the time of release.

“Blackpool Night Out”
Broadcast on ABC Television (UK) on 1st August 1965 from 9.10 – 10.05 pm
ABC Theatre, Blackpool, England UK 1st August 1965

曲順がめちゃくちゃに編集された上に「I Feel Fine」がカットされた放送バージョンはVHSブートの時代からショップで入手できるほどの定番映像ではあったものの、元がフランスのテレビで放送された映像ですので、ヨーロッパ固有のPALとNTSCという壁に阻まれて画質がイマイチなものばかりでした。

しかし90年代に入るとVHSのダビング技術が向上したこともあり、それまでと比べて飛躍的に画質が向上しました。さらにこの映像は枝分かれてして放送バージョンだけでなく、曲順が編集されていない状態で最後に「I Feel Fine」が収録されているというバージョンも広まりました。後者のバージョンを手に入れたマニアも多いのでは。
ところがDVDの時代を迎えるとパリ公演の映像の画質は足踏み状態となり、むしろオフィシャル「ANTHOLOGY」の中で使われた「I’m A Loser」や「Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby」の演奏シーンで最高画質バージョンが登場します。とはいっても60年代前半ヨーロッパでの白黒ビデオ映像です、ブルーレイの時代にリリースされた「1+」に採用された「A Hard Day’s Night」のシーンも音声の方はテンポを整えたり間奏にスタジオテイクを重ねたりと、相当に手を加えていたのに対し、映像の方はほとんどいじられていなかったのという。

マニアの夢を叶えてくれたのはマニアの中のマニアであるLord Reith。今回公開してくれたのは、彼がコア・トレーダーから入手したというベターコピー。それはMPEG-1形式で渡されたとのことでしたが、確かにVHSのアナログ・ジェネレーションを経由した過去のバージョンよりもはるかに画質が良い。Lord Reithはそれを単に公開するだけでなく、ノイズの入る個所を可能な限りアジャストしてみせ、MPEG-1の欠点であるフレームレートが低い問題もフレーム補間処理でなめらかな60fpsにレストアされています。さらに「I Feel Fine」の画質や位置までしっかりとレストア。まだ同曲でノイズの入る個所があるのは惜しまれますが、全体的な画質は飛躍的向上。これぞアッパー版と呼ぶに相応しいレベル。音声も古い既発ソースまで立ち返りPyramid盤「Live In Melbourne And Paris」をベストソースとしてリマスターし差し替えられています。レストアされたオーディオもこれまたお見事!
これが二か月後のアメリカになるとスタジアムでスーパースターダムへと昇り詰める訳ですが、まだパリではまだ集客動員数が5000人にも満たない会場でコンサートができたことが大きい。メンバーがステージ上で自分たちの演奏がはっきり聞き取れている状況で演奏している様が映像の端々から見て取れますし、だからこそジョンは「I’m A Loser」を歌いながら一瞬おどけた仕草を見せることができたのでしょう。一方ポールは「Can’t Buy Me Love」で曲の展開を無視して合唱する観客の盛り上がりを前に苦笑しながら歌う場面が何とも微笑ましい。
そんな観客が盛り上がりまくりつつも、単なる絶叫でなく演奏を楽しんでいる様子が捉えられた最高の場面が「Baby’s In Black」。ワルツ調の演奏に合わせて体を左右に揺らす客席の一体感は他のビートルズ・ライブ映像にはない感動的な光景。

そして今回のリリースに際し、ボーナスにはパリ公演の次に残されたビートルズのテレビ・ライブ映像である「BIG NIGHT OUT」のベスト・バージョンを独自に収録。こちらも「ANTHOLOGY」で一気にメジャーになったテレビ出演であると同時に、近年は画質の良い全長版がおなじみなものでもある。以前と同じように今回もタイムコード入りのバージョンなのですが、は元々画質がベストなコピーを入手した上でリマスターしたことで過去最高レベルを実現。既発盤では映像が縦に伸びていましたが、本タイトルでは正常な画面比で収録されています。さらに音声は「LIVE UPGRADES」にも収録したMasterJediリマスターに差し替えることでこちらも過去最高のベストソースに仕上がっています。
こちらは渡米を直前に当時の新曲を初めてライブ演奏してみせた貴重な出演となった訳ですが、中でも「I’m Down」はジョンのVOXオルガン肘奏法がのちのアメリカと比べてなめらかに行かないのが面白い。おまけに番組のエンディングでは出演者のダンスにビートルズが付き合っているというのも貴重。このボーナス収録によって渡米前のビートルズ65年ライブ映像における最強カップリングが実現したのです。とにかくメインのパリの画質向上には目を見張るばかり。公開時に色々と手を加えられていたシェア・スタジアムとは違う、65年最高の純生ライブ映像を最高画質で心ゆくまでお楽しみください。


“Les Beatles”
Broadcast on La Deuxieme chaine on 31st October 1965 from 7.30 –8.00 pm
Palais Des Sports, Paris, France 20th June 1965 (Evening Show)

1. Introduction
2. Twist And Shout
3. She’s A Woman
4. I’m A Loser
5. Can’t Buy Me Love
6. Baby’s In Black
7. I Wanna Be Your Man
8. A Hard Day’s Night
9. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby
10. Rock And Roll Music
11. I Feel Fine
12. Ticket To Ride
13. Long Tall Sally

“Blackpool Night Out”
Broadcast on ABC Television (UK) on 1st August 1965 from 9.10 –10.05 pm
ABC Theater, Blackpool, England UK 1st August 1965

14. Introduction
15. I Feel Fine
16. I’m Down
17. Act Naturally
18. Ticket to Ride
19. Yesterday
20. Help!
21. Instrumental Ending

PRO-SHOT B & W NTSC Approx .51min.


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