Beatles / Its The Beatles / 1CD+1DVD

Beatles / Its The Beatles / 1CD+1DVD / Non Label

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Live at Empire Theatre, Liverpool, UK 7th December 1963. CD: Unprocessed Version / DVD: Restored Edition

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This month, the upper version sound source of the TV live “IT ‘s THE BEATLES” of the Beatles 1963 appeared on the net and revealed the subject of mania. So when we released haste as a gift CD – R, it was memorable that I got an unexpected popularity and transformed it into a best selling gift. Of course, there were lots of voices wishing to be promoted to limited press release, but there is no trick to just press CD. Of course, promotion release from gifts is easy, but there is still a possibility of releasing it back to the original version of the original version of the original sound source.
What does it mean? The gift CD-R board which was very popular was the version equalized by Mr. Lord Reith who is the leader of the Beatles / Rare sound source in the Internet world, whereas this time It means that it is a press CD release using the sound source before remaster which circulated in Although it is an upper version, it is a tapes tape 55 years ago. Mr. Lord Reith does not make such an excessive suppression of it, yet it even equalizes the overall balance. Still it is true that there was a stingy texture if I heard about the cheers, it is a fact, it seems that the neighborhood was the result and the limit that appeared in the sense of equalization.
So I dared to avoid adding extra small workmans at the time of this release, and I tried to record using the vintage feeling of the upper version main body that was circulated first. Clearness which connected the jack from the recorder 55 years ago and recorded the television broadcasting is amazing enough now. Still, a state full of vintage feeling in a good sense. In fact it is very wonderful without equalizing like the Lord Reith version. Especially the warmy taste that you would like to call antiques is one that had been altered by equalization in his version. If you compare it with the previous gift version, the difference is obvious. From “From Me to You” intro you will be surprised by the clear drum sounds that are unprocessed.

However, it is a vintage recording that I slept for 55 years. Noises are mixed in several places, and among them “Roll Over Beethoven” and “Money (That’s What I Want)” are quite harsh level items. Also, regarding the low level noise, there are a lot of things (leave?) That were not completely erased in the Lord Reith version, and this release focuses on removing them. Regarding these adjustments, I think that you may refer to the songs, but due to that work this release will make you press CD as the best version with noises deleted while taking advantage of the warmyness of the original sound Become. This is suddenly easy to hear.
Not only boasts the best condition compared to the sound sources of the two types of jack connection recordings that have been excavated in the 21st century, it also features a full stage recorded full of stage fans caught up in fan club membership of local Liverpool The value as board recording is too high. Although it is a broadcast that mistakes of apple vocal / microphone recording in “Boys” which was unfamiliar with the BBC staff who was unfamiliar with the rock concert are missed, even 63 nights live sound board which can still enjoy not only mania but even a beginner greatly Let me assure you.

And for the DVD, the image of the existing “IT ‘s THE BEATLES” is recorded. In 1983, the television special made by BBC reflecting the popularity of the Beatles exploded in the UK was “IT ‘s THE BEATLES”. However, this broadcast has virtually no image left for the last three songs of the stage. In the 1990 ‘s, its existing images were on the market, but the first half of the performance was extremely fragmentary recording, and the middle several sorts were secretly cut. Originally it was presumed that “manly regret” like cut characteristic of the outflow image among maniacs, but in the 21st century the truth of this shredded state turned out.
Actually, this video, at the time the television station began to practice editing video tape and began to be used as a practice material by BBC employees was cut down. As evidence, the performances of the first half are persistently reflected only in the appearance of the audience. In other words, this is the result of the editorial practice of “cutting the Beatles shot from the performance scene and try connecting the audience shots only”. It is said that chopping the image of the Beatles … Although everyone can not help thinking so, the Beatles of that time was not a “historical rock band” but a “popular group of popular” in 1983 . Such a band’s video / tape, etc. was the most suitable translation for practicing editing work after the broadcast was finished.
In the first place BBC has committed a major mistake to discard all valuable television appearances of rock bands from the 1960s to the 1970s. For example, the program “COLOR ME POP” in which The Nice appeared, etc. was originally color and video recording was discarded and does not exist in BBC, the version broadcasted overseas in the form of black and white copy was barely It is still visible now that it is still there.

Nonetheless, the performance scene of the last three songs “IT’S THE BEATLES” barely seen is very spectacular. Despite being enthusiastic Beetle Mania, this stage is pretty cute as compared to the American enthusiasm of the following year. It is indeed precious that four people are capturing the situation that they are playing very carefully and very carefully. The audience seems briefly due to the editing of the example, but if you look at the girls ‘lazy passion in some places, you will also hear the fact that the Beatles’ performance was heard.
The first recorded on this DVD is a version that Lord Reith restored based on the best quality version that does not include timecode. This was the one that he made public at the same time as the image of Washington Coliseum of our shop, which became a big best seller. Although it is three songs, “Twist and Shout” that has been cut down can also be restored to full size and pass through without feeling uncomfortable. For this release, we have patched the news · film images reported on the recording of “IT’S THE BEATLES” as original editing of this original board, and we have given a further substantial restore. Especially the ending that the final version “From Me To You” instrument version finished and the stage’s curtain falls was naturally not included in the TV version.
The next recorded is the original of a shredded video that has circulated over many years. This was the result of being a sacrifice of editing practice of BBC employees. If there are existing pictures, these are just sounds. I can make you realize how valuable this upper version sound source can be heard with the high sound quality of the entire show.

What is recorded in the second half of the DVD is a classic live video of the same period. The royal variety performance that John ‘s jewelry remark made into legend is from the fan release “THE CATHODE RAY TUBE COLLECTION VOL. 2”. Best editing that mixes the best quality “BEATLES ANTHOLOGY” part and the broadcast full length version that leaked after releasing the same document. Therefore, “She Loves You” is recorded only from the outflow version, the time code that was in the original image was deleted (that is, it is a moy eraser lol) version.
And lastly recorded are two songs used in the program of “Late Scene Extra” and “SCENE AT 6: 30” which Granada TV on air famous set of camera type drums on air. Unlike the actual performance, the twin · acogic formation as if it had just been released as a mouthpiece recording is funny, but camera and work are very good and it is enough to be worth seeing. Although these pictures were also adopted in the official “1+”, the finish which is remastered by the latest technology and which is too sharp is not bad, but this one is reflected in the picture quality which is natural in those days. “I Want To Hold Your Hand” contains the version published by Lord Reith as well as “IT’S THE BEATLES”. Before and after songs are longer than “1+”, and you can see the Beatles moving funnelier than conventional sources at 50 frames per second with frame interpolation technology. Those that are currently archived are images of 25 frames per second which were dropped into the film with the technique of Kinenko (as it was the circumstances of the previous BBC, since the broadcasting video tape was then expensive at that time, After burning, master tapes were overwritten and reused), you can feel the commitment to restore to bring it closer to the videotape version that was on air at that time. In this way, the DVD is a recommended one that can be enjoyed from the visual side for the youthfulness of the Beatles for the whole 63 years and the neat playing performance!

· It’s The Beatles CD: Unprocessed Version
Original source before equalizing. The sound source used for gifts is a more natural sound, as it is a remastered version that Mr. Lord Reith is doing to remove noise and so on.

· It’s The Beatles: Restored Edition DVD
Mr. Lord Reith (the same person as the upgrade picture of Washington DC) restored the cut etc. in the song that was up late last year Based on PAL Master version with no time code, I Want To Hold Your Hand and the ending part are different for news reel Insert an angle. It also includes a pre-editing master with traditional timecode.

· Royal Variety Performance
Bonus picture. From “The Cathode Ray Tube Collection Vol. 2” edited by Hobnail. Removed because there was a voice petit noise place.

· Late Scene Extra / Scene At 6.30
Bonus picture. I Want To Hold Your Hand is a complete edition by Mr. Lord Reith, This Boy is from “The Cathode Ray Tube Collection Vol. 2” edited by Hobnail.

今月、ビートルズ1963年のTVライブ「IT’S THE BEATLES」のアッパー版音源がネット上に出現しマニアの話題をさらいました。そこでギフトCD-Rとして速攻リリースしたところ、思わぬ好評を博してベストセラー・ギフトと化したのは記憶に新しいですよね。もちろん限定のプレスCDリリースへの昇格を望む声が多数寄せられましたが、ただプレスCD化するのでは芸がない。もちろんギフトからの昇格リリースは簡単なのですが、そこはやはり、当初出回ったアッパー版音源の原本に遡ってのリリースを敢行いたします。
どういうことか申しますと、大好評だったギフトCD-R盤はネット界におけるビートルズ・レア音源の第一人者であるLord Reith氏がイコライズを施したバージョンであったのに対し、今回は当初に出回ったリマスター前の音源を使用したプレスCDリリースであるということ。いくらアッパー版とはいえど元は55年前の録音テープ。Lord Reith氏もそれを過度に抑え込むようなマネはせず、それでいて全体的なバランスを整えたイコライズを施しています。それでも歓声あたりを聞けば少なからず刺すような質感があったのは事実で、この辺りがイコライズのセンスに現れた結果と限界だったのではないでしょうか。
そこで今回のリリースに際して余計な小細工を加えるようなことを敢えて避け、当初に出回ったアッパー版本体のビンテージ感を活かした収録を心がけました。55年前にレコーダーからジャックをつなげてテレビ放送を録音したクリアネスは今をもって十分に素晴らしい。それでいて、いい意味でのビンテージ感が溢れる状態。実のところLord Reith版のようなイコライズを経なくとも、非常に素晴らしいものなのです。特に骨董品と呼びたくなるようなウォーミーな味わいは彼のバージョンにおいてイコライズによって変質してしまっていたもの。先のギフト版と聞き比べていただければ、その違いは歴然。「From Me to You」イントロからして未加工ならではのクリアなドラムの音に驚かれることでしょう。

とはいえ55年に渡って眠っていたビンテージ・レコーディングです。いくつかの箇所にはノイズが混入しており、中でも「Roll Over Beethoven」と「Money (That’s What I Want)」には相当に耳障りなレベルなものが入ってしまいました。また、レベルの低いノイズに関してはLord Reith版において消しきれていなかった(放置?)ものが多数あり、今回のリリースに当たってはそれらの削除に神経を集中させています。これらのアジャスト箇所に関しては曲目を参照していただければと思いますが、その作業によって今回のリリースは原音のウォーミーさを活かしつつも、ノイズを削除した最良のバージョンとしてプレスCD化されるということになります。これが俄然聞きやすい。

そしてDVDの方には現存する「IT’S THE BEATLES」の映像を収録。63年当時、イギリスで爆発したビートルズの人気を反映させてBBCが制作したテレビ・スペシャルが「IT’S THE BEATLES」でした。ところが、この放送は実質的にステージの終盤三曲分しか映像が残されていません。1990年代に入ってその現存する映像が出回りましたが、前半の演奏曲はどれも極めて断片的な収録、中間の数曲はごっそりカットという細切れ状態だった。当初はマニアの間で流出映像特有の「出し惜しみ」的なカットかと推測されたものですが、21世紀に入ってこの細切れ状態の真相が判明。
そもそもBBCは60年代から70年代にかけてロック・バンドの貴重なテレビ出演映像をことごとく廃棄するという大きな過ちを犯しています。例えばザ・ナイスが出演した番組「COLOR ME POP」などは元がカラー・ビデオ収録だったものが破棄されてBBCに現存せず、白黒コピーという形で海外に送られて放送されたバージョンが辛うじて残っていたことで現在も見られるのです。

それでもなお、かろうじて見られる「IT’S THE BEATLES」ラスト三曲の演奏シーンはとても見応えがある。熱狂的なビートルマニアを前にしたステージとは言えど、まだ翌年のアメリカでの熱狂と比べれば何とも可愛いもの。四人が非常に余裕をもって、しかも丁寧に演奏している様子が捉えられているのが実に貴重なのです。例の編集のせいでやたらと客席が映し出されますが、所々で少女たちが口ずさんでいる姿を見ると、ビートルズの演奏が聞こえていたのだという事実も伝わってきます。
今回のDVDで最初に収録されているのはLord Reithがタイムコードの入らないベスト・クオリティのバージョンを元にレストアしたバージョン。これは大ベストセラーとなった当店のワシントン・コロシアム映像と同時に彼が公開したもの。3曲分とはいえ、切り刻まれてしまった「Twist and Shout」もフルサイズに復元され違和感なく通して見ることが出来ます。今回のリリースに際しては、本盤独自の編集としてそこへ「IT’S THE BEATLES」の収録を報じたニュース・フィルム映像をパッチさせ、さらなる充実したレストアを施しています。中でもフィナーレ「From Me To You」インスト・バージョンが終わってステージの幕が下りる場面はテレビ版には当然ながら含まれなかったエンディング。

DVD後半に収録されているのは同時期の定番ライブ映像。ジョンの宝石ジャラジャラ発言が伝説と化したロイヤル・バラエティー・パフォーマンスはファンリリース「THE CATHODE RAY TUBE COLLECTION VOL.2」から。ベスト・クオリティの「BEATLES ANTHOLOGY」パートと同ドキュメントのリリース後に流出した放送全長版をミックスしたベスト編集。よって「She Loves You」のみ流出版からの収録となっており、元の画像にあったタイムコードが削除された(つまりモヤ消し的な笑)バージョンです。
そして最後に収録されているのはカメラ型ドラムのセットが有名な、グラナダTVがオンエアした「Late Scene Extra」と「SCENE AT 6:30」の番組で使用された二曲。実際の演奏時と違い、まるで口パク収録に開き直ったかのようなツイン・アコギなフォーメーションが面白いものですが、カメラ・ワークが非常に秀逸で見応えは十分。これらの映像からはオフィシャル「1+」にも採用されましたが、最新技術でリマスターされてシャープすぎる仕上がりも悪くはありませんが、こちらの方が自然で当時らしい画質に映るもの。「I Want To Hold Your Hand」は「IT’S THE BEATLES」と同じくLord Reith氏が公開したバージョンを収録。「1+」より曲の前後が長くなっており、さらにフレーム補間技術により秒間50フレームで従来ソースよりヌルヌル動くビートルズを見ることが出来ます。現在アーカイブされているものはキネコという技術でフィルムに落とし込まれた秒間25フレームの映像であるため(先のBBCの事情と同じように当時放送用ビデオテープが高価だったためテープの映像をフィルムに焼き付けて残し、放送後マスターテープは上書き再利用されていました)、当時オンエアされたビデオテープバージョンに近づける復元をしているこだわりが感じられます。こうしてDVDの方は全体を通して63年ビートルズの若々しさ、そして端正な演奏ぶりがビジュアル面から楽しめるオススメの1枚です!


・ It’s The Beatles CD: Unprocessed Version
イコライズ前のオリジナルソース。ギフトに使用されている音源はLord Reith氏によってノイズ除去等行っているリマスター版のため、こちらのほうがより自然な音です。

・It’s The Beatles: Restored Edition DVD
Lord Reith氏 (ワシントンDCのアップグレード映像と同じ人物) が去年末アップした曲中カット等を修復したタイムコードなしPALマスター版をベースに、I Want To Hold Your Handとエンディング部分はニュースリール用の別アングルを挿入。さらに従来のタイムコード入り編集前マスターも収録。

・Royal Variety Performance
ボーナス映像。Hobnail氏編集の「The Cathode Ray Tube Collection Vol.2」より。音声プチノイズ箇所あったため除去。

・Late Scene Extra / Scene At 6.30
ボーナス映像。 I Want To Hold Your Handは Lord Reith氏編集の完全版、This Boyは Hobnail氏編集の「The Cathode Ray Tube Collection Vol.2」より 。



IT’S THE BEATLES Unprocessed Version
Live at Empire Theatre, Liverpool, UK 7th December 1963

1. From Me to You 2. I Saw Her Standing There 3. MC 4. All My Loving 5. MC 6. Roll Over Beethoven
7. MC 8. Boys 9. MC 10. Till There Was You 11. She Loves You 12. MC 13. This Boy
14. I Want to Hold Your Hand 15. MC 16. Money 17. Twist and Shout 18. From Me to You (Instrumental)


It’s The Beatles: Restored Edition
Empire Theatre, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK 7th December 1963

It’s The Beatles – Restored Footage

1. I Want To Hold Your Hand 2. Money (That’s What I Want) 3. Twist And Shout
4. From Me To You (Reprise)

It’s The Beatles – Raw Footage

5. Fragments 6. I Want To Hold Your Hand 7. Money (That’s What I Want)
8. Twist And Shout 9. From Me To You (Reprise)

Bonus Tracks:
Royal Variety Performance
Prince of Wales Theatre, London, UK 4th November 1963

10. Introduction 11. From Me To You 12. She Loves You 13. Till There Was You
14. Twist And Shout 15. Curtain Call 16. God Save The Queen

Late Scene Extra / Scene At 6.30
Granada TV Centre, Quay Street, Manchester, UK 25th November 1963

17. I Want To Hold Your Hand 18. This Boy

PRO-SHOT B&W NTSC Approx.42min.

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