Beatles / From Liverpool To San Francisco Japanese Broadcast / 1DVDR

Beatles / From Liverpool To San Francisco Japanese Broadcast / 1DVDR / Non Label

Broadcast Date: 25th June 20

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A masterpiece documentary “FROM LIVERPOOL TO SAN FRANCISCO” that traced the Beatles. The Japanese version will be released as a gift.
“FROM LIVERPOOL TO SAN FRANCISCO” is a documentary special number produced by the British “ITN” in 2005. Although it is about 50 minutes, it is a time-sequential story of the Beatles from their rise to their dissolution. In my home country, it was broadcast on TV in 2005, but the following year, it became software. The Japanese edition has also been released. This work is a copy of such an official product. .. .. Not. This is a Japanese broadcasting version featured in a satellite broadcasting station in June 2006.
Well, there are three points in this work. The first is video quality. I think this is an ear octopus, but it is a perfect official-class product. Our store archives many music programs with the finest master by domestic recording enthusiasts, but this work is the latest bullet. Only in 2006, the digital broadcasting was transferred like a DVD without deterioration.
The second is the program quality of the documentary itself. This is wonderful. There are various methods and styles even if it is called a documentary in one word, and some of them are mainly people involved, and there are also interviews (at the time of production). That is why the objectivity by looking back may be interesting (on the contrary, it may change history), but this work is different. Interviews with four people, which were also produced by assembling images from the 1960s. It is a style of connecting those narrations so that the recorded images are easy to see and the meaning is easy to convey. Actually, this is very difficult. Although the recorded images have a great sense of the times, the number is limited and the contents are not for documentaries, so it is difficult to assemble. It is a method that requires a great deal of skill and skill of the creator.
However, this work is excellent in that respect. In fact, the “ITN” we produced is a production company that specializes in news. It is a long-established British news agency that has worked on the historic news program “NEWS AT TEN” and the public broadcast “CHANNEL 4 NEWS” that preceded the BBC. For that reason, this program has a lot of news. Editing is solid, the screen is elegant and the story is honest. Despite trying to include valuable interviews as much as possible, it is also wonderful that young and old men and women can understand the Beatles phenomenon without any difficulty in viewing recorded images.
And the third point is the subtitles that convey such documents to Japanese people. This work is made by narration, and the leading role is an interview with four people. Each word has Japanese subtitles attached to it, but this is the original Japanese translation of the program. I can’t find any lively translations or mistranslations of laughter due to the highly objective content, but even those who have already viewed other versions can re-experience it as their own version.

A masterpiece of the Beatles documentary produced by a prestigious British news agency. It’s both historical and easy-to-see, with only the valuable footage from the 1960s. In addition, it is one piece spelled with original Japanese subtitles. It’s a wasteful 52 minutes to disappear into the darkness of history with just one broadcast. Please enjoy yourself with this work.

ビートルズの軌跡を辿った傑作ドキュメンタリー作品『FROM LIVERPOOL TO SAN FRANCISCO』。その日本バージョンがギフト・リリース決定です。
 『FROM LIVERPOOL TO SAN FRANCISCO』は2005年にイギリスの“ITN”によって制作されたドキュメンタリー特番。約50分と短めではあるものの、ビートルズの勃興から解散までの歩みを時系列に語っていくものです。母国では2005年にテレビ放送されたわけですが、その翌年にはソフト化。日本盤も発売されました。本作は、そんな公式品のコピー。。。ではありません。2006年6月に某衛星放送局で特集された日本放送バージョンです。
 ところが、本作はその点で優れている。実は、制作した“ITN”はニュース関係に特化した制作会社。BBCに先駆けた歴史的ニュース番組“NEWS AT TEN”や公共放送の“CHANNEL 4 NEWS”等を手掛けてきたイギリス報道の老舗なのです。それだけに、この番組は実にニュース感たっぷり。編集は手堅く、画面は上品で語り口も誠実。貴重なインタビューを可能な限り盛り込もうとしているにも関わらず、記録映像の見づらさなどまったくなく、老若男女がビートルズ現象を理解できる内容も素晴らしいのです。
1. Introduction
2. October 1963
3. November – December 1963
4. January – February 1964
5. February 1964
6. March 1964
7. March – June 1964
8. June 1964
9. July – August 1964
10. August – September 1964
11. October 1964
12. December 1964
13. February – May 1965
14. June – July 1965
15. August 1965
16. August – October 1965
17. March – July 1966
18. July – August 1966
19. August 1966
20. May – July 1967
21. July – August 1967
22. July – September 1968
PRO-SHOT B&W NTSC Approx.52min.

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