Beatles / Dont Forget The Apples When You Go Downtown / 1CDR

Beatles / Dont Forget The Apples When You Go Downtown / 1CDR / Beatfile
Translated Text:
A Collection Of Home Studio Recordings 1966-1968. Soundboard

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A unique rare sound source compilation that reflected the psychedelic era of the time, centered on the home demonstration sounds from 66 to 68 years before and after Beatles created the historic name “Sargent · Peppers” appeared from BEATFILE!

It rebuilds based on John’s home demonstration sound source over the full story.

It is an avant-garde content mashing up short fragment sound sources, it can be said to be an interesting sound collage unique to this period.

It is the latest compilation of Beatles · Collector’s remarkable 2016 as private editing title uniquely overseas.




01. Hello
02. Stand Together
03. Good Morning Good Morning
04. Chi Chi’s Bar
05. What Exactly Are We Doing?
06. Jolly Jumping Pally Poodles
07. Let’s Have A Good Time Party
08. The Awful Parcel
09. Keep A Shine In Your Nose And Your Clothes Clean
10. She Can Talk To Me
11. I Spent An Afternoon Shaving In The Dark
12. Don’t Forget The Apples When You Go Downtown
13. She’s Walking Past My Door
14. We Can Help You
15. Another Golden Gasser
16. Mrs. Tiggywinkle Part 1
17. One Long Bad News
18. La Camparsita
19. Cry Baby Cry
20. Laughing Eyes
21. Brazilian Song
22. Set Me Free Across The Universe
23. This Is Not The First Time We Have Met Like This
24. Stranger In My Arms
25. Strawberry Fields Forever (Rehearsal)
26. Strawberry Fields Forever
27. Pedro The Fisherman
28. My Mother Was A Seaman
29. Page 43/30. Down In Cuba
31. Messengers Of Light
32. Mrs. Tiggywinkle Part 2
33. Down In Eastern Australia
34. Two Poots And A Pot
35. Mr. Whiteout
36. The Breakdown
37. Julia
38. Whenever You Go
39. Goodbye

Beatfile. BFP093CDR

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