Beatles / Do You Want To Have A Listen Before We Go On To The Next One / 1CD Digipak

Beatles / Do You Want To Have A Listen Before We Go On To The Next One / 1CD Digipak / Excavation Music

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Rare Acetates & Test Pressing & Top Gear Recording Session. Mono


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And the new excavation of acetate disc of the sound source of the Beatles, the contents of the surprise of the new sound source packed was recorded Rekodengu session sound source in a BBC radio of first appearance.

First, although is acetate disc, many artists, engineers, in making a master, and since those made disposable for checking mixing or sound pressure and the like, may not be released in the end, the master tape mix of prototype stage that are not also left was or is recorded. Its place as long as the sound source to say that has been recorded, acetate disc extant also miraculous, it becomes a valuable item for enthusiasts and collectors, has become the high price of the collection outrageous.

Beatles acetate disc also, from ancient times of the analog era, has been prized as a treasure trove of different versions and unreleased songs, it has a number of sound source is excavated.
Still, conventional, if it is the same as regular version, the value of the recorded sound source is ruled out, it had been evaluated in the collection of value as a mono. However, in the recent study, is as sound analysis of using the state-of-the-art digital technology is carried out, even in the same sound when you listen to one, it has been found to be mixed with a fine difference. Conventionally, we’ve found that that has been done actually also songs that have been thought to be the same mix in the only classification of whether mono or stereo, small changes or modifications or replacement for each release. Details of this area is the Bible, please refer to the technical book.
Of course, a sound that has been cut in the studio in uncensored immediately after recording, than has been recorded in the current CD board, you will to the fact that different sound.
If we focus on the sound source that has been renewed acetate disc for recording from this point, and that the “same version”, since it can not withstand the material basis a number of times of reproduction, collection is gone the acetates without be heard valuable of the sound source sleep van also been close-up.

Here it is recorded around the acetate disc which has not been recorded in such traditional Collector’s Edition. However, four songs below, without waiting for the detailed digital analysis, will be a pure first appearance version different from the regular version that know as soon as I heard.
* 08 “Taxman” different edit of ending.
* 10, “Eleanor Rigby” different from the regular processing vocals is taking.
* 11 According to the book “And Your Bird Can Sing # 1” Lewisohn, regular of ending is that of a’s another take, it is believed to be a mix that was made before the edit.
* 19, “On Our Way Back Home,” one that is cutting into the time of Get Back sessions, of course a different take. The title of “TWO OF US” original title. Get Back-related acetate name board “GET
BACK ACETATES COLLECTION (3CD) CUSTOM RECORDINGS / JS 07500 “in but had been total recording, this acetate disc was unreleased.

Of 17 and 18, “What’s The New Mary Jane”, which is already issued in the RS5 of November 26, 1969, has been divided into two parts in mono (A side / B side?)
21, “I Feel Fine” is not a acetate disc, in the test pressed vinyl record of sound, it is a valuable bonus in conjunction with the 01 “Love of the Loved”.

Acetate disc, because it has been cut directly to the master production stage, originally, but has been with the ultra-high sound quality, both because it is antiques that have been handed down from ancient times about ’50, has occurred is small abrasion in the groove You. Hari-on etc. has been recorded. To leave raw valuable original sound as a digital archive, because it does not have the noise reduction processing and selfish equalizing process that would wipe out the fine sound decorated, please understand. In the case of this sound source is better to copy board to sing the treble structure formation is avoided even out after.

Is it been recorded in the second half, BBC radio program “TOP of which took place in November 17, 1964
In recording session landscape at the time of recording of GEAR “, although in its outstanding thing that you hear only about five minutes, here are recorded in what high-quality sound over about 20 minutes. Exchange and with Rekodengu engineer, process proceed carefully while re-start many times, the ultra-valuable to be able to listen to playfully unique tail when it fails with no abiding tension between recording sessions at Abbey Road This is the first appearance sound source such.

Paper jacket + with belt + color 4P commentary with + press platen. 300 limited edition.




*10「Eleanor Rigby」ボーカルにレギュラーとは違う処理がかかっています。
*11「And Your Bird Can Sing #1」ルイソンの本によると、レギュラーのエンディングは別テイクだとのことで、その編集前につくられたミックスだと考えられています。
*19 「On Our Way Back Home」ゲット・バック・セッション時にカッティングされたもので、もちろん別テイク。タイトルは「TWO OF US」の原題。ゲット・バック関連のアセテートは名盤『GET
BACK ACETATES COLLECTION (3CD)CUSTOM RECORDINGS/ JS 07500』に総収録されていましたが、このアセテート盤は未収録でした。

17と18の「What’s The New Mary Jane」は、1969年11月26日のRS5で既発ですが、モノラルで二つのパートに分けられています(A面/B面?)
21 「I Feel Fine」はアセテート盤ではなく、テスト・プレスされたビニール盤の音源で、01 「Love of the Loved」と合わせて貴重なおまけです。



*Rare Acetates & Test Pressing
01 Love of the Loved
02 Baby It’s You
03 Thank You Girl
04 It Won’t Be Long
05 All My Loving
06 I Need You
07 You Llke Me Too Much
08 Taxman
09 Doctor Robert
10 Eleanor Rigby
11 And Your Bird Can Sing #1
12 Tomorrow Never Knows
13 And Your Bird Can Sing #2
14 She Said She Said
15 Strawberry Fields Forever
16 Your Mother Should Know
17 What’s The New Mary Jane (RS5) part.1
18 What’s The New Mary Jane (RS5) part.2
19 On Our Way Back Home
20 Oh Darling
21 I Feel Fine

*”TOP GEAR” Recording Session – 17th Nov.1964
22 She’s A Woman #1
23 I Feel Fine #1
24 I Feel Fine #2
25 I Feel Fine #3
26 I Feel Fine #4
27 She’s A Woman #2
28 Studio Chat
29 I’ll Follow The Sun

Excavation Music

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