Beatles / Die Beatles Sind Da / 3DVD+2CD Wx Book & Slipcase

Beatles / Die Beatles Sind Da / 3DVD+2CD  Wx Book & Slipcase / Misterclaudel

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Bravo Beatles Blitztournee Munchen Essen Hamburg 1966. Tour Of Germany June 24, 25, 26 1966. Digitally Remastered


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■ major upgrade of the sound source and the video
■ numerous first appearance video
■ reprint of the valuable German Tour pamphlet

It is the latest installment of Live Chronicle series of mania must-M Claudel. Although previous Germany tour in 1966 from the same series have been released, upgrade the sound source is also the video has also been newly excavated, there is also a first appearance was further this release as a new German set. CD is in the volume of three DVD is in two pieces, and valuable attached brochures of reprint of Germany performances, exactly which boasts the appropriate degree of perfection to say that the German decision board.

The Beatles in 1966 had been wrapped in a heavy atmosphere. Large-scale US tour enters its third year, is the side to play remember the feeling of boredom and inertia feeling, it was losing the willingness to stand on the stage. During the tour only to reciprocate the hotels and the venue, was there not be expected any musical improvement environment. The Beatles in this year in the history of post-stops all of tour activities, will be devoted to studio work. But at that time would be to anyone imagine that members of such a thing, including the Epstein of the manager is thinking Danisezu, also the audience even the Beatles had fallen into the illusion that will continue the concert forever. In fact the Beatles live performances of 1966 lacks brilliance, it is recognized that members of three people among the anthology. However, in June Germany has been showing off the exceptionally great performance.

Beatles finished the UK tour in the previous year in December, then enter a long vacation. While standing on the stage only once in the NME concert on May 1, go out to the tour of the end of June Germany was the first. Germany, Japan, performed a concert in the Philippines, the Beatles live in the summer of US tour history to close the curtain. Its short 1966 tour, the live number, the first of the earth is the German.

Approximately one week before the special 1966 Japan tour for us Japanese, the Beatles start Munich, Essen, this year for the first time of the tour in the three cities of Hamburg. Stand on the German stage will be surprising and since 1962. Memorable place but According to the passage is an old friend who knows his debut before the “badass of” are Tsutaerae also that it was hard to go to take in members our Beatles for are a lot, Germany in any case for his trained a band of dawn . Visit the many friends from the old days the venue, also after the concert reportedly took to the streets of the night. Such whether the feeling of freedom is paid off, the playing of the Beatles in Germany performances ones that contains the wonderful heat even when compared to other performances of 1966, and the band has decided to quit the tour after two months it is one that does not think. This work consists of the title was the culmination of the German performance. It includes the following schedule of Germany performances.

June 24, 1966 Circus-Krone-Bau, Munich, Germany
June 25, 1966 Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
26 June 1966 Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany

DVD disc 1 is a video of the first day Munich. It can be seen that a number of the video there for the first time the German performances since its debut has been left behind. From the moment you landed at the airport, enthusiastic fans greet it, and moved by motorcade, television reporter is talkative in and tell the state excitedly. Surprise is a woman of fans visiting Germany from the United States in the “chase”. Only in the days traffic is not all that is familiar inexpensive about now, how the Beatles love or not suggests. Concert this volume is a clear image is not in the conventional, the video of the Munich performances that have been released repeatedly from the image quality of bad video era, one in which seem Kangaibukaku and has been reached so far.

And interesting is, at that time, in that you have complete recording of the police materials the video was in charge of security. After it was probably taken with material purpose of the case there was a similar case, but around the venue, fan appearance of and the actual stage of the Beatles, is what is left in what vivid color image. Moreover, rather than those fading, it is the like of if they were recently captured sharp and vivid color, such as if it were. Etc. there many Beatles of the video, that that this way is clear color image is left Japan Tour and the German performances, it was a technology-oriented nation will no coincidence.

DVD disc 2 has been recorded video of Essen from Munich. Decorate the beginning or would not than many people be surprised to see a color image of Munich. From document image by the color of the German police, which has been recorded on the DVD disc 1, it is what is recorded is what was synchro sound to the performance part. Although interesting not songs, video and color rise a monochrome image would point to be viewed. As can be seen if you look at the sample video, by color rise to what was conventional black-and-white video, it receives an entirely different impression until now. Other another shot, another angle, including the video, such as another angle, it is possible to again watch the Munich performances. Although there is no so much Essen of the video unfortunately, including the documentary that was made in Germany, it is a very spectacular one disk.

DVD disc 3 is Hamburg. Here only in some places, which had been based before the debut, many of the video from the arrival by train until the press conference has been left. Famous too Munich of the video Speaking of Germany, but also great Beatles of the video in Hamburg performances. Situation in which greeted the audience to enthusiasm from the podium is, pulling even including close-up, it surprised that has been left in a clear image. Thing to be rare can see in the video that John is standing on the stage to wear sunglasses. And it has been recorded in the following performance scene, here is also a video that local police have taken for the security document of Hamburg. Along with the heart-warming and the local landscape, which was carefully record the state of the venue and fans, at the time enthusiasm comes through very well.

Disk 1 of CD starts from the undercard of Cliff Bennett and Peter & Gordon, et al., The performance of the Beatles all seven songs in existence, have been recorded at the highest quality of the sound board is not in until now. This day has been carried out performances of two times day and night in Munich, is that the thing is what was broadcast at that time, which was connecting the best takes from each day and night have been found in recent years. Until now there is also that this study with respect to the distinction between day and night was not mature, but in the pre-departure board had been credited to tying them to people as “June 24 in Munich,” for example, “I’m Down” is the night of the parts, “Baby’s in Black” is in and so on daytime parts, this time, describes the distinction between day and night in every song. I think the sound quality is, but there is a slight difference, you are upgrading from conventional ones, and do not the avid enthusiasts are surprised to improve sound quality further.

In addition the second half, according to another route is a sound source from the video that becomes the main, it has been recorded another version of the Munich sound source. While fragmented, and “I’m Down” in the daytime parts, before the performance of daytime parts tuning, also such as “I Wanna Be Your Man” day and night the song itself of part of the day was unreleased until now it is possible to listen to.

CD 2 sheets eyes disk, out of the performances on June 25 Essen day and night twice, remain and complete recording of the matinee audience at the recording, one of the performances on June 26 Hamburg day and night twice, the day of the part sound source It is recorded as long as the. Essen audience recording of the matinee is also something that has been excavated in recent years, but accurately adjusted remastered the pitch was unstable in its outstanding board. While not blessed in the sound quality and poppy, it has been to upgrade the sound quality changed much the impression of until now.

A new set of the most recent work is the German tour 1966 live Chronicle series of M Claudel. First appearance video and three video disk, including the upgrade, has been the culmination at the sound source disk two of volume. Reprinted brochure at the time of the German tour is sealed to further all set. Are introduced, such as The Beatles, including the undercard performer with photos, it is difficult to obtain now become, is a pamphlet of valuable German performances. I think that I would like you to enjoy the video and the sound source the German performances while watching this pamphlet. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With a slip case.

マニア必携Mクローデルのライヴ・クロニクル・シリーズの最新作である。以前同シリーズから1966年のドイツ公演がリリースされていたが、音源も映像も新たに発掘されたアップグレード、さらに初登場もあり、今回新たなドイツのセットとしてリリースされた。 CDが2枚にDVDが3枚というボリュームで、かつ貴重なドイツ公演のパンフレットの復刻も付き、まさにドイツの決定盤というに相応しい完成度を誇っている。

1966年のビートルズは重苦しい雰囲気に包まれていた。大規模な全米ツアーは3年目に入り、演奏する側は惰性感と退屈感を覚え、ステージに立つ意欲を失いつつあった。ツアー中はホテルと会場を往復するのみで、そこに何ら音楽的な向上は望めない環境であった。 後の歴史ではこの年でビートルズはツアー活動の一切を停止し、スタジオ・ワークに専念することになる。しかし当時はマネージャーのエプスタインを含めそのような事をメンバーが考えているとは誰も想像だにせず、また聴衆もビートルズが永遠にコンサートを続けてくれる錯覚に陥っていたことであろう。 実際に1966年のビートルズのライヴ演奏は精彩を欠き、それはアンソロジーの中でも3人のメンバーが認めている。しかし6月のドイツでは例外的に素晴らしい演奏を披露している。

前年の12月に英国ツアーを終えたビートルズは、その後長い休暇に入る。5月1日にNMEコンサートで一度だけステージに立つが、ツアーに出るのは6月末のドイツが最初であった。 ドイツ、日本、フィリピンでコンサートを行ない、夏のUSツアーでビートルズのライヴの歴史は幕を閉じる。その短い1966年のツアー、ライヴ本数の、最初の地がドイツなのである。


1966年6月24日 Circus-Krone-Bau, Munich, Germany
1966年6月25日 Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
1966年6月26日 Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany




DVDディスク3はハンブルグである。こちらもデビュー前に拠点としていた場所だけに、列車による到着から記者会見まで多くの映像が残されている。ドイツといえばあまりにミュンヘンの映像が有名だが、ハンブルグ公演におけるビートルズの映像も素晴らしい。登壇から熱狂する聴衆に迎えられている様子が、引きもクローズ・アップも含め、鮮明な映像で残されていることに驚く。 ジョンがサングラスを着用してステージに立っているのが映像で確認できるのも珍しいことだ。そして演奏シーンの次に収録されているのが、こちらもハンブルグの地元警察が警備資料用に撮影した映像である。ほのぼのとした地元の風景と共に、会場やファンの様子を丁寧に記録したもので、当時の熱狂が非常によく伝わってくる。

CDのディスク1は前座のクリフ・ベネットやピーター&ゴードンらから始まり、ビートルズの演奏は現存する7曲すべてを、今までにない最高音質のサウンドボードで収録している。この日ミュンヘンでは昼夜2回の公演が行なわれており、当時放送されたものは昼夜それぞれからのベストテイクを繋げたものだということが近年になって判明している。今まではこの昼夜の区別に関して研究が成熟していなかったこともあり、既発盤ではそれらをひとくくりに「6月24日ミュンヘン」としてクレジットされていたが、例えば「I’m Down」は夜の部で、「Baby’s In Black」は昼の部といった具合に、今回は1曲ごとに昼夜の区別を記載している。音質は、若干の差ではあるが、従来のものよりアップグレードしており、熱心なマニアは更なる音質向上に驚かれるのではないかと思う。

さらに後半は、メインとなる映像由来の音源とは別ルートによる、ミュンヘン音源の別バージョンが収録されている。断片的ながら、昼の部の「I’m Down」や、昼の部の演奏前のチューニング、また今まで昼夜とも曲自体が未収録だった昼の部の「I Wanna Be Your Man」などを聴くことが出来る。



Circus-Krone-Bau, Munich June 24, 1966

01. At The Flughafen Munchen-Riem (arrival in Munich)
02. In Munch (Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Fans etc…)
03. TV Report at The Circus Crone
04. Good Good Feeling (Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers)
05. “Die Beatles” ZDF-TV new remaster
06. Opening


07. Good Good Feeling
08. You Can’t Love’em All
09. C.C. Rider

10. Love Of My Life
11. Come On And Sing
12. Sha-la-la-la Lee
13. Shout
14. Auf Wiedersehen


15. Woman
16. Let It Be Me

17. tuning evening show
18. Rock And Roll Music evening show
19. She’s A Woman evening show
20. Baby’s In Black afternoon show
21. I Feel Fine afternoon show
22. Yesterday afternoon show
23. Nowhere Man evening show
24. I’m Down evening show
25. Munich Polis Film color, complete
26. At The Flughafen Munchen-Riem
27. At The Circus Crone
28. At The Bahnhof Munich

Munich to Essen June 24-25, 1966

01. At The Circus Crone, Alternate unreleased footage partial color
02. tuning
03. Rock And Roll Music
04. She’s A Woman
05. If I Needed Someone
06. Day Tripper
07. Baby’s In Black
08. I Feel Fine
09. Yesterday
10. Nowhere Man
11. At The Bahnhof Munich off to Essen
12. At The Guruga Halle, Essen
13. fans
14. Rock and Roll Music
15. She’s A Woman
16. If I Needed Someone
17. Yesterday
18. color 8mm film
19. “Die Beatles kommen”
20. “25 Jare”

01. At The Hauptbahnhof, Hamburg (arrival in Hamburg)
02. Press Conference
03. At The Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg

04.La la la

05. introduction
06. She’s A Woman
07. If I Needed Someone
08. Day Tripper
09. I Feel Fine
10. Nowhere Man
11. Paperback Writer
12. I’m Down
13. Hambug Polis Film
14. Joshy Bauer Film
15. “John, George, Paul, Ringo.”
16. “Damals in Hamburg”
17. Flugha fen Hamburg – Fuhlsbuttel, Hamburg

Circus-Krone-Bau, Munich June 24, 1966

01.setting noise


02. Good Good Feeling
03. You Can’t Love’em All
04. C.C. Rider

05. Love Of My Life
06. Come On And Sing
07. Sha-la-la-la Lee
08. Shout
09. Auf Wiedersehen


10. Woman
11. Let It Be Me

12. tuning evening show
13. Rock And Roll Music evening show
14. She’s A Woman evening show
15. Baby’s In Black afternoon show
16. I Feel Fine afternoon show
17. Yesterday afternoon show
18. Nowhere Man evening show
19. I’m Down evening show

20. tuning afternoon show
21. I Wanna Be Your Man afternoon show
22. I’m Down afternoon show
23. Rock And Roll Music evening show
– I Feel Fine evening show
– Yesterday evening show
– I’m Down evening show
24. Yesterday evening show
25. Nowhere Man evening show
26. Baby’s In Black afternoon show

Grugahalle, Essen June 25, 1966

01. Introduction
02. Rock And Roll Music
03. She’s A Woman
04. If I Needed Someone
05. Day Tripper
06. Baby’s In Black
07. I Feel Fine
08. Yesterday
09. I Wanna Be Your Man
10. Nowhere Man
11. Paperback Writer
12. I’m Down

13. I Feel Fine

14. Interview in Essen
15. Paperback Writer

16. Essen Press Conference

Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg June 26, 1966

17. Introduction

18. La La La
19. Come On And Sing

20. Introduction – audience noise
21. Tuning
22. Day Tripper
23. Baby’s In Black
24. I Wanna Be Your Man
25. Nowhere Man #1
26. Nowhere Man #2
27. Paperback Writer #1
28. Paperback Writer #2
29. Paperback Writer #3

30. Hamburg Press Conference

Misterclaudel. MCCD-543-547

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