Beatles / Die Beatles & Beatlemania With The Beatles / 2CD

Beatles / Die Beatles & Beatlemania With The Beatles / 2CD / Non Label

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Die Beatles (German Stereo LP : SHZE 117 Matrix A2/B2) & Beatlemania With The Beatles (Canadian Stereo LP : ST 6051 Wide Mix)

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That is what I say, I think the CD is really useful. It is quite nice that the analog LP has achieved a brilliant restoration, LP will inevitably get scratching noise during playback, and it will require adjustment of the needle and turntable. In addition, when it comes to the UK original board etc. which boasts tremendous popularity in the Beatles, the condition of the board greatly relates more than anything. On that point 2009 remastered board CD, put it in the player and press the play button will easily sound a nice feeling. Still it does not receive but listen to sound like music distribution, but it can be taken as a thing.
As 2009 remastered CD became the unified world standard, pleasures of difference in the sound quality heard in each country LP which was overflowing like a bamboo shoot after rain was reduced in the time of LP I’m sorry. Early in the 21st century before the appearance of it, Dr.Ebbetts was making CDs of the Beatles countries LPs with extremely polite and natural sound quality. Ironically, the label has stopped its activity due to the appearance of 2009 remaster. Truly the items traced stereos and objects of the regular album of the Beatles can not deny the worthlessness even at Dr. Ebbetts of truth, but I showed the record of CDs of former years in a really beautiful CD I have not faded even now.
On the other hand, press releases of the band with a band have been raped by the release of Dr. Ebbetts ten years ago from now. Even now it goes to the 8th floor of the Kinokuniya, and a lot of it is second hand in line (laugh). I can not believe that Dr. Ebbetts’ goodness was not conveyed because of its random frenzy. It is also true that finishing as an item was one more, such as Mobil’s revolutionary jacket and design.

However, a few weeks ago, we released a Canadian board “WITH THE BEATLES” “BEATLEMANIA” as a gift and release, and there was an echo that we enjoyed a distinctly different analog / ticky texture with 2009 remaster. It was now that there was a reason to release the Dr. Ebbetts version of the album even though it was a gift. The secret of this unique sound quality may have used a flat master at the stage where final masting at the time of LP conversion is not applied. Wish guess speculation that was brought about.
Actually, the mastering technique of Canadian Capitol who released this album is the result of going things, and it is unlikely that a flat master tape was used again. Still, this sound quality is quite attractive, and the Dr.Ebbetts version which makes it easy to taste the sound quality of this album on CD is wonderful. So, although it was translated to this press CD promotion release, of course it is meaningless simply by pressing it out. On the contrary, this album is also included in the banded CD 10 years ago.
Therefore, this time another coupling with national boards with attractive natural feeling. That is the German version of the first album “PLEASE PLEASE ME” “DIE BEATLES”. To tell the truth, this album is one of the beginnings of “Flat Master suspicion”. Certainly this album is also very mellow sound quality, perhaps its unique texture might have used the master before equalizing it? There is spreading speculation that (also known as Dry Mix in the street). However, this album, the condition that weak but hiss noise can be seen, the possibility of using a flat master again was low. In addition, this album has been pressed with the pitch rising faintly, but this issue has been adjusted for this release.
After all, the master tape of the flat album is not easily sent to the country’s branch office so easily. Rather, if flat master tapes were sent per album, it could be a big thing inside the company before the superiority of sound quality. Although it will be the story of the later era, when the album master of “Sargent · Peppers” is completed, Jeff Emerick of a big success in the album will be mastering master with a provision with “equalization unnecessary” As I sent it, there was a statement that I bought a large gourd. It is such an era, and still it is impossible for a state that the master tape of the album is sent to each country without being subjected to equalization at the final stage.
Therefore, it is natural to think that the unique sound quality of these albums, which is the result of differences in technology of recording in each country appeared. Unlike CD, it is possible to happen if it is the record press technology. For example, in “DIE BEATLES”, instead of the matrix 1/1 of the first press, the sound is flat with the press 2/2 of the matrix, “BEATLEMANIA” is a flat stereo board in the 70’s recurrence. Such a difference is born, so it is a translation that matrices differ in the second-hand LP market so much that it overheats.

In any case, it is a fact that these two pieces can enjoy a warmy taste different from the current remaster CD. The German first album and the Canadian board second album, which is common to both, is a very mellow, exactly analog recording texture. Conversely, in an aggressive performance such as “I Saw Her Standing There” or “I Wanna Be Your Man” 2009 remastered will feel a lot more powerful. But John ‘s singing singing in “Anna (Go To Him)” or something like “Till There Was You” is really wonderful in these boards.
Regarding ‘DIE BEATLES’, it was released once in 2004 and released the upper version CD-R which traced in a clean state in 2005, this time it is the big point this time is adopting . Dr. Ebbetts released many trace re-edition versions of each album, but that banded press board threw through the circumstances around us, and the titles that were converted into press CDs as soon as they were handed from versions that are not upper versions was.
Of course, unlike lamb / mono released at the same time this time, the mix itself is not different. In that respect it is more maniac, and it is a sound source in the category of so-called “different equalization”. So couple these albums, it’s a release as an item with great price, yet it is easy to play back rare German and Canadian boards with stable press CD!


ところが当店が数週間前、カナダ盤の「WITH THE BEATLES」である「BEATLEMANIA」をギフト・リリースしたところ、2009年リマスターとははっきり違うアナログ・チックな質感を楽しめたという反響がありました。今になって同アルバムのDr.Ebbettsバージョンをギフトながらもリリースした理由がそこにあったのです。この独自な音質の秘訣はLP化する際の最終マスタリングが施されていない段階のフラットなマスターを使用したのではないか?という希望的推測がもたらされていました。
そこで今回はもう一つのナチュラル感が魅力な各国盤をカップリング。それがファースト・アルバム「PLEASE PLEASE ME」のドイツ盤である「DIE BEATLES」。実のところ、このアルバムこそが「フラット・マスター疑惑」の発端となった一枚。確かにこのアルバムも非常にまろやかな音質であり、その独自な質感がもしかしたらイコライズを施す前のマスターを使用したのでは?という推測が広まりました(巷ではDry Mixとも呼ばれていますね)。ところが本アルバム、微弱ながらもヒスノイズが見受けられる状態であり、やはりフラットなマスター使用した可能性は低いものでした。おまけに本アルバムはピッチがまた微弱ながらも上がった状態でプレスされており、この問題に関しては今回のリリースに際してアジャスト。
よってこれらのアルバムの独自の音質、それは各国のレコード化の技術の違いが現れた結果であると考えるのが自然です。CDと違ってレコードのプレス技術であれば実際に起こり得ること。例えば「DIE BEATLES」では初回プレスのマトリクス1/1ではなく、マトリクス2/2のプレスでフラットな音に、「BEATLEMANIA」は70年代再発のステレオ盤でフラットな音になっているのです。そういった差が生まれる、だからこそあれほどまでに中古LP市場においてマトリクス違いというのが過熱する訳です。

いずれにせよ、これら二枚が現在のリマスターCDとは違ったウォーミーな味わいを楽しめるのは事実。ドイツ盤ファースト・アルバムとカナダ盤セカンド・アルバム、どちらにも共通するのは、非常にまろやかな、正にアナログ録音らしい質感です。逆に言うと「I Saw Her Standing There」や「I Wanna Be Your Man」といったアグレッシブな演奏では2009年リマスターの方がたっぷりとした迫力を感じられるでしょう。しかし「Anna (Go To Him)」におけるジョンの切々とした歌いっぷり、あるいは「Till There Was You」などは包まれるような温かみがこれらの盤で本当に素晴らしい。
そして「DIE BEATLES」に関しては2004年に一度リリースされた後、2005年によりクリーンな状態でトレースしたアッパー版CD-Rをリリースしており、今回はそちらを採用しているのが今回の大きなポイント。Dr.Ebbettsは各アルバムのトレースやり直し版も数多くリリースしていたのですが、あの帯付きプレス盤はその辺りの事情をスルーし、アッパー版でないバージョンから手あたり次第プレスCD化してしまったタイトルもありました。


Die Beatles (German Stereo LP : SHZE 117 Matrix A2/B2)

1. I Saw Her Standing There 2. Misery 3. Anna (Go To Him) 4. Chains 5. Boys
6. Ask Me Why 7. Please Please Me 8. Love Me Do 9. P.S. I Love You
10. Baby It’s You 11. Do You Want To Know A Secret 12. A Taste Of Honey
13. There’s A Place 14. Twist And Shout

BEATLEMANIA! WITH THE BEATLES (Canadian Stereo LP : ST 6051 Wide Mix)

1. It Won’t Be Long 2. All I’ve Got To Do 3. All My Loving 4. Don’t Bother Me
5. Little Child 6. Till There Was You 7. Please Mr. Postman
8. Roll Over Beethoven 9. Hold Me Tight 10. You Really Got A Hold On Me
11. I Wanna Be Your Man 12. Devil In Her Heart 13. Not A Second Time 14. Money

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