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Beatles / The Decca Tapes / 1CDR / Non Label

First Time In Stereo STEREO SBD

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This time, Lord Reith, who created a stunning center mix for the first album of the Beatles, announced on the internet at the same time a version that made Decca Audition tape stereo. It goes without saying that the Decca tape, the most important sound source of the Beatles before debut, is a monaural recording. The fact that the recording condition was surprisingly good as an audition sound source was also a major factor that could become a classic sound source, but if you passed the audition, considering that there was also a plan to sell singles from this recording Things that go.
No one would have anticipated that the day before such a classic debut sound source would be heard in stereo. It is now nostalgic that the misinformation that it was stereo when a nostalgic yellow dog released this sound source flowed from a professional magazine. It was a sound source that could only be so mono.

However, with the dramatic improvement in music software technology, Lord Reith has made the decker tape stereo. I’m surprised to hear this, the performance is left and the vocals are separated to the right!
Surprise that you can enjoy Decca tape with the same stereo image as the first two albums of the Beatles. This can be enjoyed a lot when listening through headphones, but if you play it through a speaker at a loud volume, you will feel as if you are in the audition. This stereo feeling is really fresh only for sound sources that have the power of a monaural sound.
However, the fact that the stereo separation from the monaural sound source to this point has only been realized, it is also true that the edges of the performance and vocals sometimes feel hard unnatural. If you process a vintage monaural recording, you’ll probably have these problems. No matter how amazing the stereo feeling is, this is the reason why this version did not reach the point where it was released on the press CD. In addition, in the release of the gift, we compensated for the “Money” that the intro was doing with a version without the twist.
Still, it is a stereo version that is enough to surprise the enthusiasts, and is a stereo version of the Decca tape that you will probably hear among the rare sound sources of the Beatles. Above all, it is inevitable that the fan-made remix has evolved so far. Please try with this gift!

今回ビートルズのファースト・アルバムのセッションの見事なセンターミックスを作り上げた名手Lord Reithがそれと同時にネット上で発表していたのがデッカ・オーディション・テープをステレオ化させたバージョン。デビュー前ビートルズの最重要音源たるデッカ・テープは言うまでもなくモノラル録音。オーディションの音源としては驚くほど録音状態がよかったことも定番音源となりうる大きな要因だったのですが、もしオーディションに合格していたとしたら、この録音からシングルを切り売りするプランもあったことを考えれば合点がいくもの。

ところが音楽ソフトのテクノロジーの飛躍的向上を受け、Lord Reithがデッカ・テープのステレオ化を敢行。これは聞いてみてビックリ、演奏が左でボーカルが右へと分離しているではないですか!

1. Money
2. The Sheikh Of Araby
3. Memphis, Tennessee
4. Three Cool Cats
5. Sure To Fall
6. September In The Rain
7. Take Good Care Of My Baby
8. Till There Was You
9. Crying Waiting Hoping
10. To Know Her Is To Love Her
11. Besame Mucho
12. Searchin’
13. Like Dreamers Do
14. Hello Little Girl
15. Love Of The Loved

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