Beatles / The Complete Rooftop Concert With Let It Be The Film / 3CD+2DVD Wx Slipcase

Beatles / Complete Rooftop Concert With Let It Be The Film / 3CD+2DVD Wx Slipcase / Misterclaudel

Translated Text:

The Rooftop Of The Apple Building 3 Savile Row, W1 London, UK January 30,1969.(Special Edition) Digitally Remastered


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■ “Let It Be” and recorded no trimming version & widescreen version
■ To achieve the best image quality that can be considered current
■ outtakes video, also related video such as trailers Heiroku
■ The recorded all roll sound source to rooftop longest recording & camera by

Mania must-have M Live Chronicle series in stock than Claudel label! Long have been made on the roof of January 30, Apple Bill 1969, which has been out of print, in addition to the full version of the popular name rooftop concert, no trimming the best image quality plus the movie “Let It Be”, becomes a set of related footage you.

[Get Back sessions] Emotional cracks between the members began to markedly during the white album in serious, Beatles had fallen into a state of dissolution verge. Paul was concerned about the situation becomes mainly, cause bundled their is a live performance, since Candlestick 1966, a concert that had been discontinued, has been planning the planning of how not again asshole. But in addition to that there was a blank, for George and John showed disapproval, rather than suddenly stand on the stage of the concert, whether by broadcasting a live show of state, taking the audience on television, the state of rehearsal at the same time and broadcast in conjunction with the documentary that captures the also compromise Paul in a place called What about.

“Rehearsal and filming a documentary for the live show”, has been started in the video studio in Twickenham on January 2, 1969. But the emptiness wide space, shoot camera and staff surrounding the periphery leads to tension in the recording site of the Beatles should be called a sanctuary that had been done in only four and a slight engineers who until now, the poppy is it to compliment also it was intended to not be successful. And George will abandon their part in the middle of a session.

As a condition of withdrawal was George of return in the middle session, “and recording of the album, the production of theater movie that captures the pattern” the whole concept session By changing to, place about a week of interval, January 21 session has been resumed in the studio that has been set-up in the basement of the Apple building in Savile Row from day (Apple Studios). These are intended to be commonly called “GET BACK SESSION”, it was quite the gist different things in the first half and the second half.

This session, but is not able to listen to almost all the whole picture by reel tape of a sound source video camera crew had been recording, recording session in the second half of Apple Studios, start the rehearsal a month of head with it was that new song group was recorded in just 11 days session, although some pros and cons, it has become a valuable document that conveys tremendous underlying strength of creativity of the Beatles in now.

[Movie “Let It Be”] From the session over one month it is commonly called Get Back sessions, been recorded a huge amount of video and sound source, the movie “Let It Be” was produced by editing them. And I was shot in 16mm film because it was planning for the TV original, but blow up to 35mm film after film for theatrical release. There was that it has been released in such as video and laser disc in the 80s, they intended that all Allen Klein has been commercialized without taking note of the Beatles side, will of course immediately release stop, then anthology in only been used in part from this movie, contrary to its name recognition, it has become iconic title that is not still softening have been made. And although not in what softening, sometimes it was broadcast in various countries including Japan, it had a relatively easy to the eye, since the formal softening has not been made, trimming or credit each such as different or, or there are variations in image quality, there are many versions, and is now in a situation that lead to very confusing.

Order will be reversed, but first you think whether easy to understand if you can have a look to “4 VERSIONS COMPARISON” on the DVD disc 1 of this work (see below sample video). 4 I will Yes to the kind of version of so watch at the same time the same scene. If you look at this, is the difference of color and that the first notice first. And thus one of the things that you did not notice I must not parallel, the timing of credit at the beginning comes on the screen, is it different by each version. And it is trimming want to above all attention. Since the top right of the screen are to up the whole, has just that amount only screen is cut. The same applies to the lower left, because up degree is large, many parts are further cut. Although the lower right has become wide screen, mainly by cutting the bottom 16: Yes In 9, you can see it is the up and down has expired. And is a thing of the upper left corner that is included in this work. As can be seen is if you look at this, up, down, left and right both, no trimming, the has been recorded securely to the portion that does not contain the other version, you can see clearly when compare this way. Position of the pole, the position of the microphone, other, originally it is obvious is that he had been recorded so far. At the end of the disk 1, I have recorded at that time made the original trailer (the trailer).
Disc 2 of the DVD, recorded outtakes video of the movie “Let It Be”. Although described above huge amount of video have been left, because it is physically impossible even to recording them all, relatively well in this work, it is also at the center playing scene, other than a scene that can see in the movies I have recorded the outtakes video. And studio Separately, video specializing in rooftop concert, and finally, I have once again recorded the movie “Let It Be”. This is unlike no trimming version of the on disc 1, the lower right corner of the 4 split screen, has recorded a wide-screen version. In this work is therefore, I will be and no trimming version, the “let it be” two types of wide-screen version has been recorded. Of course, there are many other versions, in view of the picture quality and the screen, in vain, rather than increasing the number of sheets, not only many versions of the benefits can be all covered in this two types, image quality, content both Best I can say to be “Let It Be”.

[Rooftop concert] As the climax of this movie, the session also January 30, 1969, which came boiled down, I decided to live to be carried out only in the new song of the Beatles is performed. Paul a small club, but had the image of, for example, Cavan club, John overseas such as Africa, apple does not want to get out of the UK, George do not want in the first place Yari such as live, folded been achieved members of intention unified not, after all, I decided to play on the roof of the Apple building, shooting is done. Last live performance as the Beatles, there are no spectators, became the thing that is done in-house rooftop. (By the way, that with respect to the performance of “TWO OF US”, “THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD” “LET IT BE” which was filmed in the underground Apple studio the next day of the 31st, is unsuitable song group on the performance of the roof just that, as the gist is what say an extension of the roof top concert).

Some of such circumstances in the cold wind Fukisusabu hard environment, suddenly playing the Beatles with Billy Preston made in the roof of the Apple office building was suddenly rang out in the city of London during lunch at high volume. Town Yuku people, in the context of sound heard is not visible appearance etc., you can how the look up at the top of the building to watch the movie “LET IT BE”. And neither to divulge all the circumstances surrounding the concert, multiple cameras have taken the situation, of course because the reel is wound on the fly in order to recorded sound source corresponding to all those camera, Including the playback , many in the source difference also sound source that is left, this work will be the full version, which was housed in its entirety three pieces of CD.

First disc 1, edit the plurality of reels, the longest recorded this concert. According to the book of Mark Lewisohn, concert and although there to have been carried out over 42 minutes, it has become a recording of 44 minutes, including the front and back of the performance of has been recorded in this work. If this earlier multi-track tape is the true full version that also housed part that has not been captured even if all outflow.

Appearance of the members of the Beatles, who came up on the roof, how to make sure the pole is jumped up scaffolding, apple is “circle, I like this place or by!?” That originated in Mal Evans of Lodi also jokes that, expected to finally begin performance me let inspire. Because the back jacket has DDSI number is swung in each song, and I think that it is very useful to promote listening with reference and related books.

The first track is not a neat performance, light warm-up. John is in the light sound alignment from where to check the fingering of the guitar solo of “GET BACK” and finally the historic concert begins. First 2 times “GET BACK”, also from the fact that playing one more time in a more last, this song I can ask the that it’s number that symbolizes the session. Again Rashiku playing assumes a movie, lyrics singing John was iffy “DO NOT LET ME DOWN”, “I’VE GOT A FEELING” is playing multiple takes. Such as “I WANT YOU” and “A PRETTY GIRL IS LIKE A MELODY” In between songs, it can ask the relaxed situation from that little you play music is studded. Course was played while the multi-tape exchange of tracks is that is “GOD SAVE THEQUEEN” pat included. “GET BACK” for the first time but is still playing, such as break-shoulder, while unsuitable frigid situation in play, you can let me hear the tight playing out of the gate. Album “LET IT BE” to “ONE AFTER 909”, “DIG A PONY” “I’VE GOT AFEELING” (first time playing) is, “LET IT BE … NAKED” also you include if “DO NOT LET MEDOWN” (“I’VE GOT A FEELING” with editing the performance of 2 times) also be playing this rooftop concert is adopted, says it that it is a how performance this is fulfilling.

Traffic paralysis full of people close to Apple building as the concert progresses. Police officer who received the report from the neighborhood arrived, it will issue a warning to stop the performance. For movie “Let It Be” have a captured scene from the middle and the outside of the first floor of the door for the arrival of the police officers, Although some fans to point out the report itself as a “fake” rendition, at the time of the staff “police station on top of it was a notice dispatched to 10 minutes before, it is received by any large amount of drag will have strongly denied the rumor and was shed in the toilet. “While Mal Evans on the roof in the movie “LET IT BE” is an intermediary, “GETBACK” The day of the third time to the start of the play forced has been captured. Of “ANTHOLOGY 3” which was recorded this performance, Mark Lewisohn of liner in the translated Japanese language version of the booklet “amplifier immediately John and George for the first time the play is broken (it was healed immediately) ….” And is written you have him, from the fact that resurrected immediately after George in the movie “Let It Be” was Masagu~tsu the back panel there is a power switch and standby switch is George of amplifier, only power had fallen (fallen?) you can even view that or not such of. Anyway, this last “GET BACK” is not even a thing happening, in addition to playing that was full of a sense of unity and DRIVE sense, are dull and Paul ad-lib, is worthy of playing in round out rooftop concert. Whether Beatles were to pass the audition really? The answer will leave it to everyone’s ears.

The second half of the CD disk 1, even in the same roof-top concert, we have recorded the sound of the film soundtrack from the movie “LET ITBE”. Please try compared with actual music selection and mix that was used in the movie. Then disk 2 and 3, the total roll was recorded at this time, we have recorded in each role. First disc 2 A roll, ROLL562 and ROLL563. In roles that have been recorded in the main, sound quality, recording location, etc., in the most cohesive recording, was almost what had been released in the prior its outstanding panel in recording of this role only. However, the present work in yet ROLL1146B, ROLL1147B, ROLL1148B, and recorded ROLL1149B and four B-roll part of. This is sub-specific recording, but it has become a content that can not be overlooked because it contains a part that is not included in the A-roll. Furthermore interview but is the center, rather than on the roof, roll that has been recorded in the street in front of the Apple building, has become a valuable record of how this concert had been heard in the local. Sound of camera C is played back. And while camera D of the sound source of some far-Me sound source, have been recorded here in the fact that another camera another source.

In addition the movie “Let It Be” in the past the highest quality, the screen is recorded clearly wide no trimming version. Of “Let It Be”, which has been severely release until now, I have recorded the highest version that can be current available. Since it has been recorded at the same time also widescreen version, I think if you could try to compare us. Other related video, and at the time of the trailer (trailer), 4 version comparison video, such as outtakes video, making it the contents of enhancement enjoy can be of mania unique.
CD, the first piece that can be heard in its entirety through the roof-top concert of the legendary January 30, 1969. The second half adding recorded sound track of the movie. 3rd addition eyes and two recording of each roll. Rooftop sound source with what is here is the content of perfection. And Complete rooftop concert can be verified from various angles the precious moment of history, is a set of the movie “Let It Be”. Of course beautiful picture disc specification permanent Athletic press board. With slip case.


マニア必携Mクローデル・レーベルよりライヴ・クロニクル・シリーズが入荷! 長らく廃盤になっていた1969年1月30日アップルビルの屋上で行なわれた、通称ルーフトップ・コンサートの完全版に加え、映画「レットイットビー」のノートリミング最高画質プラス、関連映像集のセットになります。



セッション途中に脱退したジョージの復帰の条件として、セッション全体のコンセプトを「アルバムのレコーディングと、その模様を捉えた劇場映画の制作」に変更することで、約1週間のインターバルを置き、1月21日からサヴィル・ロウのアップル・ビルの地下に設営されたスタジオ(アップル・スタジオ)でセッションが再開されました。これらが通称「GET BACK SESSION」と呼ばれるもので、前半と後半では主旨が全く異なるものでした。



順序が逆になりますが、まずは本作のDVDディスク1に収録されている「4 VERSIONS COMPARISON」をご覧になっていただければわかりやすいかと思います(下記サンプル映像を参照)。4種類のバージョンの同じ場面を同時に見れるようにしてあります。これを見ると、まず最初に気付くのが色味の違いです。そしてこうして並列せねば気付かなかったことのひとつに、冒頭のクレジットが画面に出るタイミングが、各バージョンによって異なる点です。そしてなにより注目したいのはトリミングです。右上の画面は全体をアップにしているため、ちょうどその分だけ画面がカットされています。左下も同様で、アップ具合が大きいため、さらにカットされている部分が多い。右下はワイド画面になっているものの、主に下部を削って16:9にしてあり、上下が切れているのがわかります。そして本作に収録されている左上のものです。これをご覧になればわかる通り、上下左右ともに、ノートリミングで、他のバージョンでは入っていない部分までしっかりと収録されているのが、こうして見比べると明らかにわかります。 ポールの位置、マイクの位置、その他、本来はここまで収録されていたのだというのが明白です。ディスク1の最後には、当時つくられたオリジナルの予告編(トレイラー)を収録しています。

この映画のクライマックスとして、セッションも煮詰まって来た1969年1月30日、ビートルズの新曲のみで行なわれるライヴが行なわれることになりました。ポールは小さなクラブ、例えばキャバンクラブなどをイメージしていましたが、ジョンはアフリカなど海外で、リンゴは英国から出たくない、ジョージはそもそもライヴなどやりたくない、メンバーの意思統一が図られておらず、結局、アップルビルの屋上で演奏、撮影が行なわれることになりました。ビートルズとして最後のライヴ・パフォーマンスは、観客がいない、自社の屋上で行なわれることとなったのです。(ちなみに翌日の31日に地下のアップル・スタジオで撮影された「TWO OF US」「THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD」「LET IT BE」の演奏に関しては、屋上でのパフォーマンスに不向きな曲群であるということだけで、主旨としてはルーフトップ・コンサートの延長と言えるものです)。

そういった経緯で寒風吹きすさぶハードな環境の中、アップル社屋の屋上において突如行なわれたビートルズwithビリープレストンの演奏は、大音量でお昼時のロンドンの街に突如鳴り響きました。街ゆく人々は、音は聴こえど姿は見えないという状況で、ビルの上を見上げる様子が映画「LET IT BE」で観ることができます。コンサートを取り巻くあらゆる状況を漏らすまいと、複数台のカメラがその様子を撮影しており、もちろんそれら全てのカメラに対応する音源を収録すべく同時進行でリールがまわされたため、プレイバックを含めると、残された音源もソース違いで数多く、本作は、その全てを三枚のCDに収めた完全版になります。



その1曲目はきちんとした演奏ではなく、軽いウォームアップ。ジョンが「GET BACK」のギター・ソロの運指を確認するところから軽い音合わせをして、いよいよ歴史的なコンサートが始まります。「GET BACK」を最初に2回、さらに最後でもう1回演奏していることからも、この曲がセッションを象徴するナンバーだということが伺えます。やはり映画を想定しての演奏らしく、ジョンの歌う歌詞があやふやだった「DON’T LET ME DOWN」「I’VE GOT A FEELING」は、複数テイクを演奏。曲の合間には「I WANT YOU」や「A PRETTY GIRL IS LIKE A MELODY」など、ちょっとしたお遊び曲がちりばめられていることからはリラックスした状況が伺えます。もちろんマルチ・トラックのテープ交換がされている間に演奏された「GOD SAVE THEQUEEN」もバッチリ収録。1回目の「GET BACK」はまだまだ肩慣らしといった演奏ですが、演奏には不向きな極寒の状況ながら、初っ端からタイトな演奏を聴かせてくれます。アルバム『LET IT BE』に「ONE AFTER 909」「DIG A PONY」「I’VE GOT AFEELING」(1回目の演奏)が、『LET IT BE…NAKED』も含めれば「DON’T LET MEDOWN」(「I’VE GOT A FEELING 」とともに2回の演奏を編集)もこのルーフトップ・コンサートの演奏が採用されていることは、いかにこれが充実したパフォーマンスであることを物語っています。

コンサートが進むにつれアップル・ビル近くには人が溢れ交通は麻痺。近所からの通報を受けた警官が到着し、パフォーマンスを中止するよう警告を発します。映画「レットイットビー」には警官の到着を1階のドアの外と中から捉えたシーンがあるため、通報自体を「やらせ」的な演出と指摘するファンもいますが、当時のスタッフは「警察署は10分前に出動を予告していた上に、それ受けてあらゆる大量のドラッグがトイレに流された」と噂を強く否定しています。映画「LET IT BE」では屋上でマル・エバンスが仲介をする中、強行に演奏を開始するこの日3度目の「GETBACK」が捉えられています。この演奏を収録した『ANTHOLOGY 3』の、マーク・ルイソンのライナーを訳した日本語版ブックレットでは「演奏を始めてすぐにジョンとジョージのアンプが故障し(すぐに直ったが)….」と書かれていますが、映画「レットイットビー」でジョージが電源スイッチとスタンバイ・スイッチがあるバックパネルをまさぐった直後にジョージのアンプが復活していることから、電源が落ちていた(落とされた?)だけなのではないかという見方も出来ます。何はともあれ、この最後の「GET BACK」はハプニングをものともしない、一体感とドライヴ感に溢れた演奏に加え、ポールのアドリブも冴えており、ルーフトップ・コンサートを締めくくるに相応しい演奏です。果たしてビートルズはオーディションに合格にしたのか?その答えは皆様の耳にお任せ致します。

CDディスク1の後半は、同じルーフ・トップ・コンサートでも、映画「LET ITBE」よりフィルム・サウンドトラックの音源を収録しています。実際に映画に使われたミックスと選曲で比べてみてください。続いてディスク2と3は、このときに収録された全ロールを、ロールごとに収録しています。まずディスク2はAロール、ROLL562とROLL563。メインで収録されたロールで、音質、収録場所など、最もまとまった収録で、従来既発盤ではこのロールのみの収録でリリースされていたものがほとんどでした。しかし本作ではさらにROLL1146B、ROLL1147B、ROLL1148B、 ROLL1149Bと4本のBロール部分を収録。こちらはサブ的な収録ですが、Aロールに含まれない部分を含むため看過できない内容となっています。さらにインタビューが中心ですが、屋上ではなく、アップルビルの前の通りで収録されたロールは、現地ではどのようにこのコンサートが聴こえていたのかという貴重な記録となっています。カメラCの音源はプレイバックです。そしてカメラDの音源は若干遠めの音源ながら、別カメラの別ソースということでここに収録されています。


Complete Rooftop Concert Apple Building London UK January 30, 1969
01. Stage Settings
02. Get Back #1 [DDSI.30.01] 03. Get Back #2 [DDSI.30.02] 04. I Want You [DDSI.30.03] 05. Get Back #3 [DDSI.30.04] 06. Don’t Let Me Down #1 [DDSI.30.05] 07. I’ve Got A Feeling #1 [DDSI.30.06] 08. One After 909 #1 [DDSI.30.07] 09. One After 909 #2 [DDSI.30.08] 10. Danny Boy [DDSI.30.09] 11. Dig A Pony #1 [DDSI.30.10] 12. Dig A Pony #2 [DDSI.30.11] 13. God Save The Queen [DDSI.30.12 P] 14. I’ve Got A Feeling #2 [DDSI.30.13] 15. A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody [DDSI.30.14] 16. Get Back #4 [DDSI.30.15] 17. Don’t Let Me Down #2 [DDSI.30.16] 18. Get Back #5 [DDSI.30.17]

Rooftop Concert (Movie Film Soundtrack) Apple Building London UK January 30, 1969
19. Stage Settings
20. Get Back
21. Don’t Let Me Down
22. I’ve Got A Feeling
23. One After 909
24. Danny Boy
25. Dig A Pony
26. Get Back

01. 4 Cameras, 1 Is Wild Camera A, Roll 562 : Take 2 All Cameras Take 3
Get Back #2 [DDSI.30.02] Get Back #3 [DDSI.30.04] Don’t Let Me Down #1 [DDSI.30.05] I’ve Got A Feeling #1 [DDSI.30.06] One After 909 #1 [DDSI.30.07] One After 909 #2 [DDSI.30.08] Danny Boy [DDSI.30.09] Dig A Pony #2 [DDSI.30.11]

02. Camera A, Roll 563
I’ve Got A Feeling #2 [DDSI.30.13] A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody [DDSI.30.14] Get Back #4 [DDSI.30.15] Don’t Let Me Down #2 [DDSI.30.16] Get Back #5 [DDSI.30.17]

03. Camera B1, Roll 1146 Slate 1 Various ‘Views
Get Back #1 Warm Up Jam [DDSI.30.01] Get Back #2 [DDSI.30.02] I Want You [DDSI.30.03] Get Back #3 [DDSI.30.04] Don’t Let Me Down #1 [DDSI.30.05] I’ve Got A Feeling #1 [DDSI.30.06]

04. Camera B1, Roll 1147 Various Interviews
One After 909 #2 [DDSI.30.08] Danny Boy [DDSI.30.09] Dig A Pony #1 [DDSI.30.10] Dig A Pony #2 [DDSI.30.11] God Save The Queen [DDSI.30.12] I’ve Got A Feeling #2 [DDSI.30.13] Don’t Let Me Down #2 [DDSI.30.16] Get Back #5 [DDSI.30.17]

01. Camera B1, Roll 1148 Take 3
Announcement Only

02. Camera B1, Roll 1149 Beatles In Apple Studio
God Save The Queen [DDSI.30.12 P] I’ve Got A Feeling #2 [DDSI.30.13 P] A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody [DDSI.30.14 P] Get Back #4 [DDSI.30.15 P] Don’t Let Me Down #2 [DDSI.30.16 P] Get Back #5 [DDSI.30.17 P]

03. Camera B3, Roll Saville Row Street
People’s Reactions
I’ve Got A Feeling #2 [DDSI.30.13] Don’t Let Me Down #2 [DDSI.30.16] Get Back #5 [DDSI.30.17]

04. Camera C Recordings At Apple Reception Desk
I’ve Got A Feeling #1 [DDSI.30.06] One After 909 #2 [DDSI.30.08] Danny Boy [DDSI.30.09] Dig A Pony #1 [DDSI.30.10] Dig A Pony #2 [DDSI.30.11]

05. Camera D, Roll 1 Take 3 Rooftop
Get Back #2 [DDSI.30.02] Get Back #3 [DDSI.30.04] Don’t Let Me Down #1 [DDSI.30.05] I’ve Got A Feeling #1 [DDSI.30.06] One After 909 #2 [DDSI.30.08] Danny Boy [DDSI.30.09] Dig A Pony #2 [DDSI.30.11]

06. Camera D, Roll 3 Rooftop
I’ve Got A Feeling #2 [DDSI.30.13] A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody [DDSI.30.14] Get Back #4 [DDSI.30.15] Get Back #5 [DDSI.30.17] DVD DISC ONE
‘LET IT BE’ The Movie No-triming Version
01. Opening
02. Don’t Let Me Down
03. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
04. Two Of Us
05. I’ve Got A Feeling
06. Oh Darling
07. One After 909
08. Piano Inprovisation
09. Two Of Us
10. discussion
11. Across The Universe
12. Dig A Pony
13. Suzy Parker
14. I Me Mine
15. Old Brown Shoe
16. discussion
17. Besame Mucho
18. Octopus’ Garden
19. You Really Got A Hold On Me
20. Shake Rattle And Roll
21. Dig It
22. Two Of Us
23. Let It Be
24. The Long And Winding Road
25. Get Back
26. Don’t Let Me Down
27. I’ve Got A Feeling
28. One After 909
29. Dig A Pony
30. Get Back

01. Opening
02. Don’t Let Me Down
03. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
04. Two Of Us
05. I’ve Got A Feeling

01. Motion Picture Trailer

01. Opening
02. I’ve Got A Feeling
03. discussion
04. Improvisation with Yoko
05. Don’t Let Me Down
06. I Me Mine
07. Old Brown Shoe #1
08. Old Brown Shoe #2
09. Get Back
10. Help!
11. Two Of Us
12. The Long And Winding Road
13. Let It Be #1
14. Let It Be #2

01. Get Back #1
02. Get Back #2
03. Don’t Let Me Down #1
04. Don’t Let Me Down #2
05. Don’t Let Me Down #3
06. Get Back

01. Opening
02. Don’t Let Me Down
03. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
04. Two Of Us
05. I’ve Got A Feeling
06. One After 909
07. Across The Universe
08. Dig A Pony
09. Suzy Parker
10. I Me Mine
11. Old Brown Shoe
12. Besame Mucho
13. Octopus’ Garden
14. You Really Got A Hold On Me
15. The Long And Winding Road
16. Shake Rattle And Roll
17. Kansas City
18. Dig It
19. Two Of Us
20. Let It Be
21. The Long And Winding Road
22. Get Back
23. Don’t Let Me Down
24. I’ve Got A Feeling
25. One After 909
26. Dig A Pony
27. Get Back
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