Beatles / The Complete John Barrett Tapes / 5CD Wx Slipcase

Beatles / The Complete John Barrett Tapes / 5CD Wx Slipcase / Misterclaudel

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From Historical Original Master Recordings & Get Back Album Produced By Glyn Johns 1970.  Digitally Remastered


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Than mania must-have M Claudel label, you finally John Barrett tape becomes release! ! Although various title until now has been released, none difficult to say that the best of state, also it was just what there is no concept to edit. And although this is of a point bottom line, or have such as how the studio before and after the song is cut, and or have long and short in the same take by title, there was no satisfactory that covers them all the best take. In which such a sloppy title has been churning out, that none have had some sort of problem, I think than was less those who are probably grasp the whole picture Even if you’re ultra-mania. This work, as the best title of Barrett tape that was such chaos, now there is no person, is what will reign forever as the best title. As terms of content and entry points for beginners of outtakes also, as culmination of Barrett tape to mania, we are confident that both are satisfactory.

First, the first place I Will such What things with John Barrett tape. The John Barrett, has been long engaged as Abbey Road Studios of engineers from the late ’60s, for example, serve the balance engineer of “di Inner Light”, both members of The Beatles is a person who was working together. The John Barrett, Unfortunately, you found that in 1980, is a cancer. It was decided to leave the recording site for where to concentrate on treatment. However, in John Barrett to not know what to do the spare time in bed except treatment, whether something good there is no idea, and cyan Ken Townsend of Abbey Road general manager, if you got to make a record of the tape library of Abbey Road Studios of The Beatles the What about, enough work can be in bed it’s it, you suggested that above all do not be the most appropriate work to John Barrett.

So, John Barrett is passed through the ear to all master tape of the Beatles in the Abbey Road Studios in warehouse, did you record the details. This of John Barrett record, has become an important starting point in the subsequent Beatles research. As a outcome, first with EMI single collection box which was released in December 1982, recording date of each track has been specified for the first time. In 1983, the renovated Abbey Road Studios, the “Beatles-at-Abbey Road” which was published at the time, unpublished album that became a shelved in the release just before “Sessions”, and mark Louis losses wrote such as “recording session”, a variety of projects that are derived from the recording and scrutiny of John Barrett began to progress. In these processes, John Barrett was copied from his own master, it is what is referred to as transmitted to the so-called today “John Barrett tape”. It should be noted that John Barrett person has died in 1984.

John Barrett tapes, but sound source over the entire era of the Beatles have been recorded, as are those organized among the 1983 Abbey Road Shaw of sound source, and the Get Back by 1970 Glyn Johns mix is raised. Recording session also as “I Will,” “That Means A Lot” also, is one that was flowing out together by John Barrett tape.

John Barrett tape was not that of the collective form until now, is the first time this work is complete recording of the title in the best condition. Sound quality itself of quality, of course, until the appearance of the front and rear track, past the longest recording compared with its outstanding board. Tell the end to churning of John Barrett tape that has been many releases, it is perfection should say Ketteiban to mass both. The bonus track, I have to add recorded recently unearthed “Misery,” “Can not Buy Me Love” outtakes of “She’s A Woman”. Permanent preservation Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disc specification. With slip case.

マニア必携Mクローデル・レーベルより、いよいよジョンバレット・テープがリリースになります!! 今まで様々なタイトルがリリースされていたものの、どれもベストの状態とは言い難く、また編集にコンセプトがないものばかりでした。そしてこれが肝心な点なのですが、曲前後のスタジオの様子などがカットされていたり、タイトルによって同じテイクでも長短があったりと、それら全てをベストテイクで網羅した満足のいくものがありませんでした。そんな杜撰なタイトルが乱発されている中で、そのどれもが何かしらの問題を抱えており、おそらく超マニアの方でもその全貌を把握している方は少なかったのではないでしょうか。本作は、そんな混沌としたバレットテープのベストタイトルとして、本人がいない今、未来永劫ベストタイトルとして君臨するであろうものです。内容的にも初心者にはアウトテイクのとっかかりとして、マニアにはバレットテープの総決算として、いずれも満足のいくものであると自負しています。



ジョン・バレット・テープは、ビートルズの全時代に渡って音源が収録されていますが、その中でもまとまったものとしては1983年のアビーロード・ショウの音源、そして1970年グリンジョンズ・ミックスによるゲットバックが挙げられます。また「I Will」と「That Means A Lot」のレコーディング・セッションも、ジョンバレットテープによってまとまって流出したものです。

今までまとまった形のものがなかったジョンバレット・テープを、初めてベストな状態で完全収録したタイトルが本作です。音質そのもののクオリティはもちろんのこと、曲前後の様子まで、既発盤と比べて過去最長収録。数多くリリースされてきたジョンバレット・テープの乱発に終焉を告げる、質量ともに決定盤というべき完成度です。ボーナストラックでは、最近発掘された「Misery」「Can’t Buy Me Love」「She’s A Woman」のアウトテイクを追加収録しています。美しいピクチャーディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。スリップケース付。

01. She Loves You RS1
02. She Loves You RS2
03. Strawberry Fields Forever RM 3 from Take 7 complete mono mix of take 7
04. Strawberry Fields Forever RM 9 from Take 26 new vocal

05. This Boy RS15

That Means A Lot remake session
06. That Means A Lot Take 20 remake
07. That Means A Lot Take 21
08. That Means A Lot Take 23
09. That Means A Lot Take 24
10. That Means A Lot test

Penny Lane remixes
11. Penny Lane RM8 complete oboe version
12. Penny Lane RM9
13. Penny Lane RM10

14. Mr. Moonlight Take 4 RS1
15. Mr. Moonlight Take 4 RS2
16. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da Take 5
17. What You’re Doing Take 11 unedited

18. From Me To You stereo mix of 45
19. From Me To You 1982 stereo remix
20. Thank You Girl Take 14 w/edit from Take 30
21. Thank You Girl called Take 30
22. Yes It Is RS1

I Will session 1968 9/16
23. Down In Havana
24. Step Inside Love
25. Los Paranoias
26. The Way You Look Tonight
27. Improvisation
28. Can You Take Me Back

29. It’s All Too Much Mono long version
30. It’s All Too Much Stereo long version

01. That Means A Lot RS 1 from Take 1 dry mix
02. That Means A Lot chat + end of Take 2
03. Norwegian Wood Take 1
04. Norwegian Wood Take 2
05. Norwegian Wood Take 4
06. I’m Looking Through You Take 1
07. I’m Looking Through You Take 4
08. 12-Bar Original Take 1
09. 12-Bar Original Take 2

10. How Do You Do It? unedited mono
11. One After 909 Take 2
12. One After 909 master edit of Takes 4 & 5
13. Leave My Kitten Alone Take 5
14. If You’ve Got Troubles alternative original stereo master
15. That Means A Lot mixed mono
16. Norwegian Wood Take 1
17. I’m Looking Through You Take 1
18. Not Guilty unaltered Take 102
19. What’s The New Mary Jane remix w/overdubs
20. Come And Get It demo
21. Rip It Up – Shake Rattle And Roll
22. Kansas City – Miss Ann – Lawdy Miss Clawdy
23. Blue Suede Shoes
24. Cannonball – Not Fade Away – Hey Little Girl – Bo Diddley
25. Mailman Bring Me No More Blues
26. 12-Bar Original Take 2 1965 mono mix

01. Love Me Do Take 18
02. How Do You Do It? Take 2
03. I Saw Her Standing There Take 2, 11 & 12
04. Twist And Shout Take 1 RS1
05. One After 909 Take 4
06. Don’t Bother Me Take 11 & 12
07. A Hard Day’s Night Takes 2, 3 & Take 9 RS2
08. Leave My Kitten Alone Take 5
09. I’m A Loser Take 8
10. She’s A Woman Take 1
11. Ticket To Ride Take 2
12. Help! Take 5
13. Norwegian Wood Take 1
14. I’m Looking Through You Take 1
15. Paperback Writer Take 2 RS3
16. Rain Take 7 RS1
17. Penny Lane Take 9 RS1
18. Strawberry Fields Forever Take 1, 7 & 26
19. A Day In the Life with count-in
20. Hello Goodbye Take 22 RS2
21. Lady Madonna Take 4
22. Hey Jude Take 9
23. While My Guitar Gently Weeps Take 1
24. Because Take 7
25. #9 Dream spoken intro by Ringo

Bonus Tracks
26. Misery Take 8
27. Misery Take 9
28. Can’t Buy Me Love Take 2
29. Can’t Buy Me Love Take 3
30. Can’t Buy Me Love Take 4
31. She’s A Woman Take 3
32. She’s A Woman Take 4
33. She’s A Woman Take 5

01. Slow Blues Jam
02. Fast Rocker
03. The Wishing Book
04. Nashville Freakout
05. Stormy Weather
06. Octopus’s Garden
07. Wine, Women, Loud Songs
08. Coochy Coochy
09. I Live For You
10. Dera Dera Doon
11. Gopala Krishna
12. Going Down To Golders Green
13. Get Back George’s demo for Doris Troy
14. Pete Drake’s Talking Steel Guitar

01. Teddy Boy RS1 by Glyn Johns
02. Teddy Boy RS1 by Phil Spector
03. Old Brown Shoe Take 2
04. All Things Must Pass Take 2

05. One After 909
06. Rocker
07. Save The Last Dance For Me
08. Don’t Let Me Down
09. Dig A Pony
10. I’ve Got A Feeling
11. Get Back
12. Let It Be
13. For You Blue
14. Two Of Us
15. Maggie Mae
16. Dig It
17. The Long And Winding Road
18. I Me Mine
19. Across The Universe
20. Get Back (reprise)

Misterclaudel. MCCD-480-484

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