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Beatles / Come To Town / 1DVD  / Fab Production

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Recovered Archives 1963 NTSC


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THE BEATLES “RECOVERED ARCHIVES” -A FAB! PRODUCTION SILVER DVD COLLECTION- original rare video collection “RECOVERED ARCHIVES” series of FAB PRODUCTION fabrication Beatles collector to attention around the world appeared in the press platen DVD! This series is not bear the existing Beatles of the video up to the valuable recording film from the typical TV appearances and live is of course the world of news video that has been known so far that summarizes the Beatles of the video material numerous in a time-series covering the collector is a must-see of the video anthology. Previously and rare video were not able to see in recent years newly excavated Beatles video collection of the definitive edition series of picture quality and sound quality and content has been included many video has improved!
THE BEATLES COME TO TOWN:! RECOVERED ARCHIVES 1963 [1DVD] historic live that was before the valuable outtakes video beginning imperial was recorded for the first time color video live FABAR001DVD initial Beatles “The Beatles Come to-Town”, ” Royal variety show “and precious such as video recording of the 63-year UK tour.

THE BEATLES “RECOVERED ARCHIVES” -A FAB! PRODUCTION SILVER DVD COLLECTION- 世界中のビートルズ・コレクターが注目するFAB PRODUCTION製作のオリジナル・レア映像コレクション”RECOVERED ARCHIVES”シリーズがプレス盤DVDで登場!数多いビートルズの映像マテリアルを時系列にまとめたこのシリーズはこれまで知られている代表的なTV出演やライブはもちろん世界中のニュース映像から貴重な記録フィルムに至るまで現存するビートルズの映像をくまなく網羅したコレクター必見の映像アンソロジーです。以前には見ることが出来なかった珍しい映像や近年新たに発掘され画質・音質や内容が向上した映像が多く含まれたビートルズ映像コレクションの決定版シリーズ!
THE BEATLES COME TO TOWN! : RECOVERED ARCHIVES 1963 【1DVD】 FABAR001DVD 初期ビートルズのライブを初めてカラー映像で収録した「ビートルズ・カム・トゥ・タウン」の貴重なアウトテイク映像はじめ皇室を前にした歴史的ライブ「ロイヤル・バラエティ・ショウ」や63年英国ツアーの貴重な映像等収録。

01. Feb.10, 1962: St. Paul’s Church, Birkenhead – Color Film Complete and Untouched! 02. Sept. 10, 1963: Melody Maker Awards 03. Oct.26: Thank Your Lucky Stars – All My Lobing / Money (original audio) 04. Nov.1963: Backstage – unknown venue 05. Nov.1: Odeon Cinema, Cheltenham – concert footage 06. Nov. 4: Royal Variety Show – longer and upgraded Introduction 07. From Me To You 08. She Loves You 09. Till There was You 10. Twist and Shout – ORIGINAL (Anthology showed Queen – not here!) 11. Ending with all performers on stage12. Nov.7: In Town – Dublin Airport, Collinstown – arrival and interview13. Nov. 7: Adelphi Cinema, Dublin – clips of From Me To You, She Loves You, Till There was You Two Sources14. Nov.8: Ulster News, Belfast, Ireland 15. Nov.15: Movietine News – Fans in line for tickets16. Nov.16: Winter Gardens Theatre, Bournemouth – concert clips17. Nov. 20: ABC Cinema, Manchester – Beatles Come To Town Film Outtakes New footage18. Audience Footage 19. CLOSE UP CAMERA: She Loves You / Twist and Shout20. SIDE VIEW CAMERA: She Loves You / Twist and Shout21. FAR BACK CAMERA: She Loves You / Twist and Shout22. Black and White Footage – Beatles performing / audience 23. 4 Screen Multi Angle She Loves You/ Twist and Shout24. Nov.21: ABC Cinema, Carlisle – News Report & Interview25. Dec.7: It’s the Beatles – Empire Theatre – I Want to Hold Your Hand26. Money (That’s What I Want)27. Twist and Shout28. From Me To You29. Dec.20: Top of Flop – Dutch TV – Teens rate I Want to Hold Your Hand

NTSC 4 : 3 Dolby Digital Stereo / Mono time approx. 110 min.


FAB Production. FABAR001DVD

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