Beatles / Candlestick Park 1966 / 1 CD

Beatles / Candlestick Park 1966 / 1 CD  / FAB

Live at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, California, USA 29th August 1966 TRULY AMAZING SOUND


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 Translated Text:

We release good fame titles for Budokan but 1966 of Beatles means the year they stop live activity since before their debut. It was the turning point from live to Studio activity. It is lucky that The Beatles came to play in Japan just before their stop. And after The Beatles Japan tour Japanese music scene changed dramatically. We have released 2 versions of Budokan Color Videos. The customer who got Budokan says the next is The Beatles Last live. After famous trouble in Philippines, they are back like a runaway to USA and another trouble The Beatles is more famous than Christ by John Lennon before USA Tour. The Beatles really hate continuing the tour, they stop it. Last place that The Beatles play the concert is Candlestick Park, San Francisco, California, USA 29th August 1966 .
There are many pictures for The Beatles last concert. They have their camera each, and they take the picture by themselves, to they know this is The Beatles last live. so Paul make Tony Barrow who is spokesman to record the live. That time Tony cannot record like soundboard, he used cassette recorder with microphone and record the live near the stage. So this last live recording is audience recording. But it is lucky and surprisingly good recording because of just people concerned and policemen at arena area. Off course 1966 recording, not like clear sound nowadays. but it sounds like AM radio broad cast or rough soundboard recording. It could be even fine, it is miracle that The Beatles last live was recorded with this quality even though it’s an old cassette recorder.
But until now there are many titles for this recording, but high pitch or too much echo or Pseudo-stereo, which means something bad effect had been done. Recently bonus of LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL & STARS & STRIPES 1964-1965 US TOURS are purest recording without effect.
This titles was used same master with pitch corrected, and removed some noise on beginning of tracks. And also removed extra studio takes not for this release. we care about keeping the condition of the master that it was. So without extra strong Emphasising or equalizing for the instruments and vocal.
This last live is completely different form Japan concert. They settle down and play good for this last live even after many troubles on the tour. It is really interesting the difference in 2 month comparing with Japan concerts. And it is also memorized that the last song is not I’m Down that was last song of Japan Concerts, but Long Tall Sally that always be the ending of the lives for a long time. the Long Tall Sally is not complete because of the cassette tape maximum for one side. This titles is only include this last live and limited CD-press edition just for the customers who want to have only simply The Beatles last live. This item is simply last live of historical best rock band in the world.

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