Beatles / Budokan 30.6.1966 Original Japanese Broadcast Complete & Unedited / 1DVD+1Bonus DVD

Beatles / Budokan 30.6.1966 Original Japanese Broadcast Complete & Unedited / 1DVD+1Bonus DVD / Non Label

Translated text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 30th June 1966, Broadcast Date: 12th October 1978 (from 7:30 to 8:54 PM). PRO-SHOT


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DVD the first day of the video in the Budokan performances of The Beatles in 1966 has recorded a broadcast version that was premiered “BUDOKAN 30.6.1966: Original Japanese Broadcast” was a masterpiece title that was recorded at the same time Sold Out and was released. This is is a translation that has been recorded video of June 30th is a classic in the classic among the live video of the Beatles, from this video, which has produced an item about not fully already counted, it is also overlooked surprisingly It has preciousness were evaluated in mania that was Mise was recorded in 1978 at the time of broadcast debut was. This re-release of the 1978 version of broadcasting, even will be released in a two-Disc version of both disk press platen 1993 of rare documents that new facts were revealed of the Beatles concert in Japan in bonus.

Complete version of the first had been recorded “re-broadcast only once” to the main DVD and ’78 edition broadcast that has been published with great fanfare. However live video that has been published here, rather than July 1 that year was broadcast at the time 1966, it was live also different June 30 Beatles of stage costumes …. At the time of broadcasting it is what has been described as imposing “July 1”, but well-known have been like the same day of the video master from that time would bring back the Beatles side, for use during the ’78 broadcast physically It was impossible. But June 30 video that became a shelved from lack of playing and stage equipment is left intact, and even broadcast at this time and fortunately that had been stored without also be disposed of while watching broadcast video and it became as the original.
Certainly valuable Beatles of live video, but actually to could be realized is another could become a big problem if you are have been … now broadcasting the video of the day (laughs) Such a configuration of the broadcast, is still information The poor were it would be this era unique. And there is a preciousness that comes through with plenty of atmosphere in the late ’70s in also good sense from the entire program, I think in was connected with that point also to the popular and early Sold Out.

And upon the time of the time release to the DVD disc of the press, cut the CM part that had been broadcast the day, I was editing only as can be seen only the program body. Instead, as the original broadcast of the entire person bonus DVD-R “BUDOKAN 30.6.1966 Original Japanese Broadcast: Complete & Unedited Version” I have been itemized in the form of.
But the main DVD “BUDOKAN 30.6.1966: Original Japanese Broadcast” is is something that was beyond “Do would not get the that title re-released” were received thing called after Sold Out, and Paul at the end of April after the Budokan concert was realized, it was led up to be much less attracted many voices of the request also earlier.

So is a translation Ainaru with this re-release, but it is a release of the version that was Mise have recorded the whole finally broadcast the CM was also included in the limited press DVD! Since the live video body of Budokan June 30 I can get in a variety of forms, a complete version that was seen in the value is … rather bonus DVD-R what that you are rather recorded the entire broadcast of 1978 want to have in the DVD of the press, such meet the “just one re-broadcasting” mania of the voice long-awaited re-release version of I!
And this video is recorded by a home video deck began to spread at that time, we have the tape that mania has been a safe place with the master. That the tape of the state of preservation was a very good thing to be called a reputation even at the time of the previous release, but actually sold the video deck for home even at the time of the 1978 if it is possible to look at this version to which, moreover, surprisingly that it was a large size, or such as the fact it was an expensive price enough to not be considered now you’ll be forced to realize at the outset that to play the video.

Including the opening scene of such a surprise, era of nostalgic 1978 from interval of the program will come transmitted to the real. The video of this era in suddenly and then the Beatles were realized Budokan performance of re-broadcasting, yet showed up as it were opened the emergency lid June 30 instead of July 1. In order at the time of the impact that this kind is get to experience more realistic broadcast at the time that has been vacuum-packed, also comes with adorable mini-replica of the flyer during the 1978 broadcast this time. Surprise that OG board “LIVE IN TOKYO”, or a number of video performances June 30 that it had heard through the copy machine LP derived from it appeared as long as it is a time of mania.

The handsome bonus disc is a document that was broadcast immediately after the pole Japan tour of 1993 “THE TRUTH OF BEATLES LIVE IN JAPAN 1966”. This program is still “BUDOKAN 30.6.1966: 1988 Japanese Broadcast Edition” release time, is something that has been itemized as an initial bonus DVD-R, and forms the Budokan performances live video and a pair of very valuable as a document such content is what voice called “Come DVD of the press” was not this also be submitted.
There is also a 1993 that had been quietly broadcast late at night, or this program would not had been overlooked even among enthusiasts. However, now that more than two decades of Years is has elapsed from the broadcast, it would not only be surprised to again valuable content.

What and is alive is also the person who engaged in the Japan tour 66 years at the time production of this program saying, promoter, that such police officials who interviewed directly, compelling than ever and we had finished in ’66 Beatles Japan tour of the document.
The fact of the impact, such as “Japan tour the Beatles side has been approached” or “originally was scheduled to be landing the airliner that Beatles rode to Yokota Air Base instead of Haneda” by this document became clear. More than anything was a surprise also is a live video is only a test shooting of June 30, it would have been told if you do not in any way mean that it was from the trouble of playing can and stage and shelved.

In particular, the video of the June 30 cut-breaking that the audience not displayed most I will not appear become a big difference the next day of broadcasting take. And it is proven in Stones concert in Japan in 1990 that it had done a test shooting If this station makes a recording of live video. I’m surprised because And he test video is any left. We wonder whether the ’87 Korakuen also test shooting of Michael does not exist.
On the other hand there is also the fact that immediately after the Paul Japan tour, but appeared playing a scene of them live video at the time of the “Drive My Car”, rather than take from the Tokyo Dome, which at that time another station had been broadcasting, It is valuable that is take from the first day of the Fukuoka Dome performances has been adopted. And here also be a complete version was recorded the entire broadcast, of course, so we recorded it also continues to state after the end of the broadcast, ’93 of the era of Japan atmosphere that has been floating around the afterimage of still 80s you’ll be get to taste with plenty also. 1978 and 1993, both please enjoy slowly and carefully at the limit of press DVD nostalgia full of video!

★ with a replica of the “Beatles Japan tour! This century the first and last only one time of re-broadcasting” Thursday flyer for the program promotion of Special (business news). (“Even if we can miss the epidemic, we can not again with history” must-see also catch copy that) * this time, it is newly printed Diff-size of the insert was again

ザ・ビートルズ1966年の武道館公演における初日の映像が初公開された放送バージョンを収録したDVD「BUDOKAN 30.6.1966 : Original Japanese Broadcast」はリリースされたと同時にSold Outを記録した名作タイトルとなりました。これはビートルズのライブ映像の中でも定番中の定番である6月30日の映像を収録していた訳ですが、既に数えきれないほどのアイテムを輩出してきたこの映像から、意外にも見過ごされていた初公開時の1978年放送を収録してみせたという貴重さがマニアに評価されたのです。今回は78年版放送の再リリース、さらにはビートルズ来日公演の新事実が明らかとなった1993年のレア・ドキュメントをボーナスに両ディスクプレス盤の二枚組バージョンでのリリースとなります。

確かに貴重なビートルズのライブ映像、しかし実際には別の日の映像を放送していた…今ならば大問題となりかねない(笑)ような構成の放送が実現できたのは、まだ情報が乏しかったこの時代ならではでしょう。それに番組全体からもいい意味で70年代後半の雰囲気がたっぷりと伝わってくる貴重さがあり、その点も好評と早期のSold Outへとつながったのではないでしょうか。

当時リリースの際にはプレスのDVDディスクに収録するに際し、当日放送されていたCMパートをカット、あくまで番組本体だけを見られるように編集していました。その代わりとして元の放送全体の方はボーナスDVD-R「BUDOKAN 30.6.1966 Original Japanese Broadcast : Complete & Unedited Version」という形でアイテム化しています。
しかしメインDVDの「BUDOKAN 30.6.1966 : Original Japanese Broadcast」がSold Outしてからというもの「あのタイトルを再リリースしてもらえないだろうか」という声が寄せられていたものですが、4月末にポールの武道館公演が実現した以降、以前にもましてリクエストの声が多く寄せられるまでに至りました。


そんな驚きの冒頭場面を始めとして、番組の合間からは懐かしい1978年という時代がリアルに伝わってきます。この時代に突如として実現したビートルズ武道館公演の再放送、しかもいざ蓋を開けてみれば現れたのは7月1日ではなく6月30日の映像。こういった当時のインパクトが真空パックされた当時の放送をさらにリアルに体感してもらうべく、今回も78年放送時のフライヤーの愛らしいミニ・レプリカが付属します。当時のマニアであればOG盤「LIVE IN TOKYO」、あるいはそこから派生した数多くのコピー盤LPを通して聞いていた6月30日公演の映像が登場したという驚き。

二枚目のボーナス・ディスクには1993年のポール来日公演の直後に放送されたドキュメント「THE TRUTH OF BEATLES LIVE IN JAPAN 1966」が収録されています。この番組は依然「BUDOKAN 30.6.1966 : 1988 Japanese Broadcast Edition」のリリース時、初回ボーナスDVD-Rとしてアイテム化されていたものですが、武道館公演のライブ映像と対を成す、ドキュメントとしての非常に貴重な内容は「是非プレスのDVD化を」という声がこれまた寄せられていたものです。


その一方でポール来日公演の直後ということもあり、その時のライブ映像も「Drive My Car」の演奏シーンが登場しますが、当時別の局が放送していた東京ドームからのテイクではなく、福岡ドーム公演の初日からのテイクが採用されているのが貴重です。そしてこちらも放送全体を収録したコンプリート・バージョンであることはもちろん、放送終了後の様子までも続けて収録しておりますので、まだまだ80年代の残像が漂っていた93年の日本という時代の雰囲気もたっぷりと味わってもらえることでしょう。1978年と93年、どちらも懐かしさいっぱいの映像を限定のプレスDVDにてじっくりとお楽しみください!


Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 30th June 1966
Broadcast Date: 12th October 1978 (from 7:30 to 8:54 PM)

1. CM 2. Opening 1 – Bodokan video tapes episode 3. CM
4. Opening 2 – Rock And Roll Music (Budokan, Tokyo 30th June 1966) 5. Biography
6. Twist And Shout (Manchester 20th November 1963)
7. Love Me Do (“Around The Beatles” TV Show 6th May 1964)
8. Please Please Me (“Around The Beatles” TV Show 6th May 1964)
9. From Me To You (“Around The Beatles” TV Show 6th May 1964)
10. She Loves You (“Around The Beatles” TV Show 6th May 1964)
11. I Wanna Hold You Hand (“Around The Beatles” TV Show 6th May 1964)
12. A Hard Day’s Night (from“A Hard Day’s Night” movie)
13. MBE Interview 14. Introduction of Shea Stadium concert 1965
15. Opening 16. Twist And Shout (Shea Stadium 15th August 1965)
17. Ticket To Ride (Shea Stadium 15th August 1965) 18. CM
19. Can’t Buy Me Love (Shea Stadium 15th August 1965) 20. I’m Down (Shea Stadium 15th August 1965)
21. Announce Japan Tour(BGM : All Together Now) 22. Tokyo Hilton Hotel Documentary
23. The Arrival of The Beatles (BGM : Mr. Moonlight) 24. Interviewed by E. H. Eric 25. CM

Budokan, Tokyo 30th June 1966

26. Introduction & Opening Act 27. Introduction of The Beatles 28. Rock And Roll Music
29. She’s A Woman 30. If I Need Someone 31. Day Tripper 32. CM 33. Baby’s In Black
34. I Feel Fine 35. Yesterday 36. I Wanna Be Your Man 37. Nowhere Man 38. CM
39. Paperback Writer 40. I’m Down 41. Outroduction 42. After The Shows (BGM : Hello Goodbye)
43. Yesterday (with Japanese Lyrics) 44. Ending (BGM : The Long And Winding Road)


★★Bonus プレスDVD

Broadcast Date: 5th December 1993

1. Introduction feat. Drive My Car (Fukuoka Dome 18th November 1993) 2. CM
3. Summer 1991 In Japan 4. Film Biography 5. Tokyo 1966 : Episode & Interview 1 6. CM
7. Tokyo 1966 : Episode & Interview 2 8. CM 9. Tokyo 1966 : Episode & Interview 3
10. CM 11. Outroduction 12. CM 13. News 14. CM


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