Beatles / Budokan 1st July 1966 2020 Remaster / 2DVD

Beatles / Budokan 1st July 1966 2020 Remaster / 2DVD / Non Label
Live at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 1st July 1966 (Afternoon Show)

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The Beatles Budokan July 1st is the latest version of the original non-telop version and the TV broadcast version of the daytime performance video recorded by 2020 Remaster!

The Beatles’ Budokan performance was exhausted on July 1st until the June 30th sound source was unearthed on that OG LP. It was the night that I watched a Japanese group perform in a Budokan in front of a cathode ray tube with a breath of breath. Many people could experience the Beatles’ Japan performance in 1966 when it was difficult to go to a rock concert itself, or it was difficult to obtain tickets, so it is probably the television broadcast. However, from the latter half of the 1970s, the image of June 30th was broadcast on TV many times, and it was recorded on a home VCR, and the position of Budokan image was reversed.

Due to that, the performance on June 30 will be a major presence for a long time, and on the contrary, the video on July 1 will not be easy to see. Although it was also seen from the 70’s by the video that dropped the video source to 8 mm in color, it is natural that the image quality of the video converted from the video source to 8 mm of the film medium is limited, and the original video The long-awaited appearance of a version.

In this way, the July 1st video, which was thought not to exist in Japan unlike June 30th, had a very good video version in the early 90’s. Now that we have upgraded to a situation where you can enjoy excellent image quality including the undercard, we recorded both the two stages with the best version, the press DVD set “LIVE AT BUDOKAN 1966 DEFINITIVE” which is still the best seller EDITION”. However, this time, a new item will be released on July 1st that specializes only in video.

First of all, the original video is the same as “LIVE AT BUDOKAN 1966 DEFINITIVE EDITION”, but the video is newly remastered at this release. This alleviated a part of the image that was a noisy part where the image was messy. Is it easier to understand if you compare the red shirts they wear in their suits or the parts of the guitar bodies of each member? It has a quiet image quality with less noise that is close to the version recorded in anthology, but due to the current technological remastering, it is finished in sharper detail than the anthology. In this upper version, the first disc contains only stage images of the Beatles and the front line.

However, this alone does not make sense for this release. Rather, this time, it will be a completely restored version of the TV broadcast recorded on the second disc. Even in “LIVE AT BUDOKAN~”, I was trying to edit the video on July 1st by putting a commercial and inserting it closer to the broadcast of the day. The video for the day’s broadcast was expensive and was recorded by a person in the entertainment industry on an open-reel home VCR that was rarely owned by those days. The appearance of this video was a big topic a few years ago. By excavating this video, the actual situation of the program broadcast from 21:00 on July 1, 1966 became clear at once.

Needless to say, the footage on July 1st, which we are familiar with today, is the material of the main book, and it is different from the state of broadcasting on the day. It has been revealed that the telop that introduces the performer was included in the actual broadcast from the image taken from the cathode ray tube from before. It was discovered in more detail by excavating the previous video.

Therefore, in the version recorded in the second piece this time, based on these materials, we tried to reproduce almost all the telop inserted in the live image on the broadcast on the night of July 1. Of course, the font of the telop is close to that, or the one that can be said to be used. Since this finish is so natural, it seems that you might illusion that “the master of the program itself at the time was finally discovered?”

Above all, the toothpaste sponsor telop that appears many times in the program has a lot of Showa feeling and nostalgia. In 1966, it was difficult to get a ticket by the direct attack method, but there are countless people who went to the Budokan by buying it and applying for it. In addition to that, there is a mix of commercials that appear in black and white here and there, and the special program that was broadcast from 21:00 on July 1st is a finish of tearful things that you can truly experience!

It was hard to understand from the video of July 1st that we have been accustomed to for many years, but if you see the telop in this way, John is the first angle of “Rock And Roll Music” and the close-up of the members continues, this is It’s easy to see that the camera split was designed to introduce members by adding a telop with each person’s name. Moreover, such production should have been indispensable in the days when it was extremely rare to broadcast live rock bands.

Even in recent years, when it comes to a live video of a rock band, the song name is displayed each time the performance starts, as you can see in various recently released “Japanese Broadcast Version”. In 1966, the “1960s feeling” that the telop font that appears in each song tells is very delicious. That’s why this time, the second bonus also includes a Japanese broadcast version with simultaneous interpretation narration of the 1967 “All You Need Is Love” world live broadcast.

In this way, an epoch-making release closer to the broadcast itself on the night of July 1, 1966 as never before. The wonderful reproducibility, which was unlikely until now, is the “Showa sensation” that not only enthusiasts but every generation should experience. I didn’t go out on the night of the first day of the next month, and it was a DVD that reproduced not only the commercials and the undercard, but also the telop of the day. Please give me. There is no doubt that you will enjoy it!

(★Plan overview)
-Disc 1: This is a 2020 remastered version of the master recorded in “Live At Budokan 1966 Definitive Edition”, which has been subjected to noise reduction to eliminate the rough noise on the screen. Original master version without telop.

・Disk 2: A restored version that completely recreates the telop part in the program that was not completely reproduced in “Live At Budokan 1966 Definitive Edition” by rebuilding it based on the TV broadcast version.




こうして6月30日と違って日本に現存しないと思われていた7月1日映像も90年代初頭にはかなり状態のいいビデオ・バージョンが広まりました。それが今では前座を含めて素晴らしい画質で楽しめる状況にまでバージョンアップ、二回のステージ両方をベストバージョンにて収録してみせたのが現在もベストセラー続行中のプレスDVDセット「LIVE AT BUDOKAN 1966 DEFINITIVE EDITION」。ところが今回は7月1日映像だけに特化した新たなるアイテムがリリースされます。

まず元になる映像に関しては「LIVE AT BUDOKAN 1966 DEFINITIVE EDITION」と同じものですが、今回のリリースに際して映像を新たにリマスター。これによって映像の一部がモヤモヤとざわついてしまうノイジーだった箇所が緩和されたのです。それは彼らがスーツの中に着ている赤いシャツ、あるいは各メンバーのギター類のボディが映る箇所を見比べていただければわかりやすいかと。アンソロジー収録のバージョンに近いノイズの少ない落ち着いた画質で、尚且技術の進歩した現在のリマスターのためアンソロジーより細部が見えるシャープな映像に仕上がっているのです。このアッパー版にて、一枚目のディスクにはビートルズや前座陣のステージ映像だけを収めています。

とはいえ、これだけでは今回のリリースの意味がない。むしろ今回の目玉、それは二枚目のディスクに収録されたテレビ放送の完全復元バージョンでしょう。既に「LIVE AT BUDOKAN~」においても7月1日映像に関しては、CMなども挿んで当日の放送に近づけた編集を試みていました。その当日放送分の映像は高価で当時の所有者が希少だったオープンリールの家庭用ビデオデッキにて芸能界の関係者が録画していたもの。この映像の登場は数年前に大きな話題を呼んだものです。この映像の発掘によって、1966年7月1日の21時から放送された番組の実態が一気に明らかとなりました。




我々が長年見慣れてきた7月1日の映像では判りづらかったのですが、こうしてテロップが入ってみれば「Rock And Roll Music」の前半でジョンを皮切りとしてメンバーのクローズアップが続くアングル、これは各人の名前のテロップを加えてメンバー紹介をするべく企てられたカメラ割りであったことがよく解ります。ましてやロックバンドのライブをテレビ放送することが極めてまれな時代、こうした演出は必要不可欠であったはず。

近年でもロックバンドのライブ映像となれば最近リリースしてきたさまざまな「Japanese Broadcast Version」でも解るように、演奏が始まる度に曲名が表示される。それが66年ともなれば、曲ごとに現れるテロップのフォントが物語る「1960年代感」がまた何とも味わい深い。だからこそ今回も二枚目のボーナスには1967年「All You Need Is Love」世界生中継の同時通訳ナレーション入り日本放送版を収録。


・ディスク1:「Live At Budokan 1966 Definitive Edition」収録のマスターを、ノイズリダクションを施し画面のざわついたノイズを除去した2020年再リマスターバージョンです。テロップなしオリジナルマスター版。

・ディスク2:テレビ放送版を元に再構築し 「Live At Budokan 1966 Definitive Edition」では再現しきれていなかった番組中のテロップ部分も完全再現したレストアバージョンです。


Disc 1(46:35)
Restored Original Version

1. Introduction
2. Opening Act #1
3. Opening Act #2
4. Opening Act #3
5. Opening Act #4
6. Opening Act #5
7. Opening Act #6
8. Rock And Roll Music
9. She’s A Woman
10. If I Needed Someone
11. Day Tripper
12. Baby’s In Black
13. I Feel Fine
14. Yesterday
15. I Wanna Be Your Man
16. Nowhere Man
17. Paperback Writer
18. I’m Down

Disc 2(61:36)
Restored Broadcast Version
「特別番組 ザ・ビートルズ日本公演」
1966年7月1日金曜日午後9:00~午後9:56 日本テレビ
Broadcast on Friday, 1st July 1966 from 9:00 p.m. to 9:56 p.m.

1. Documentary
2. Introduction
3. Opening Act #1
4. Opening Act #2
5. Opening Act #3
6. Opening Act #4
7. Opening Act #5
8. Opening Act #6
9. Rock And Roll Music
10. She’s A Woman
11. If I Needed Someone
12. Day Tripper
13. Baby’s In Black
14. I Feel Fine
15. Yesterday
16. I Wanna Be Your Man
17. Nowhere Man
18. Paperback Writer
19. I’m Down

Bonus Track
1967年6月26日放送 NHK「宇宙中継 我らの世界」
20. All You Need Is Love (Broadcast on 26th June 1967)

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx.108min.(Total)

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