Beatles / Beatles In Beat Club 1966-1970 / 1DVDR

Beatles / Beatles In Beat Club 1966-1970 / 1DVDR / Beatfile

Translated Text:
Video Collection From Beat Club In German TV. Pro-Shot


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Valuable compilation that summarizes the video of the Beatles that has been on the air in the past in the famous music show “Beat Club”, which has been broadcast TV in Germany from the 1960s appeared in the DVD!

9 wide screen size: one 16 which is broadcast while the black and white pictures of the broadcast time dare with those recorded image sources that have been re-broadcast in recent years about the promo video was broadcast 66-70 it can be said promo film that has been edited from the German TV version brewery.

The title of each song ticker will come out, but added included as Alternate Masters something different of the edit master.

You can compare the difference. It is a Complete Edition first appearance of Beat Club collection should say footage maniac was gathered in the framework of the German TV broadcast!





01. Ticket To Ride (12.02.1966)
02. We Can Work It Out (12.02.1966)
03. Day Tripper (12.02.1966)
04. I Feel Fine (26.03.1966)
05. Help! (26.03.1966)
06. Rain (18.06.1966)
07. Paperback Writer (18.06.1966)
08. Penny Lane (25.02.1967)
09. Strawberry Fields Forever (01.05.1967)
10. Hello Goodbye (25.11.1967)
11. Lady Madonna (09.03.1968)
12. Revolution (16.11.1968)
13. Hey Jude (16.11.1968)
14. Get Back (26.04.1969)
15. The Ballad Of John And Yoko (02.08.1969)
16. John & Yoko’s Bed-In For Peace- Amsterdam, March 1969 (26.04.1969)
17. Give Peace A Chance – Montreal, 01.06.69 (02.08.1969)
18. Something (29.11.1969)
19. Let It Be (28.03.1970)

20. Day Tripper
21. We Can Work It Out
22. Help!
23. I Feel Fine
24. Penny Lane
25. Strawberry Fields Forever
26. Hello Goodbye
27. Lady Madonna
28. Revolution
29. Hey Jude
30. Get Back
31. Let It Be
32. Paul’s Wedding News
33. The Ballad Of John And Yoko
34. Something

Beatfile. BF-063DVDR1

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