Beatles / At The Hollywood Bowl Original Japanese Cassette Tape / 1CD

Beatles / At The Hollywood Bowl Original Japanese Cassette Tape / 1CD / Non Label
Taken from the original Japanese cassette tape(EAZA-3668)

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The 1977 original mix version of the Hollywood Bowl is reprinted from the domestic cassette tape! In LP wake-up, cymbal cracking and scratching noise were seen as going to the inner circumference of the board, but of course none of them! Please enjoy the profound sound of the Hollywood Bowl!

The reinstatement of analog media is now remarkable, and not only analog records but also cassette tapes have finally been reviewed. If the digital warfare era such as Remaster and Loudness War was settled, it would be the result of returning to the value of “analog if you listen to analog” after all. Currently, the popularity of record boards is tremendous, but recently there is a situation where a cassette specialty store is opened. It is a sign that the analog feel of the cassette, which is different from the record, has been reevaluated.

By the way, Hollywood Bowl, the only official album of the Beatles, did not readily become a CD, and in 2016 it was reborn as a blue jacket design and finally a CD was released. Of course, enthusiasts all over the world welcomed with their hands on the CD, but the content was completely reborn as it appeared almost 40 years after the release of the live album. Surely, the finish that made use of the momentum of the performance, eliminating the echo covered by the original mix as much as possible, was wonderful.
However, it is different from that of the original Hollywood Bowl LP. It is also true that the finish of the blue jacket had a refinement suitable for the current taste. Still, there are not a few manias who can’t forget that LP. The sound of LP that was struck as “Super Live!”
In other words, it was a perfect finish to convey the enthusiasm of their live called Beetlemania, as well as the surprise and joy that the Beatles official live album was finally realized. Adding echo to the live album to create a sense of presence and enthusiasm is a common practice. Moreover, if there is that enthusiasm for the Beatles live. George Martin, who worked on the actual release of the Hollywood Bowl, re-examined the tape that had been stored for many years and testified that he was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm.

However, it was a big surprise for enthusiasts all over the world that the CD of live album realized in 1977 could not be realized for 40 years. Of course, in order to lower such mania drinking, countless CD items containing the 1977 LP have been released. They ranged from LP dropping to cassette dropping. In recent years, items that have been raised from cassettes have appeared in memory.
Listening to them now, none of them seemed to have any problems. For items based on LPs, scratch noise may enter at the end of each side (in other words, because it is live wrapped in cheers, scratches are easy to hide), or items from cassettes are equalized And so on.
The 77-year LP mix is ​​conspicuous in the presence of a drum hit by an apple on the left channel, with a particularly large cymbal. Again, this was a different mix on the blue jacket, but if you add equalization in the 77-year mix, you’ll end up listening to cymbals with up-tempo songs. There were actually such disappointing items.

To restore the 1977 mix that “Super Live!” To the present … The limited press CD release was chosen not for LP but for the domestic board cassette that was released at the same time. At that time, when I went to a record shop, there was a cassette shelf, where it was displayed as usual. Too nostalgic.
Speaking of cassettes, there is a merit that scratch noise does not enter by itself, but this sound quality is also wonderful. Above all, you will be surprised by the overall sound quality that is more powerful than LP. The power of the 1977 mix full of excitement can be felt more realistically. Still, the sound of the cymbal that the cassette originally sounded is fine. If equalization is added there, it means that everything is ruined. To equalize such a cassette’s original analog feel and subtlety on a CD, no equalization has been applied when digitizing.
In addition, “Help!”, Which was a hybrid version with 30 days in the beginning and 29 days in the rest of the current blue jacket, can be enjoyed in the 77 edition, with the entire version being taken on the 29th. Even if it is released, I will dedicate this limited press CD release to the enthusiast who never forgot that “Super Live!” Mix. This mix may now be called the “Showa Mix”. You will surely be satisfied, including the design of the jacket.
“Super Live!” CD decision board!

★ Like the Abbey Road open reel, it is a digital version of a cassette that has been independently digitized from a Japanese cassette without any EQ. It is a good sound source that is more powerful than LP and has high-pitched sounds.






★ 「Abbey Road」のオープンリールと同じく、日本のカセットからEQ一切なしでカセットから独自にデジタル化したものです。LPよりも迫力があり、高音もはっきり出ている良音源です。


1. Twist and Shout
2. She’s a Woman
3. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
4. Ticket to Ride
5. Can’t Buy Me Love
6. Things We Said Today
7. Roll Over Beethoven
8. Boys
9. A Hard Day’s Night
10. Help!
11. All My Loving
12. She Loves You
13. Long Tall Sally

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