Beatles / Around The Beatles / 1CD+1DVD Wx OBI Strip

Beatles / Around The Beatles / 1CD+1DVD Wx OBI Strip / Valkyrie

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Wembley Park Studios London, UK April 19, 1964. Digitally Remastered

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“AROUND THE BEATLES” which is the title of this work was recorded as a special number of TV program READY STEADY GO !. Although it was the same program that had been appearing several times until then, it was all miming, it was only a few songs appearance, whereas this special number is a neat live performance even though it is a preliminary recording , And unreleased songs (“SHOUT”) and unusual medley are playing and distinguish it from other recordings. Recording was performed on April 19, 1964 London with audiences at Wembley Park Studios, in the UK in May 6, 1964 and in the United States on November 15. In this broadcasting, not only the Beatles, but also the performances of other artists are on air, and furthermore the Beatles members make a science fictional science mock Shakespeare ‘A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream’ and just like idle treats from a modern perspective It has become funny content. This work contains this special number “Around The Beatles”.

From the description of the sound source first. Maiming (mouthpak) at the time of the television program at the time is mainstream, and even when it is a performance scene, there are many cases that sounds are sent a record. For live performance you have to set up a microphone, to prevent obstructions from appearing in front of the picture in a pictorial way, and to avoid the accident that is unique to live reasons that it is less risky for miming Will. However, although AROUND THE BEATLES is also a miming, the point that the sound is not a record is a special note different from the others. Speech that was used was newly recorded for broadcasting in advance, and although it is not a live performance it is a proper live performance. In other words, it means that you played in real time to match the sound you played live in advance. “NO OVERDUB VERSION” is the live version of the person who recorded it in advance. Therefore, no cheers like those seen in the picture are included, it is a rare one of purely playing and singing although it is a live performance.

Special number AROUND THE BEATLES has been released in various forms even if it is fragmented, from the richness of the sound quality and the rarity of the contents. There are so many kinds that there are rebroadcasts in recent years and partially remastered. Here another version is included. “Boys” was recorded with an apple vocal along with “I Wanna Be Your Man”, but the latter was selected in a balanced manner with one apple, and as a result it was a live take that entered the store .

Murray the K, a deeply friendly Murray the K who pushed the Beatles into the United States, visited rehearsals of Around the Beats and is interviewing the Beatles. Of course, the main here is a rehearsal sound source that can be listened to by the back instead of Murray, the K’s talking. It is interesting that he is playing “You Can not Do That” which was not played in the production, as it is being rehearsed, that he would have brought the instrument during the interview. Perhaps it was listed as a candidate for the set list of the day.

This is the sound source played at the venue on the day to match the live recorded in advance. Naturally cheers are entering all the time and it is a live-like finish. Even more interesting is not only the live take that was recorded in advance, but also the microphone in the production is lightly turned on, and the real time vocals singing together are also heard thinly. This is especially noticeable in “Can not Buy Me Love”, and Paul’s vocals are double tracks.

Here is the description of the DVD. Initially, it contains a version of 16 mm film with complete recording and the best image quality. From opening to ending, as I wrote at the beginning, this special number has performers other than the Beatles, including them all. Because it is a monochrome image, it is a video work that symbolizes the early Beatles. Wearing a suit, the member shuffs with a mushroom · cut disturbed. . . Here is the Beatles as perceived by the general public. Although a skit is being demonstrated, it falls into a strange illusion that Julie is doing the control of Dorif, but you can feel the peculiar air of this age where the escape from the idol to the artist is not done perfectly. Even so, I think members are often, especially John received such appearances. It is exactly “I sold my soul to become famous.”

Over 120 years since the French brothers Lumière invented images, the movie world has evolved from silent to Torquay and color. Ozu Yasujiro who saw ‘battle with the wind’ in the battlefield says that watching the image reflected in full color felt that war could not win America who makes such a movie. The first color movie in Japan was “starring Carmen’s hometown” starring Hideko Takamine in 1954. Even at this time still color films are only available for imports, insurance when they failed, they asked the actors to perform the same act twice, he said he was shooting at the same time in monochrome. Furthermore, the era has progressed, and colorization of monochrome movies by artificial coloring is being tried now. Not only movies like “Casablanca” “Roman Holiday”, but also “Ultra Q” can be seen in color.

As for this work, a colorized version of AROUND THE BEATLES is recorded as a similar attempt. Coloring has already been tried on Mr. Claudel Label in 1966 in Munich, in 1964 in Melbourne, but it is still not a vivid full color like original color film, but technology is still developing I can not deny the feeling. However, I hope you enjoy it as one of the different versions from the original, in terms of coloring as possible with the current AI technology. In this work, the full color version and the images that can be compared and compare with the original monochrome video are recorded. These are accompanied by a function that can switch even while watching, so please compare the degree of effect by all means.

It is recording from LD that is now out of print. By recording only the performance part of the Beatles, it is a picture of texture different from film version. Although there is no difference such as a camera angle in contents, it is included as one of different versions. As recorded on the CD, there are two kinds of sound sources, the live version without the overdub recorded in advance for the program, the version in the main broadcast to which cheers etc. were added, and so on. In this video of the LD version, it is made to be able to switch either the selection or halfway.

“Roll Over Beethoven” was diverted as a promotional image. The shades of black and white are vivid, and it is probably the best image quality with only one song. “She Loves You” has been rebroadcasted for only one song in recent years. The picture quality is not particularly excellent, and although the sound and picture are slightly out of sync, it is recorded without change as it is unchanged, as it is during broadcasting. “Can not Buy Me Love” is also one song that was rebroadcasted in recent years. Even here, the image quality is excellent until it is fresh, and it is hard to be compared with the previous “Roll Over Beethoven”. Although Paul is the main vocal song, why is the camera switched around mainly John, it is a camera work as if John is singing.

1964 Television special number AROUND THE BEATLES was recorded from various angles is this work. The sound source covers the live version with no overdub, the overdubbed main broadcast version, rehearsal, another version. The image also covers the 16 mm film version, the color rise version based on it, the LD version with different screen texture, another version such as rebroadcast, and so on. In particular, the colorized version can be viewed compared with conventional monochrome images, and the LD version can be viewed and listened to by switching without overdubbing audio. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.

本作のタイトルとなっている『AROUND THE BEATLES』は、テレビ番組READY STEADY GO!の特番として収録されたものである。それまで何度か出演していた同番組であったが、全てマイミングであったこと、わずか数曲ごとの出演であったのに対し、この特番は事前収録とはいえきちんとしたライブ演奏であり、また未発表曲(「SHOUT」)や、珍しいメドレーが演奏されている事で他の収録と一線を画している。収録は1964年4月19日ロンドンはウェンブリー・パーク・スタジオで観客を入れて行なわれ、英国では1964年5月6日、米国では11月15日に放送されている。本放送ではビートルズのみならず、他のアーティストの演奏もオンエアされ、更にビートルズのメンバーによる学芸会的な寸劇シェイクスピア「真夏の夜の夢」が行なわれるなど、まさにアイドル的な扱いが現代の視点からは微笑ましい内容となっている。本作は、この特番「AROUND THE BEATLES」を収録している。

まず音源の説明から。当時のテレビ番組はマイミング(口パク)が主流で、演奏シーンであっても音はレコードを流すというケースが多い。ライブ演奏となるとマイクを立てねばならず、絵的に顔の前に障害物が映り込むのを避けるためと、ライブならではのアクシデントを避けるための処置でマイミングの方がリスクが少ないというのが理由であろう。しかし、AROUND THE BEATLESもマイミングではあるのだが、音がレコードではないという点が他と異なる特記事項である。使われた音声は事前に放送向けに新たに収録されたもので、生演奏ではないもののきちんとしたライヴ演奏なのである。つまり事前にライヴ演奏した音に合わせて本番で演奏したという事になる。「NO OVERDUB VERSION」は、その事前にレコーディングしておいた方のライブ・バージョンである。従って映像で見られるような歓声は一切含まれておらず、ライヴ演奏でありながら純粋に演奏と歌のみという珍しいものとなっている。

特番AROUND THE BEATLESは音質の良さと内容の珍しさから、断片的にであっても様々な形で公開されてきた。近年でも再放送がなされたり、部分的にリマスターされたりと、実に多くの種類が存在する。ここではその別バージョンを収録している。「Boys」はリンゴのボーカルで「I Wanna Be Your Man」と共に収録されたが、バランス的にリンゴは1曲という事で後者が選ばれ、結果的にお蔵入りとなったライブ・テイクである。

ビートルズをアメリカで大プッシュした親交の深いマレー・ザ・Kが、AROUND THE BEATLESのリハーサルを訪れ、ビートルズにインタビューを敢行している。もちろんここでのメインはマレー・ザ・Kのしゃべりではなく、そのバックで聴くことが出来るリハーサル音源である。リハーサル中ということで、インタビュー中も楽器を持って臨んだのであろう、本番では演奏されなかった「You Can’t Do That」を演奏しているのが興味深い。もしかしたら当日のセットリストの候補に挙がっていたのかもしれない。

こちらが事前に録音されたライブに合わせて当日会場で演奏した音源である。当然のことながら歓声が終始入っておりライブっぽい仕上がりになっている。さらに興味深いのは、事前に録音しておいたライブ・テイクのみならず、本番でのマイクも軽くオンになっており、合わせて歌っているリアルタイムのボーカルも薄っすらと聴こえる点である。これは特に「Can’t Buy Me Love」で顕著であり、ポールのボーカルがダブルトラックになっている。



本作は、同様の試みとしてAROUND THE BEATLESをカラー化したものが収録されている。既にミスタークローデル・レーベルでは1966年ミュンヘン公演、1964年メルボルン公演などでカラー化は試みられているが、やはり元からのカラー・フィルムのような鮮やかなフルカラーというわけではなく、まだ技術は発展途上という感は否めない。しかし現在のAI技術で可能な限りカラー化を図ったという点で、オリジナルとは異なるバージョンのひとつとして楽しんで欲しい。本作には、全編カラー化されたバージョンと、元のモノクロ映像と並列させ比較できる映像が収録されている。これらは視聴中にも切り替えが出来る機能が付随しているので、是非効果の程を見比べてみて欲しい。


「Roll Over Beethoven」はプロモーション映像として流用されたもの。白黒の濃淡が鮮やかで、1曲のみながら画質的に最も優れたものであろう。「She Loves You」は近年1曲のみ再放送されたものである。画質は特に優れているというわけではないし、微妙に音と映像がずれているが、あえて修正せず放送時そのままの状態で収録してある。「Can’t Buy Me Love」もまた1曲のみ近年再放送されたものである。こちらも画質は生々しいまでに優れており、先の「Roll Over Beethoven」と比べても甲乙つけがたいものである。ポールがメイン・ボーカルの曲だが、何故かカメラはジョンを中心にスイッチングされており、まるでジョンが歌っているかのようなカメラワークになっている。

1964年テレビ特番AROUND THE BEATLESを様々な角度から収録したのが本作である。音源はオーバーダブなしのライブ・バージョン、オーバーダブされた本放送バージョン、そしてリハーサル、別バージョンと網羅している。映像は16mmフィルムバージョン、それを元にしたカラーライズ・バージョン、画面の質感が異なるLDバージョン、そして再放送など別バージョンと、こちらも網羅している。特にカラーライズ・バージョンは従来のモノクロ映像と比較して視聴できる機能や、LDバージョンには音声がオーバーダブされたものとされていないものが切り替えで視聴できるようになっている。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。

01. We Love You Beatles
02. Twist And Shout
03. Roll Over Beethoven
04. I Wanna Be Your Man
05. Long Tall Sally
06. Love Me Do
– Please Please Me
– From Me To You
– She Loves You
– I Want To Hold Your Hand
07. Can’t Buy Me Love
08. Shout!

09. I Wanna Be Your Man
10. Long Tall Sally
11. Boys outtake
12. Shout!
13. Roll Over Beethoven
14. She Loves You
15. Can’t Buy Me Love

16. Interview #1
17. Interview #2

18. Twist And Shout
19. Roll Over Beethoven
20. I Wanna Be Your Man
21. Long Tall Sally
22. Introducing PJ Proby
23. A Mid-Summer’s Dream
24. Introduction
25. Love Me Do
– Please Please Me
– From Me To You
– She Loves You
– I Want To Hold Your Hand
26. Can’t Buy Me Love
27. Shout!

10. I’ve Got Mojo Workin’

11. Saved

12. Cumberland Gap

13. I Believe

14. introduction

15. You’re My World
16. Heatwave

17. Twist And Shout
18. Roll Over Beethoven
19. I Wanna Be Your Man
20. Long Tall Sally
21. Love Me Do
– Please Please Me
– From Me To You
– She Loves You
– I Want To Hold Your Hand
22. Can’t Buy Me Love
23. Shout!

24. A Mid-Summer’s Dream
25. Twist And Shout
26. Roll Over Beethoven
27. I Wanna Be Your Man
28. Long Tall Sally
29. Love Me Do
– Please Please Me
– From Me To You
– She Loves You
– I Want To Hold Your Hand
30. Can’t Buy Me Love
31. Shout!

32. We Love You Beatles
33. Twist And Shout
34. Roll Over Beethoven
35. I Wanna Be Your Man
36. Long Tall Sally
37. Love Me Do
– Please Please Me
– From Me To You
– She Loves You
– I Want To Hold Your Hand
38. Can’t Buy Me Love
39. Shout!

40. Roll Over Beethoven
41. She Loves You
42. Can’t Buy Me Love

Valkyrie. VAL-007

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