Beatles / The ALF Bicknell Tapes / 1CD

Beatles / The ALF Bicknell Tapes / 1CD / Smilin’ Ears

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John composing demo, Flat 3, 13 Emperor’s Gate, London, between Jan 1-15, 1964


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ALF BICKNELL TAPES appeared in the press board. This sound source made of tape owned by Alf · Bicknell which was also a Beitle’s driver and a body guard has been made into soundboards several times in the past, but this board has been traded between traders in recent years It is based on suddenly upgraded upgrade sound source. In the SPANK – 148 which was regarded as the best episode, the part of the change of the track which all edited by the editing cut (silence) entered, there are some parts recorded in the state before the editing in the main board, some of the sound quality is also slight I am uploading while. However, there are many fragmentary sound sources in content, and core materials such as the part containing only the talking other than the performance are included, but this time it is determined to release from the upgrade version from the press board. The front jacket is coated on both sides and reversible. The board is a picture label.


ALF BICKNELL TAPESがプレス盤で登場。ビートルズのお抱え運転手でありボディガードでもあったアルフ・ビックネルが所有していたテープを素材とするこの音源は、過去にも何度か音盤化されてきましたが、本盤は近年トレーダー間に突如流通したアップグレード音源を基にしております。既発ベストとされたSPANK-148で編集によりことごとくカット(無音)の入ったトラックの変わり目の部分が、本盤ではその編集前の状態で収録されている部分がいくつかあり、また音質も若干ながらアップしております。もっとも、内容的には断片的な音源が多く、演奏以外のしゃべりだけを収録した部分などコアな素材も含みますが、今回はそのアップグレード・バージョンからプレス盤にてリリース決定です。フロントジャケットは両面コーティング・リバーシブル仕様。盤はピクチャーレーベル。

John composing demo, Flat 3, 13 Emperor’s Gate, London, between Jan 1-15, 1964
01.If I Fell
George composing demo, Palace Court Hotel, Bournemouth, between Aug 19-24, 1963
02.Don’t Bother Me
Paul, acoustic guitar ideas, 20 Forthlin Road, Liverpool July 1963
03.Instrumental #1
04.Instrumental #2
05.Michelle 1:03
06.Instrumental #3
07.Instrumental #4
08.Instrumental #5
09.Three Coins In The Fountain
Paul & John (* with possibly John on drums), 20 Forthlin Road, Liverpool July 1963
10.Rockin’ And Rollin’ (piano, bass, guitar)
11.Rockin’ And Rollin’ (fragments with trumpet + 2nd guitar)
12.Rockin’ And Rollin’ (false starts)
13.Rockin’ And Rollin’ (overdub of trumpet & 3rd guitar)
14.Rockin’ And Rollin’ (2nd overdub of vocals)
15.Instrumental *
monitor mixes of unused takes, Abbey Road, London July 30, 1963
16.Please Mr. Postman (take 3)
17.Please Mr. Postman (take 9)
18.It Won’t Be Long (take 7)
19.It Won’t Be Long (take 10?)
unkown date
20.Listening to the radio #1
taped off the radio from PGTB #6, July 23, 1963
21.Love Me Do
John & Paul, possibly at 20 Forthlin Road, Liverpool July 1963
22.Tammy / Over The Rainbow
John, George & Gerry Marsden, Royal Pier Hotel, Weston-Super-Mare, between July 22-27, 1963
23.1 Kings: 17 / 18; Psalm 23, Psalm 24
John, George & Gerry Marsden, Weston-Super-Mare, between July 22-27, 1963
24.Asking for directions #1
25.Asking for directions #2
26.Asking for directions #3
27.Asking for directions #4
John, Cyn, Julian, George + unidentified man, 251 Menlove Ave., Liverpool July 15, 1963
28.Dialogue (with music on the hi-fi)
29.Unintelligible, distorted speech
Paul & child, 1963
30.Tape noise / Nursery Rhymes
unkown date
31.Listening to the radio #2
The Fourmost – recording session, Abbey Road, London July 24, 1963
32.Hello Little Girl #1
33.Hello Little Girl #2
34.Hello Little Girl #3

Smilin’ Ears/SECD-001

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