Beatles / The Abbey Road Tapes / 2CDR

Beatles / The Abbey Road Tapes / 2CDR / Beatfile

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Studio Recordings Remaster. Soundboard


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Studio recording to be called The Beatles legacy is emerging with the latest remastered sound!

Abbey Road Studios of engineers, it has been recorded at present the best of master quality with the latest remastering from did. Original master has been around for many in the past the tape sound source by John Barrett.

First sheet to the Beatles Outtakes and George Harrison to handsome, John Lennon, Ringo Starr each of the recorded solo Outtakes. We have become a large collection of recommendation revived with the latest remastered Beatles studio recording.




01. She Loves You (RS1)
02. She Loves You (RS2)
03. This Boy (RS15 – Complete)
04. That Means A Lot (Take 20)
05. That Means A Lot (Take 21)
06. That Means A Lot (Take 23 – Test)
07. Strawberry Fields Forever (RM3 – Take 9)
08. Strawberry Fields Forever (RM5)
09. Penny Lane (RM8)
10. Penny Lane (RM9)
11. Penny Lane (RM10)
12. Mr. Moonlight (’82 Stereo Mix 1)
13. Mr. Moonlight (’82 Stereo Mix 2)
14. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Take 5)
15. What You’re Doing (Take 11)
16. From Me To You (’82 Stereo Mix 1)
17. From Me To You (’82 Stereo Mix 2)
18. Thank You Girl (Track 2 Take 14 – Stereo Mix 1)
19. Thank You Girl (Track 2 Take 14 – Stereo Mix 2)
20. Yes It Is (’82 Stereo Mix)
21. Down In Havana
22. Step Inside Love / Los Paranoias
23. The Way You Look Tonight
24. Jamming
25. Can You Take Me Back?

01. I Live For You
02. Dehra Dun
03. Gopala Krishna
04. Going Down To Golders Green
05. Get Back
06. Peter Drake’s Talking Steel Guitar

07. Slow Blues Jam
08. Fast Rocker

09. The Wishing Book (Beaucoups Of Blues Outtake)
10. Nashville Freakout
11. Stormy Weather (Sentimental Journey Outtake)
12. Octopus’s Garden (Alternate Stereo Version)
13. Wine, Women, Loud Songs


Beatfile. BFP066CDR1/2

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