Beatles, The / Abbey Road Original Japanese Reel To Reel: Second Edition /1CD

Beatles, The / Abbey Road Original Japanese Reel To Reel: Second Edition /1CD

Reel-To-Reel, 7 1/2 ips, 4-Track (Toshiba Musical Industries Ltd, PXA-5031)

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“SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND” In addition to the epoch-making CD of the prestigious Nimbus Super Cut, this time we will also re-release the big bestseller “ABBEY ROAD ORIGINAL JAPANESE REEL TO REEL”! “The sound is better than the remastered version!” “You can enjoy the analog feeling of listening to the master tape directly on the CD!” It’s been a long time since this was Sold Out, and it was also a popular board that was immediately requested to be re-released.
Finally this week, the long-awaited re-release was realized, but it is not just a re-release. On the contrary, I got a Japanese version of the reel in better condition than last time. On top of that, the reel tape was played back on the ancient masterpiece Revox A77 MK4 and directly transferred to this board. The high-quality sound was well received last time, but this time it is a re-release that has evolved to match the name of “SECOND EDITION” with an upper feeling that surpasses it.

The previous version also had very high sound quality, and the delicate spread and thickness of the sound reminiscent of the original LP was a big hit because it was perfectly contained in the CD. However, in this second edition, unlike the 1st press, we used an open reel tape in extremely beautiful condition provided by a different person from the previous one. Furthermore, this time it was digitized using the Revox A77 MK4 (a machine different from the previous one) that was completely fully restored by professionals. The open reel deck is adjusted for the main board to an accuracy of less than 0.5 dB in both channel balance and frequency characteristics, and after various adjustments using an electronic measuring instrument based on the test tape created by the STUDER machine. It’s a direct transfer. This version is just the perfect finish. Not only the tape itself, but also the playback equipment like the one above was reviewed from the beginning before the transfer, so you can experience the high-quality sound and natural analog feeling that exceeds the previous version.
The previous version also had excellent high-quality sound, but even so, you will be able to realize that the rich texture of the pole bass that reverberates at the opening “Come Together” has created a further upper feeling from the previous version. Furthermore, due to the good condition of the reel used this time, hiss noise is reduced compared to the existing board, and the vocal is also localized exactly in the center. Not limited to this song, if you compare it with songs that stand out, such as the bass of “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” played by George, you can feel that the rich sound was contained by the reproducibility more than the previous version. ..
Speaking of reproduction, the liner notes that came with this time were also reprinted, but the content that emphasized the superiority of reel tape from that time is very interesting, and I would like you to enjoy this as well.

Therefore, it was the same in the previous version, but when you compare it with the current remastered version in this version, the difference is finally big. Of course, the remastered version isn’t bad either, and it’s not surprising that some people like the overall well-organized finish that makes them want to call it for everyone.
Not limited to the Beatles, the proposition of making CDs of past albums has changed significantly from the beginning of the CD’s appearance to the present. At that time, it was said that the sound with less noise was good, but nowadays, how can the sound of the original master tape be faithfully contained? The enemy of aging appears there and it becomes even more difficult. In that respect, the Beatles’ 2009 remaster was a great struggle.
However, as a result, the record itself has been reinstated, and now it is touted as an original UK record, and it is a mate, but even if it contains a sound close to the master tape, this time it is said that the record has deteriorated. The problem stands out. LP that is prone to sound deterioration around the circumference. In that respect, the reel tape was re-evaluated because it can incorporate the amount of music information regardless of the state of the board, and the previous version was a proof of that. However, this time it is the upper version second edition that you can easily enjoy the sound that boasts outstanding freshness and realistic analog feeling even more than that on CD! Highly recommended board!

(★ Selling point)

・ Reel tape in mint condition is used, which is completely different from the 1st press.

-Digitalized using the fully restored Revox A77 MK4 (a machine different from the previous one)

・ Based on the test tape created by the STUDER machine, direct transfer is performed after various adjustments using an electronic measuring instrument.

・ No extra processing such as EQ or noise removal is performed to make the best use of the original sound with the highest freshness.

・ This time, the explanation of the liner notes included in the reel box is also posted on the inner jacket. You can enjoy a rare original commentary that is different from the domestic LP at that time.

「SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND」ベストの誉れ高きニンバス・スーパーカットの画期的なCD化にとどまらず、今回はあの大ベストセラー「ABBEY ROAD ORIGINAL JAPANESE REEL TO REEL」の再リリースも実現します!「リマスター盤より音がイイ!」「マスターテープをダイレクトに聴いているようなアナログ感がCDで楽しめる!」と大好評だった名盤。こちらがSold Outとなって久しく、すぐに再リリースのリクエストが寄せられていた人気盤でもありました。
遂に今週、待望の再リリースの実現と相成った訳ですが、そこは単なる再リリースにとどまらない。それどころか前回よりもさらに状態の良い日本版リールを入手。その上でリールテープをいにしえの名器Revox A77 MK4にて再生しダイレクトトランスファーしたのが本盤です。前回も高音質ぶりが評判を呼びましたが、今回はそれをも凌ぐアッパー感、正に「SECOND EDITION」の名に相応しい進化を遂げた再リリースなのです。

前回のバージョンも非常に高音質であり、オリジナルLPを彷彿とさせる繊細なまでの音の広がりと厚みを見事にCDに封じ込めて見せたことが大ヒットの要因でした。しかし今回のセカンド・エディションにおいては1stプレスとは異なる、前回とは別人物からの提供による極美品コンディションのオープンリールテープを使用。更に今回はプロの手により完全フルレストアされたRevox A77 MK4(前回とは異なるマシン)を使用しデジタル化しました。そのオープンリールデッキは本盤のためにチャンネルバランスと周波数特性共に誤差0.5dB未満の精度まで追い込み調整を行い、STUDER製のマシンで作成されたテストテープを基に電子計測器を用いて各種調整後ダイレクトトランスファーしているのです。今回のバージョンはまさにこれ以上はない完璧な仕上がり。テープ本体だけでなく先のような再生機材までも一から見直した上でのトランスファーを敢行しましたので、前回のバージョンをも超えてしまうほどの高音質かつナチュラルなアナログ感が体感できるのです。
前回のバージョンも素晴らしい高音質ぶりでしたが、それでもオープニング「Come Together」で鳴り響くポールのベースのふくよかな質感だけでも前回からさらなるアッパー感が生じていることを実感してもらえることでしょう。更には今回使用したリールのコンディションの良さからヒスノイズも既発盤より低減し、ボーカルもきっちり真ん中に定位しているのです。この曲に限らず、ジョージが弾いた「Maxwell’s Silver Hammer」のベースなど、それが目立つ曲で聞き比べると前回のバージョン以上の再現力によって豊かな音が封じ込められたことをやはり実感してもらえるかと。




・完全フルレストアされたRevox A77 MK4(前回とは異なるマシン)を使用しデジタル化





1. Come Together
2. Something
3. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
4. Oh! Darling
5. Octopus’s Garden
6. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
7. Here Comes the Sun
8. Because
9. You Never Give Me Your Money
10. Sun King
11. Mean Mr. Mustard
12. Polythene Pam
13. She Came in through the Bathroom Window
14. Golden Slumbers
15. Carry That Weight
16. The End
17. Her Majesty

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