Beatles / A Hard Days Night Stereo Remix Revised Edition / 1CD

Beatles / A Hard Days Night Stereo Remix Revised Edition / 1CD / Non Label


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The original remix work of the four early Beatles albums that became the life work of Lord Reith, the first two from there The album was released on a limited press CD, but this time a new mix of the latter two albums has appeared. Unlike the first two, these albums are stereo recordings on a 4-track recorder, so they’re not as old-fashioned stereo images as they are. However, it was a remnant of the two-track era, and basically the sense that the performance was on the left and the vocals were on the right did not change. Therefore, “THE FIRST FOUR ALBUMS IN SPECTRAL STEREO REMIX” was the first version that Lord Reith tried on CD.
Unlike the first two, which were separated into left and right, the latter two have a richer stereo image for the above reason. So from the stage of trying the first version, Lord Reith created it with the concept of pulling out the rhythm section from the left side and trying to place it in the middle. Above all, “A HARD DAY’S NIGHT” was very complete even in the first try. For example, in “And I Love Her”, the apple-beaten bongo moved to the center, which was one of the greatest achievements, and in “Tell Me Why,” Paul’s bass rang from the center comfortably. ..
Therefore, the main body of the second try “A HARD ~” by Lord Reith is limited to the reorganization of some songs. In “If I Fell”, the sound of John’s acoustic guitar, which was pushed by the rhythm section, was surprisingly dug up, and the overall stereo image was so beautiful that it seemed like a recording with more tracks. Also, in the previous “And I Love Her”, the separation between John’s guitar that sounds from the left side and the bongo that moved to the center has been improved. Originally both were grouped on the left channel, but the current technology that can be separated so far is really amazing.

More than that, the highlights of this version are the various singles and session-specific takes that were put together after the album itself. First of all, the German version “Sie Liebt Dich”. The officially released version has been mixed with a balance that makes you want to say that it is the same as in the 2-track stereo era, but here the rhythm section is on the left, the guitars are on the right, and the vocals are in the middle. It was reborn as a stereo image. I wonder if this is a mix that is worth listening to with headphones.
On the other hand, in the session, it was a double track with songs such as “I Should Have Known Better” and “I’m Happy Just To Dance With You” in Take 4 (released version) of “Can’t Buy Me Love”. The biggest highlight of this version is that it breaks down into a single track and you can enjoy each song with only the lively singing voice of the first vocals.
And for this release, the session scenery of the album title song “A Hard Day’s Night” was added from “MONO LONGER” where Lord Reith tried to make the session sound source a center mix. Here again, you can listen to the release version of Take 9 in a vivid state before John and Paul’s song was double-tracked. Not only the album itself completed in this way, but also the vocal parts of each recorded song summarized in the latter half are in a naked state, which is surprisingly wonderful. This is a fulfilling second version that will satisfy both beginners and enthusiasts!

左右に分かれていた最初の2つとは異なり、後者の2つは、上記の理由により、より豊かなステレオイメージを持っています。そこで、リース卿は最初のバージョンを試した段階から、リズムセクションを左側から引き出して中央に配置するというコンセプトで作成しました。とりわけ、「A HARD DAY’S NIGHT」は、最初の試みでも非常に完成していました。たとえば、「アンド・アイ・ラヴ・ハー」では、リンゴを叩いたボンゴが中央に移動し、これは最大の成果の1つであり、「Tell Me Why」では、ポールのベースが中央から心地よく鳴り響きました。 ..
そのため、リース卿による2回目の試み「A HARD〜」の本体は、一部の曲の再編成に限定されています。 『If I Fell』では、リズムセクションに押されたジョンのアコースティックギターの音が意外と掘り下げられ、全体的なステレオイメージがとても美しく、より多くのトラックを録音したように見えました。また、前回の「アンド・アイ・ラヴ・ハー」では、左側から響くジョンのギターと中央に移動したボンゴの分離が改善されました。もともと両方とも左チャンネルにグループ化されていましたが、これまで分離できる現在の技術は本当に素晴らしいです。

一方、セッションでは、「Ca n’t Buy」のテイク4(リリース版)の「I should HaveKnowBetter」や「I’mHappyJust To DanceWithYou」などの曲が入った複線でした。私の愛”。このバージョンの最大のハイライトは、1つのトラックに分割され、最初のボーカルの活発な歌声だけで各曲を楽しむことができることです。
そして今回のリリースでは、リース卿がセッション音源をセンターミックスにしようとした「MONO LONGER」から、アルバムタイトル曲「A HardDay’sNight」のセッションシーナリーを追加しました。ここでも、ジョンとポールの曲がダブルトラックされる前に、Take9のリリースバージョンを鮮やかな状態で聴くことができます。アルバム自体がこのように完成しただけでなく、後半にまとめられた各録音曲のボーカル部分も裸の状態になっていて、意外と素晴らしいです。これは、初心者と愛好家の両方を満足させる充実した2番目のバージョンです!


01. A Hard Day’s Night
02. I Should Have Known Better
03. If I Fell
04. I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
05. And I Love Her
06. Tell Me Why
07. Can’t Buy Me Love
08. Anytime At All
09. I’ll Cry Instead
10. Things We Said Today
11. When I Get Home
12. You Can’t Do That
13. I’ll Be Back


14. Long Tall Sally
15. I Call Your Name
16. Slow Down
17. Matchbox
18. Kom Gib Mir Deine Hand
19. Sie Liebt Dich
20. Can’t Buy Me Love (Take 2)
21. Can’t Buy Me Love (Take 3)
22. Can’t Buy Me Love (Take 4 First Vocal Only)
23. I Should Have Known Better (First Vocal Only)
24. I’m Happy Just To Dance With You (First Vocal Only)
25. A Hard Day’s Night (Take 1)
26. A Hard Day’s Night (Take 2-3)
27. A Hard Day’s Night (Take 4)
28. A Hard Day’s Night (Take 6)
29. A Hard Day’s Night (Take 6) 7)
30. A Hard Day’s Night (Take 8-9)
31. A Hard Day’s Night (Overdubs Onto Take 9)
32. Anytime At All (First Vocal Only)
33. Can’t Buy Me Love (Second Vocal Only)



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