Beatles / Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 1988-2015 / 2CD+3DVD Wx Slipcase

Beatles / Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 1988-2015 / 2CD+3DVD Wx Slipcase / Valkyrie

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1988 Induction Ceremony New York City, January 20, 1988. Digitally Remastered

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It is important to honor the person who has made a remarkable achievement in each field with warm innovation. For example, there is baseball hall of fame in each of Japan and the United States, and there is a reward in the state. A recently disturbing national honor award may also be one of them. And the history of rock has been as old as it is, was established in 1986 as a system of honor of rock musicians as a system to praise musicians who have made a contribution. This rock hall of fame boasts a tradition of over 30 years already. Although the spirit of rock and the systematic award winning feeling are also felt, the musicians also seem to be honored in purely praising that person’s achievement.

As a qualification entered into the Rock Hall of Fame, it is targeted to musicians with more than 25 years of career, even if they are deceased at the awards. Looking at the winners of the succession, from the character of the award it is seen that the award has been awarded in the order of Odysian musicians such as Chuck Berry and Fatz Domino in the lock-up period. And the Beatles and members who have been active since the 1960s are also one of the award-winning musicians quite early. Starting with the Beatles entering the Hall of Fame in 1988 as the third year since the award was established, each of the four individuals has also entered the Hall of Fame as a solo. There is no other example where not only the band but all of the members are separately entered into the Hall of Fame, and here also we can see the specificity of the Beatles.

【The Beatles in 1988】
The Beatles as a band was the first to enter the Hall of Fame. It is Mick Jagger that introduces the Beatles as a presenter. Before the Steel Wheels Tour, I am deeply moved by my youthful appearance when I see it with my present eyes. And it is rare that Mick himself talks about the Beatles in this way. With humor, inviting laughter, he talks about memories of himself and the Beatles. And five people Sean are in George, Ringo, Yoko, Julian, who will accompany the ornate performance of “Got To Get You Into My Life”. Perhaps Paul did not dare to do so, he probably made a decision to avoid unnecessary evil. Apples and George first made representative speeches and greeted in order of Yoko, Julian and Sean. George, who has a grumpy impression, is also pleased with the award “I am not good at speaking too much, because I am invited to laugh at anything because I was called” Quiet Beatles “.

In the awards ceremony, it is customary for the winners to perform performances, but naturally the Beatles did not exist in 1988, and sessions by many musicians were performed as an alternative. Looking over the stage, I am surprised that it is a scene that is impossible now. Members who name each other in history, such as George, Apple, Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger, Dylan, Billy Joel, Beach Boys, Springsteen, Elton John, Neil Young, etc. is there. The first song is “Twist And Shout”. It seems that the performance began while the stage is still crowded and not ready. The second song is “All Along The Watch Tower” by Dylan. After a long intro, George singing the lyrics of the beginning at first, while touching Dylan which the setting of the guitar has not finished yet, George is baton touching Dylan at the place where preparation is possible. Is not George and Dylan singing with one microphone a cool appearance? Next I will play “I Saw Her Standing There”. Billy Joel and Mick Jagger take vocals. What a strange sight that Mick sings ‘I Saw Her Standing There’. In the part of George, George is delicious to shake his head and shake his hair like the Beatles era. Springsteen is in charge of number 2 lyrics. Whether it is Mick or Springsteen, singing singing out a unique color that is not captured by the original like this is one of listening. “Stand By Me” is Ben E King serving as the main vocal, but later calling Julian who left John’s remarkable remnant on the way, he is made to be horror in the scene that urges you to sing. “Like A Rolling Stone” is sung by Dylan and Mick in the middle of the stage. Rolling Stones officially recorded “Like A Rolling Stone” in the last few years, is not it unexpectedly that the performance of this time is triggered? And finally it is “Satisfaction”. It will be Mick’s biggest point of view so far, which was a huge hurricane for other songs. At this time, Stones was inactive and Mick was touring with solo. Here again Springsteen is singing together as a sub vocal.

The sound source and video at this time are recorded in this work. I’m sorry for each artist’s old expression, but I’d like to enjoy the performance like “Dream Co-starter” “Singing Home Run”. Especially the video is fulfilling, complete recording with the shot from the front by the camera that reflected the whole on DVD 1 disc. And the disc 2 is completely recorded with a multi camera that mainly shot the close shots of closeup of each member from the bottom of the stage.

[1994 John Lennon] This year was a member of the Beatles and John flew into the Hall of Fame first. It was Paul who served as a presenter. There is not a person like Paul talking about John as a musician. It is a familiar story if it is a fan who knows the history of the Beatles, such as John’s mother Julia’s memorial, the first time he compose together, from the story of when he first met John, but from the person’s mouth it To listen also has a special feeling. Paul at this time was just finished the New World Tour, probably because it was in the making of the Beatles Anthology, there is no stagnation in the tone of talking about memories.
And with introduction of Paul Yoko and Sean will be on board. Perhaps Paul and Yoko lined up in the public place will be the first time after the dissolution of the Beatles. Watching Paula and Yoko embracing each other on the stage at all times whispered whisperers, it seems that old fans were deeply impressed. I do not really understand the relationship between Paul and Yoko even now, but it seems that it is at least enough to act like this in a public place.
Actually Paul and Yoko encountered this year has a very important meaning in historical meaning. Apart from the awards ceremony, Paul, Yoko and Sean are on a news conference. On that occasion, it is revealed that the Beatles documentaries are being produced from Paul and Yoko’s mouth. This was an announcement of a project that will be fruited as an anthology later. And at this very moment of this day, Paul asked Yoko and asked him to offer John ‘s unreleased song for anthology, if any. That was “Free As A Bird” and “Real Love”. This work includes Paul ‘s speech at the award ceremony, and the state of the press conference held later with Yoko and Sean. Unfortunately performance was not done at this time.

【1999 Paul · McCartney】
This year, Paul was elected to enter the Hall of Fame following John. The presenter is Neil Young who has deep friends. It is probably because Nezu, a coward who is unsuspecting, contains humor about the Beatles’ song title in his speech, as the winners are nothing else. Julian, Bono and Springsteen can be seen in the audience seats. After that a short video that traces the history of Paul is flowing, it is finally the appearance of Paul. Paul in a jacket in a collarless shirt receives the impression that it seems to be a little disappointing after the death of Linda of the previous year. Their ambition is dilute and the voice is somewhat gloomy. The museum in the Rock and Roll Hall is in Cleveland, the city where Linda’s mother was born, telling the fact that New York, where the awards ceremony is being held, is Linda’s hometown, and placing Stella in the audience together There. At this time Stella was wearing a tank top with a broadcast prohibition term written largely on the chest, whether it was something of a protest or not, so in the video it is being blurred and processed.

Just as soon as Linda’s fighting illness and death came, it has become a stage of Paul for the first time since it was a time when there was no opportunity to play in the public place in recent years. Cavan club live is at the end of this year. Paul, who had not had his own band yet, does not play with guest musicians on his own and participates only with vocals like somewhat handsome. The first song is “Blue Suede Shoes”. After the introduction that it is the song which became the origin of itself, it is the first stage return to the stage after the death of Linda. It is impressive that short-lived clapton silently played solo. Then Billy Joel sits in front of the organ and starts singing “What’d I Say”. Paul sings No. 2 after Billy does the excavation. The third piece is “Let It Be”. Even here Paul concentrates on vocals and Billy Joel is in charge of the piano. After the song finishes once, refrain is given again, and the latter half is arranged in a song composition which is very exciting. Enjoying the lingering finish, Paul is singing again as an impressive finale as if missing the end of the song.

Paul is not an original song at this time but is daringly singing Oldies who liked “Blue Suade Shoes” and “What’d I Say”. It seemed that it was his own origin that the feeling that had been hindered by Linda’s death began to recover. After this, I recorded Oldies’ cover collection “Run Devil Run”, performed live once at the cabin club, and performed a rehabilitative sentimental journey. And he meets Heather Mills and is just before going on tour again. It will be understood that history is always established on continuity. This work includes Neil ‘s speech at this time, Paul’ s daughter ‘s Stella’ s speech, and three songs shown at the awards ceremony.

[George Harrison in 2004] Following John and Paul, George also decided to enter the Hall of Fame this year. At first video of George is broadcasted in the digest. It is a video work tracing the history of George for this time composed of various stage images and interviews. And it is Tom Petty who is now deceased also to give a speech as a presenter. Jeff Rin is standing next to it. Unfortunately George had already entered the tea ceremony at this time and the appearance did not match, but Olivia and Dhani are present as the age at the awards ceremony. Dani and Olivia make speech on behalf of the winners. Not only is he doing exactly the same face as George ‘s young days unnecessary for DNA appraisal, its voice is also exactly like George’ s voice.

And the award winning stage is personally the most spectacular in this set of works. A band with Tom Petty and Jefrin as the main band, the show opens with Will Belize’s “Handle With Care”. Of course Tom Petty is singing as it is originally, but Jeff Lin is singing in a clear voice like a monomane, as part of Orbison. I am amazed by this dexterity. And Dani has got a guitar and a back chorus without taking vocals. Because there was never been a concert as Will Belize, this is the stage premiere of “Handle With Care”, and then at the George Memorial Concert

【2015 Ringo Star】
And lastly it was an apple that entered the Hall of Fame. It would be inevitable that the order of winning is in line with the contribution to the Beatles as it is. Apples also finally join the Hall of Famer members in 2015. Unfortunately Apple’s solo career seems to be struggling in sales, but for many years the live activities leading the All-Star Band are entertaining people around the world including Japan. At the beginning, the images of drummers such as Dave Glor, Jim Keltner, and Paul Band’s Ave describing the uniqueness of apple drum play are flowing. It is Paul who appears as a presenter. Over the course of ten years after the tours, the appearance that energy caught on every single voice of age passed through may be said to be the youngest compared to the previous Hall of Fame. In John’s time, Paul was talking about his memories from encounter, but in the case of apple this time with emphasis on apprentice humorous personality. I am surprised to see the name of Pete Best in the middle of the speech. Paul ‘s witty speech creates a fierce place. And the apple that appeared will make a speech. There is a trouble that the watch will be in the middle of the speech, and it is funny to return it further with humor. I can see Yoko who was told that the physical condition is not good in the audience seats.

And it is a prize commemoration concert. The apples start with “Boys” while striking the drum. Then the apple comes out in front of the stage and has a microphone and introduces Joe Walsh. It is a compassionate friend who is traveling around together. The song “Wish tomorrow”. This is one of the few hit songs of apples with few repertoire, and it is a listening performance of female chorus, brass section, and so on. And the highlights are from here. Paul appears on the base. Two people hugging on stage. The Beatles finally became these two people. It is a strange sensation that the remaining two people are still standing on the stage like this. Young people of black-and-white photography over half a century ago are the two people singing here. The song is “With A Little Help From My Friends”. A picture of the Beatles in the Sargent period is projected on the back screen, and a lot of musicians are adding fun chorus to the stage. Then I turned around and became an up-tempo, “I want to be my boyfriend”. Paul continues to play the bass and put a chorus just like the Beatles era. Again, the same person who was playing at the Budokan in 1964 played the same song like this in 50 years. What is different is that after a long guitar solo, Paul took over the vocal in place of the apple that moved to the drum unnoticed, singing it. Singing is pretty arranged, “I want to be my boyfriend” is played in the first half apples, the second half pole vocal relay. As a digression, it is probably because Paul has added this set “I want to be my boyfriend” on his own solo tour to the set list, probably because the performance at this time became a pivotal one. This work includes the complete award ceremony and memorial concert at this time. Not only the backstage press conference and rehearsal situation are recorded.

This work is a title which fully recorded each award ceremony and a prize commemoration concert from entering the Hall of Fame as the Beatles in 1988 to entering the Hall of Fame of 2015. Beyond simply award ceremonies, behind it will be the first title to systematically capture important events that triggered various human relationships and projects. As “We Are The World” was recorded, just as each musicians met together at the Grammy Awards, there were not many opportunities for such members to gather. Not much I can not imagine Paul and Yoko meet at private. Because of such opportunities, it should be thought that various projects that started anthology started. Besides simply playing, there are things that are both deep emotion if you look while looking at the background, such as the expression of each expression and the content of the speech. The Beatles has already become a history, but the important point of that is the Hall of Fame of this rock. Please do enjoy it with this work. Finally, at the end, when Elvis Presley in 1986 was awarded as a bonus picture, he recorded images of Julien and Sean as presenters. You can see Julian of 20s who is still innocent of the boy holding a shoulder of Sean 10 years old still. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Slip case included.



【1988年 ビートルズ】
まず最初に殿堂入りしたのはバンドとしてのビートルズである。プレゼンターとしてビートルズを紹介するのはミック・ジャガー。Steel Wheels Tourより前とあって現在の目で見ると容姿が非常に若々しい事に感慨を覚える。そしてミック自身がビートルズをこのように饒舌に語る場面も珍しい。ユーモアを交え、笑いを誘いつつ、自分とビートルズとの想い出を語っている。そして「Got To Get You Into My Life」の華やかな演奏と共に登壇するのはジョージ、リンゴ、ヨーコ、ジュリアンにショーンの5人。おそらくポールは敢えて不参加なことで、いらぬ邪推を避ける判断をしたのだろう。リンゴとジョージが最初に代表でスピーチを行ない、ヨーコ、ジュリアン、ショーンの順に挨拶を述べている。気難しい印象のあるジョージも受賞を喜んでいるのであろう「あまり話すことは苦手でね。なにせ僕は『静かなビートル(Quiet Beatles』と呼ばれていたくらいだから」と笑いを誘っている。

授賞式では受賞者がパフォーマンスをするのが恒例となっているが、当然1988年にはビートルズは存在しないわけで、代替として数多くのミュージシャンによるセッションが行なわれた。ステージ上を見渡すと、今となってはあり得ない光景となっていて驚かされる。ジョージ、リンゴ、ジェフベック、ミックジャガー、ディラン、ビリージョエル、ビーチボーイズ、スプリングスティーン、エルトンジョン、ニールヤングなどなど、ひとりひとり挙げていてはキリがないほど、それぞれ歴史に名を成しているメンバーである。 1曲目は「Twist And Shout」である。まだステージ上は混雑して準備が整っていない中で演奏が始まったようである。2曲目はディランの「All Along The Watch Tower」である。長いイントロの後、まだギターのセッティングが終わっていないディランをチラ見しながら、ジョージがまず冒頭の歌詞を歌い、準備が出来たところでディランにバトンタッチしている。ひとつのマイクでジョージとディランが歌っている姿がカッコイイではないか。続いて演奏されるのは「I Saw Her Standing There」である。ヴォーカルを採るのはビリージョエルとミックジャガー。ミックが「I Saw Her Standing There」を歌うという何とも奇妙な光景。ふ~の部分でジョージはビートルズ時代のようにわざと首を振って髪を揺らしているのが微笑ましい。2番の歌詞はスプリングスティーンが担当している。ミックにせよスプリングスティーンにせよ、このようにオリジナルに囚われない独自色を出した歌唱は聴きどころのひとつであろう。「Stand By Me」はベンEキングがメイン・ボーカルを務めるのだが、途中でジョンの面影を色濃く残したジュリアンを横に呼び、ほらオマエも歌えと促す場面にはホロリとさせられる。「Like A Rolling Stone」はディランとミックがステージ中央に並んで歌っている。ローリング・ストーンズが公式に「Like A Rolling Stone」をレコーディングするのはこの数年後であるが、意外やこの時の演奏が契機となっているのではないだろうか。そして最後は「Satisfaction」である。ここまで他の曲でも大ハリキリだったミックの最大の見せ場であろう。この時ストーンズは活動を休止しており、ミックがソロでツアーをしていた時期である。ここでもサブ・ボーカルとしてスプリングスティーンが一緒に歌っている。


【1994年 ジョン・レノン】
実はこの年にポールとヨーコが邂逅したのは歴史的にも非常に重要な意味を持つ。授賞式とは別にポールとヨーコとショーンの3人は記者会見に臨んでいる。その場で、ポールとヨーコの口からビートルズのドキュメンタリーを制作中である事が明らかにされる。これぞ後にアンソロジーとして結実するプロジェクトの発表であった。そして、まさにこの日のこの時、ポールがヨーコに打診をし、アンソロジーのためにジョンの未発表曲があれば提供して欲しいと依頼したのである。それが「Free As A Bird」と「Real Love」であった。本作には授賞式におけるポールのスピーチ、そしてその後のヨーコとショーンと共に行なわれた記者会見の様子が収録されている。残念ながらこの時はパフォーマンスは行なわれなかった。

【1999年 ポール・マッカートニー】

ちょうどリンダの闘病と死を迎えた直後で、ここ数年は公の場で演奏する機会がない時期であったため、久しぶりのポールのステージとなった。キャバンクラブのライブはこの年の年末である。まだ自身のバンドを持っていなかったポールは、ゲスト・ミュージシャンをバックに自分では演奏せず幾分手持無沙汰のようにボーカルだけで参加している。1曲目は「Blue Suede Shoes」である。自身の原点となった曲であるとの紹介の後、リンダの死後初めてのステージ復帰である。短髪のクラプトンが黙々とソロを弾いているのが印象的である。続いてビリージョエルがオルガンの前に座り「What’d I Say」を歌い始める。露祓いをビリーが行なった後、2番をポールが歌う。3曲目は「Let It Be」である。ここでもポールはボーカルに専念し、ピアノはビリージョエルが担当している。曲が一旦終わった後、再びリフレインが付与され、後半が非常に盛り上がる曲構成にアレンジされている。余韻を楽しみ、曲が終わるのを惜しむかのように再びポールが歌い出す感動的なフィナーレとなっている。

この時にポールはオリジナル曲ではなく敢えて「Blue Suade Shoes」と「What’d I Say」という自分が好きだったオールディーズを歌っている。リンダの死後ひしがれていた気持ちが立ち直るきっかけとなったのは自分の原点であると考えたのだろう。この後、オールディーズのカバー集『Run Devil Run』をレコーディングし、キャバンクラブで1度きりのライブを行ない、リハビリ的なセンチメンタル・ジャーニーを行なっている。そしてヘザーミルズと出会い再びツアーに出る直前である。歴史は常に連続性の上に成立しているのが理解出来るだろう。本作にはこの時のニールのスピーチ、ポールが娘のステラを登壇させ行なったスピーチ、そして授賞式で披露された3曲を完全収録している。

【2004年 ジョージ・ハリスン】

そして受賞記念ステージは、個人的には本作のセットで最も見応えのあるものである。トム・ペティとジェフリンをメインとしたバンドでウィルベリーズの「Handle With Care」でショウは開幕する。トム・ペティがオリジナルのまま歌っているのは勿論だが、オービソンのパートをジェフ・リンがまるでモノマネのような澄んだ声で歌っているのである。この器用さに驚かされる。そしてダーニはボーカルを採ることなくギターとバックコーラスに終始している。ウィルベリーズとしてコンサートは一度も行なわれていないため、これが「Handle With Care」のステージ初演であり、その後もジョージ追悼コンサートで一度演奏されたのみのレアなライブ・テイクである。続いて「While My Guitar Gently Weeps」である。聞きどころは何といってもプリンスである。後半に素晴らしく熱いギター・ソロを長く演奏しているのである。クラプトンとはまた異なるプリンスのギター・テクニックが炸裂したパフォーマンスはこの日の白眉である。あまりの陶酔ぶりにダーニがプリンスを見て笑っているのが映像でも確認できる。この曲はプリンスの独壇場といっても良い。

【2015年 リンゴ・スター】

そして受賞記念コンサートである。リンゴはドラムを叩きながら「Boys」で開幕する。続いてリンゴはステージ前面に出てきてマイクを持ちジョーウォルシュを紹介する。一緒にツアーをまわっている気心知れた仲間である。曲は「明日への願い」。こういっては何だがレパートリーの少ないリンゴの数少ないヒット曲のひとつで、女性コーラス、ブラス・セクションなど重厚な演奏が聴きどころである。そしてハイライトはここからである。ベースでポールが登場するのである。ステージ上で抱き合う二人。ビートルズもとうとうこの二人になってしまった。その残った二人がこうしてステージに今でも立っているというのが不思議な感覚である。半世紀以上前の白黒写真の若者が、ここで歌っている二人なのである。曲は「With A Little Help From My Friends」である。背後のスクリーンにはサージェント期のビートルズの写真が投影され、ステージには大勢のミュージシャンが楽しそうにコーラスを加えている。続いて一転してアップテンポになり「彼氏になりたい」である。ポールは引き続きベースを弾きながらビートルズ時代と同じようにコーラスを入れている。繰り返すが、昭和41年武道館で演奏していた同じ人物が同じ曲を50年後にこうして同じように演奏しているのである。しかも異なるのは、長いギター・ソロの後、いつの間にかドラムに移動したリンゴに代わってポールがボーカルを引き継いで歌うのである。歌いまわしはかなりアレンジしているもので、「彼氏になりたい」を前半リンゴ、後半ポールというボーカル・リレーで演奏されている。余談になるが、この後にポールは自身のソロ・ツアーでこの「彼氏になりたい」をセットリストに加えているのも、おそらくこの時の演奏が布石になったのではと思われる。本作にはこの時の授賞式及び記念コンサートを完全収録している。のみならずバックステージの記者会見やリハーサルの様子なども収録している。

本作は、1988年ビートルズとしての殿堂入りから、2015年リンゴの殿堂入りまで、それぞれの受賞式と受賞記念コンサートを完全収録したタイトルである。単なる授賞式にとどまらず、その背後では様々な人間関係やプロジェクトが動くきっかけとなった重要なイベントを体系的に収録した初めてのタイトルとなる。「We Are The World」がレコーディングされたのが、ちょうどグラミー賞で各ミュージシャンが一同に会した一瞬に行なわれたように、このようなメンバーが集まる機会というのはそう多くはない。ましてポールとヨーコがプライベートで会うとは考えられない。このような機会があったからこそ、アンソロジー始め様々なプロジェクトが進行したと考えるべきである。単純に演奏だけでなく、それぞれの表情、スピーチの内容など、背景を鑑みながら見ればいずれも感慨深いものがある。ビートルズは既に歴史となっているが、その中でも重要なポイントとなっているのがこのロックの殿堂である。ぜひ本作で堪能して頂きたい。また最後になるが、ボーナス映像として1986年エルヴィス・プレスリーが受賞した際、プレゼンターとしてジュリアンとショーンが登場した時の映像を収録している。まだ10歳のショーンの肩を抱いて少年のあどけなさが残る20代のジュリアンの姿を見る事が出来る。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。スリップケース付。

1988 INDUCTION CEREMONY New York City, January 20, 1988
01. Octopu’s Garden (brief Ringo cameo)
02. Twist and Shout (All Stars)
03. All Along The Watchtower (George Harrison & Bob Dylan)
04. I Saw Her Standing There (Billy Joel, Mick Jagger, George Harrison & Bruce Springsteen)
05. Stand By Me (Ben E. King & Julian Lennon)
06. Stop! In The Name of Love (Mary Wilson & All Stars)
07. Under The Boardwalk (organ jam)
08. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – Hound Dog – Honey Hush (Elton John & All Stars)
09. Barbara Ann (Beach Boys)
10. Born On The Bayou (John Fogerty & Bruce Springsteen)
11. Like A Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen & Mick Jagger)
12. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Mick Jagger & Bruce Springsteen)

13. All Along The Watchtower (George Harrison & Bob Dylan)
14. I Saw Her Standing There (Billy Joel, Mick Jagger, George Harrison & Bruce Springsteen)

1994 INDUCTION CEREMONY New York City, January 19, 1994
01. Paul McCartney induction speech

1999 INDUCTION CEREMONY New York City, March 15, 1999
02. Blue Suede Shoes (with Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen)
03. What’d I Say (with Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen)
04. Let It Be (with Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen)

2004 INDUCTION CEREMONY New York City, March 15, 2004
05. Handle with Care (Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison)
06. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison & Prince)

2015 INDUCTION CEREMONY Cleveland, OH April 18, 2015
07. Introduction
08. Boys (with Green Day)
09. It Don’t Come Easy (with Joe Walsh)
10. With A Little Help from My Friends (with Paul McCartney)
11. I Wanna Be Your Man (with Paul McCartney)

12. Boys (with Green Day)
13. Ringo’s speech
14. It Don’t Come Easy (with Joe Walsh)
15. Ringo’s speech
16. With A Little Help from My Friends (with Paul McCartney)
17. I Wanna Be Your Man (with Paul McCartney)

1988 INDUCTION CEREMONY New York City, January 20, 1988
VERSION 1 (Single Cam)
01. Mick Jagger inducts The Beatles
02. George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, Julian & Sean accepts

03. Introduction and Set Up
04. Twist and Shout
05. All Along The Watchtower
06. I Saw Her Standing There
07. Stand By Me
08. Stop! In The Name of Love
09. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – Hound Dog – Honey Hush
10. Barbara Ann
11. Born On The Bayou
12. Like A Rolling Stone
13. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

VERSION 2 (Multicam)
01. Introduction
02. Beatles Videology
03. Mick Jagger inducts The Beatles
04. George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, Julian & Sean accepts
05. Octopu’s Garden (instrumental)
06. George & Ringo additional thanks
07. I Want to Hold Your Hand (instrumental)

08. Introduction and Set Up
09. Twist and Shout
10. All Along The Watchtower
11. I Saw Her Standing There
12. Stand By Me
13. Stop! In The Name of Love
14. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – Hound Dog – Honey Hush
15. Barbara Ann
16. Born On The Bayou
17. Like A Rolling Stone
18. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

1994 INDUCTION CEREMONY New York City, January 19, 1994
01. Paul McCartney induction speech
02. Yoko Ono acceptation speech
03. Backstage Q&A with Paul and Yoko(Raw Footage)

1999 INDUCTION CEREMONY New York City, March 15, 1999
04. Neil Young induction speech
05. Paul Videology
06. Paul acceptation speech (edited)
07. Blue Suede Shoes
08. What’d I Say
09. Let It Be
10. Paul unedited and uncensored acceptation speech

2004 INDUCTION CEREMONY New York City, March 15, 2004
11. Introduction
12. George Videology
13. Jeff Lynne & Tom Petty induction speech
14. Olivia & Dhani Harrison acceptation speech
15. Handle with Care
16. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

2015 INDUCTION CEREMONY Cleveland, OH April 18, 2015
17. Ringo tells story for Hall of Fame
18. Red Carpet arrival
19. Introduction
20. Video about Ringo
21. Paul McCartney induction speech
22. Ringo Starr acceptation speech
23. Boys (with Green Day)
24. It Don’t Come Easy (with Joe Walsh)
25. With A Little Help From My Friends (with Paul McCartney)
26. I Wanna Be Your Man (with Paul McCartney)
27. Backstage Q&A with Ringo
28. Behind the Scenes & Rehearsals
29. Ringo Speech thanks to Barbara (unbroadcasted)

1986 INDUCTION CEREMONY New York City, January 23, 1986
30. Julian & Sean Lennon presents award

Valkyrie. VAL-005

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