Beatles / Japanese TV Special 1980 / 1DVD

Beatles / Japanese TV Special 1980 / 1DVD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Broadcast Date: 7th February 1980


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Further rare broadcast will be released from June 30 video Budokan Beatles! I’ve unearthed a version that was televised in 1980 this time. This is what you received that Paul concert in Japan at the beginning of the same year became canceled by his arrest, 30 performances June was broadcast and also serves as a “comfort to the fan,” again in the special number . (We sprinkle disgusted hard himself and just does the hidden upset yet) Thus from being shed at the beginning scenes entrained Paul while being mobbed. Narration is told “connection of Japan and the Beatles had been cut off forever” and together with the scene reflected in the nightmare of literally at the time, it was a shock to the extent not comparable to performances stop turmoil of Paul of this year . And mean John was also alive and well at this point, just because era that had been holding a pale expected “sometime Beatles might be reunited” and in the fan, shock at this time was was a still more.
Such vivid document reflects the Budokan further, venue of rattles also appeared. Some overlap with the discontinuation of the visit to Japan in May, such as this scene. And then the projected master video reel of Beatles Budokan performances. There are things that are breathtaking in its close-up. Now, how this master or probably stored. I will be also to inspire such imagination involuntarily. It has become a form that while based on the broadcast version in 1978, added a new narration is further expanded with respect to Beatles history that begins after that. As it traces the history of the Beatles Katsuaki further than the ’78 version, the contents of which had been devoted further time for activities and live video especially early.
But the state of people who gathered in the signature campaign at the very least the fans and grieving at Budokan 1980 again among such a video is projected of what really fresh as a document. Japan tour stop at that time will be reminded that it was “arrested” again. Scene “artist was the most successful in the world” Paul has been certified in the Guinness Book of World Records in October of the previous year and if you think that whether also appeared. That the appearance of an active duty gung Paul, which has been active in the Wings at the time also comes through 1980 unique.
And to appear even after the Budokan live video of June 30 has been washed away one of the ways to figure pole when you leave Japan deportation has been ordered. This event will cause led to Wings disbanded as a result. This is not only to broadcast the mere Beatles Budokan video, tragedy death of John accidental at the end of the year also happens, it is rare footage that is able to call upon a document that captures the beginning of 1980 was a year of trial literally for Beatles fans. No doubt that the program serious contents completely different ’78 version of the spectacular atmosphere of “re-broadcast of the one-time only”, yet to be healed nostalgic CM group interval. Valuable playing full of nostalgia will be released at a press DVD limited this time again. Please enjoy carefully Recall those days!



1. Paul Arrested 2. Introduction 3. Budokan (2nd February 1980)
4. Paperback Writer (Budokan 30th June 1966) 5. In The Studio 6. TV Reports “Paul Arrested”
7. In The Studio 8. Biography 1: Early Days – Royal Variety Performance 1963
9. Biography 2: First U.S. Visit – A Hard day’s Night 10. CM 
11. Budokan (6pm, 21st January 1980) 12. Biography 3: Around The Beatles – HELP!
13. Biography 4: Shea Stadium Intro 
14. Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Shea Stadium, New York City 15th August 1965)
15. Ticket To Ride (Shea Stadium, New York City 15th August 1965) 16. CM
17. Biography 5: Decoration (Paul McCartney on Guinness Book & Beatles MBE Awards)
18. Biography 6: The Last Tour – Brian Epstein Dies
19. Biography 7: The Beginning Of The End (1967 – In India 1968)
20. Biography 8: The Beatles Last Days
21. Let It Be 22. CM 23. In The Studio

Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 30th June 1966

24. Intro 25. Rock And Roll Music 26. She’s A Woman 27. If I Need Someone 28. Day Tripper
29. Baby’s In Black 30. I Feel Fine 31. CM 32. Yesterday 33. I Wanna Be Your Man
34. Nowhere Man 35. I’m Down

36. Outro 37. Interviews With Japanese People (On The streets)
38. Paul Left Japan (Narita Airport 25th January 1980)


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