Beatles / 1967 The SGT Pepper Commemorative Issue / 2DVD Book size

Beatles, The / 1967 The SGT Pepper Commemorative Issue / 2DVD Book size / His Master’s Choice

TMOQ Gazette Presents This Special Issue 2-DVD set. Unseen Video, Major Upgrades, And Original Nostalgia From 1967, Along With Rare Footage From The 1987 Celebrations Of Pepper’s 20th Anniversary And It’s Debut Release On Compact Disc.

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DVD 1: 1967
1-1 Scene Special “Underground” with Paul McCartney
The Hollywood Palace Upgrade Original Promotional Films
1-2 Penny Lane
1-3 Strawberry Fields Forever
American Bandstand Newly Created Promotional Films
1-4 Strawberry Fields Forever
1-5 Penny Lane
1-6 A Day In The Life Newly Created Promotional Film
1-7 Come Together Original 1969 Lost Promotional Film Using ! A Day In The Life” Footage
1-8 Watch Out For Your Ears Excerpt with “A Day In The Life” Footage
1-9 The Frost Programme John Lennon and George Harrison
DVD 2: 1987
2-1 Entertainment Tonight Part 1 David Frost with George Martin
2-2 Entertainment Tonight Part 2 David Frost with George Martin
2-3 CD Release News with Paul McCartney
It Was 20 Years Ago Today Documentary
2-4 Pre-Production Trailer
2-5 Preliminary Workprint
In honour of the 50th Anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, TMOQ Gazette presents this special issue 2-DVD set. It is filled to the brim with unseen video, major upgrades, and original nostalgia from 1967, along with rare footage from the 1987 celebrations of Pepper’s 20th anniversary and it’s debut release on compact disc.

His Master’s Choice. HMC 043



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