Beatles / Live At Shea Stadium 1964 / 1CD

Beatles / Live At Shea Stadium 1964 / 1CD / Offshore

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Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA. USA 23rd August 1964.



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Legendary a label that Japan is proud of, but OG is we release about two types of release was ZEP name board, you can not record a Sold Out at a pace of surprisingly none in Thanks. But Speaking of OG is also the Beatles were also numerous release label. In this study is in accordance with the re-visiting of Paul, was turned into faithfully CD the name board of the Beatles that OG was created! The most famous Speaking of OG of Beatles I think the “LIVE IN TOKYO” which was closed for the first time known to the world the sound source (video source) of the Budokan performances first day. Or it would not be that further called a name record “LIVE AT SHEA STADIUM”.
Luxurious that rare laminate cover in the overwhelmingly large OG item of slick cover will not suggest the extent of the OG of confidence. Design of the jacket also feel the middle people sense while simple, also impressive lettering that distinguish the red and black. Actually says mania you have provided us with this OG board, is that of the purchased here at that time a record store not familiar liked Jacquet of the previous release ZEP title “LIVE” (laughs).

The contents of this name board officially in 1964 on the premise of the release of the live album in the Hollywood Bowl concert will be the main. It was live in the recording has been Hollywood Bowl in consecutive circumstances two years, initially been investigated album release is at the stage where the live of August 23, 64 have been recorded, it was made until the acetate disc. The acetate is taken out by someone, moreover, it is what the various LP item has been made from the fact that sound quality good sound board recording. According to the “Dictionary”, which is still the Bible treats between professional journals and mania, LP items that the acetate to the original of the two is this acetate of “THE ONLY LIVE RECORDING” and “BACK IN 1964 AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL” Original release and will be yes.
OG board I have recorded in the state in which similar to the “THE ONLY ~”, but skipping in such as was in it “Can not Buy Me Love” is’s not here. Despite “You Can not Do That” such as Paul of sound skipping and acetate-specific noise that occurs in the MC after is the same, so when you listen to one of whether you equalize you can copy the “THE ONLY ~” Reflections I, but that there is no skipping of example has become a major mystery. Yet “BACK IN 1964 ~” sound jump in had occurred, “If I Fell” It was a also a mystery is that unreleased.
This article was written as a “good sound than other items” in fact is a “dictionary” that anyway OG board of the Hollywood Bowl part is a high-quality sound. There was good at the time of the LP item to the split, and filled with the song “Everywhere It’s Christmas,” which listen to part LP is left over Christmas record of the fan club, that they had been released as Shea Stadium to Hollywood Bowl but I feel the era. While anyway at the time leave struck and name last concert, in fact, release of content, such as mistaking Shea Stadium was the norm. And though the sound is not know because it is a good sound source’s to … when live, let me in anyway that I famous Shea, whether such a place.

More mystery will that it is recorded in the outtakes, “What’s The New Mary Jane” a surprise clearness and stereo from “THE BEATLES”. “What’s The ~” Although the presence its name even in old LP such as “MARY JANE” and “THE NEVER RELEASED MARY JANE” at that time had become clear, they are based on acetate, moreover, had been recorded in monaural whereas, here it that had been recorded in exceptional quality surprised mania around the world. Also first press this time, since I turned into CD paying close attention to the original LP, which was released in the rare white label on the OG, the clear state in this song has further stand out. Not copied from the course “BACK TO BASICS” CD (laughs).
Now Omotte because it is OG of masterpiece boasts a high quality mysterious, it is made up later red jacket of the copy machine. Bonus to any CD I paper Jacquet board of this title had to have been released, but where it had been replaced to live genuine Shea Stadium. So there is no meaning! This time to stick to reproduce the vintage OG board thoroughly with Legendary, the Hollywood Bowl and the “Mary Jane” nostalgia of name board and as it is except that it was subjected to a pitch adjustment. You do not need to worry about is that the damage to the needle after playing the end due to part of the matrix has been erased with a soldering iron (laughs) enjoy the OG of the Beatles name board was revived in 2015 at the limit of the press CD give me!

我が国が誇るレジェンダリーなレーベル、OGがリリースしたZEP名盤を二種類ほどリリースいたしましたが、おかげさまでどれも驚くほどのペースでSold Outを記録しています。しかしOGと言えばビートルズも多数リリースしたレーベルでもあります。そこで今回はポールの再来日に合わせ、OGが生み出したビートルズの名盤を忠実にCD化しました!OGのビートルズと言えば一番有名なのは武道館公演初日の音源(映像元)を初めて世の中に知らしめた「LIVE IN TOKYO」だと思います。さらに名盤と呼べるのが「LIVE AT SHEA STADIUM」ではないでしょうか。

この名盤の内容は正式にライブ・アルバムのリリースを前提とした1964年のハリウッド・ボウル・コンサートがメインとなります。都合二年連続でレコーディングされたハリウッド・ボウルでのライブでしたが、当初は64年8月23日のライブが録音された段階でアルバムのリリースが検討され、アセテート盤まで作られました。このアセテートが何者かによって持ち出され、しかも音質の良いサウンドボード録音ということからさまざまなLPアイテムが作られたものです。専門誌やマニアの間で未だにバイブル扱いされる「辞典」によれば、アセテートを元にしたLPアイテムは「THE ONLY LIVE RECORDING」と「BACK IN 1964 AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL」の二つがこのアセテートのオリジナル・リリースとなるそうです。
OG盤は「THE ONLY~」とよく似た状態で収録しているのですが、それにあったような「Can’t Buy Me Love」での音飛びがここではないのです。にもかかわらず「You Can’t Do That」の後のポールのMCで起きる音飛びやアセテート固有のノイズなどは同じであり、一聴すると「THE ONLY~」をコピーしてイコライズしたかのように映るのですが、例の音飛びがないことが大きな謎となっています。それでいて「BACK IN 1964~」で音飛びが起きていた「If I Fell」が未収録というのがまた謎でした。
何はともあれOG盤のハリウッド・ボウルのパートが高音質であることは事実であり「辞典」においても「他のアイテムより音が良い」と書かれていました。その割に当時のLPアイテムによくあった、LPが余った部分をファンクラブのクリスマス・レコードで聴けた曲「Everywhere It’s Christmas」で埋め、ハリウッド・ボウルなのにシェイ・スタジアムとしてリリースしてしまった点が時代を感じさせます。何しろ当時はラスト・コンサートと名打たれておきながら、実はシェイ・スタジアムといった内容誤認のリリースが当たり前でした。音がいい音源だし…いつのライブだから解らないけれど、とりあえずあの有名なシェイってことにしておこう、そんなところかと。

それ以上の謎は「THE BEATLES」からのアウトテイク「What’s The New Mary Jane」を驚きのクリアネスとステレオで収録していることでしょう。「What’s The~」は当時その名も「MARY JANE」や「THE NEVER RELEASED MARY JANE」といった懐かしいLPで存在が明らかとなっていましたが、それらがアセテートを元にし、しかもモノラルで収録されていたのに対し、ここでは別格のクオリティで収録されていたことが世界中のマニアを驚かせたのです。今回も初回プレス、OGには珍しいホワイト・レーベルでリリースされたオリジナルLPに細心の注意を払ってCD化しましたので、この曲ではクリアーな状態がさらに際立っています。もちろん「BACK TO BASICS」CDからコピーした訳ではありません(笑)。
今をもって謎めいたクオリティの高さを誇るOGの名作ですので、後に赤いジャケットのコピー盤まで作られています。おまけにCDでもこのタイトルの紙ジャケ盤がリリースされたことがあったのですが、そこでは正真正銘シェイ・スタジアムのライブに差し替えられていました。それでは意味がない!今回はレジェンダリーでビンテージなOG盤の再現を徹底的にこだわり、ハリウッド・ボウルと「Mary Jane」にピッチ調整を施した以外は懐かしの名盤そのまま。マトリクスの一部が半田ごてで消されていたせいで再生終了後に針を傷めるのを心配する必要もありません(笑)2015年に蘇ったOGのビートルズ名盤を限定のプレスCDにてお楽しみください!

1. Introduction 2. Twist And Shout 3. You Can’t Do That 4. All My Loving
5. She Loves You 6. Things We Said Today 7. Roll Over Beethoven 8. Can’t Buy Me Love
9. A Hard Day’s Night 10. Boys 11. Long Tall Sally

12. Please Don’t Bring Your Banjo Back (from Christmas Record 1966)
13. Everywhere It’s Christmas (from Christmas Record 1966)
14. What’s The New Mary Jane (Abbey Road Studio, 14th August 1968)

Offshore Records OG-718

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