Beatles / In Chicago 1964, 1965 & 1966-New / 1DVD With OBI Strip

Beatles / In Chicago 1964, 1965 & 1966-New / 1DVD With OBI Strip / Misterclaudel

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International Amphitheatre Chicago IL USA September 5, 1964. Digitally Remastered

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A must-have mania title A title that included the concerts in Chicago and their related images that the Beatles visited for the third time in 1964, 1965, and 1966 when they performed the American tour from M Claudel Label. Chicago, along with New York and Los Angeles, is one of the three largest cities in the United States, one of the largest industrial cities in the world with the Great Lakes. The Beatles have visited in Chicago every time they do a tour, and this work is a picture of the Chicago performances summarized for each age. The Beatles performed concerts many times in Chicago seems to have been a proud event in the local, and the bonus footage also includes a documentary produced at the local office of the local Chicago.

It is 1964 first. In the first American tour, and also for the first time to see in front of the fans of Chicago, the Chicago performance performed in the mass communication gaze. It was shot in a crowd with multiple cameras, and especially the close shot from under the stage is surprised. John who is playing “All My Loving” clearly knows the expression that he is concentrating on the guitar and playing gently without touching the song. In the arena which became the hall, the film has been rolled up before the performance, and in contrast to the stage where there is no one before the performance, you can see the state of the fans who can not wait for the appearance of the Beatles. And it is surprising that it is a vivid color image that recorded concerts. I shoot each member evenly from the front of the stage and it is wonderfully vivid color image that it is mysterious that this was not used for anthology. Again, it is a color image containing the 1964 performance scene. Paul ‘s base brown, George’ s guitar ‘s red, member’ s chestnut hair, they can be seen in a really vivid color image. Besides the stage, the appearance of fans waiting to enter and the state of the city of Chicago are recorded in vivid color images. At the end there is a press conference recorded.

Next is 1965. This year’s Chicago show was a concert at a huge White Sox stadium, not an indoor arena, from the idea of ​​Epstein to mobilize a lot of spectators on a short schedule. The state of the Beatles heading from the bench to the stage, pole to adjust the microphone and so on. The stage is set behind the mound, with no people in the field, only the stand seat. Whether it is a video for news, or nothing of enthusiastic fans, of course, the stage has been well photographed and imagine that the jacket picture of this work is moving. The camera captures images from multiple cameras, such as those photographed from the left of the stand and those photographed from the front. The camera for reporting, Chicago News is a different camera from the one previously recorded. It is an image captured from the left side of the stage. Lastly the press conference for this year is included.

In 1966 the performance scenes are still left in color images. This was taken by an amateur photographer who happened to be in the venue, it is a valuable color picture telling the state of the concert at the time, although it can not deny that the focus is sweet and there is camera shake. It might be a good thing to compare the differences only in the concert immediately after the performance in Japan. And what made the American tour of this year chaotic is John’s so-called Christ remarks, but despite the press conference where all the Beatles were present, the questions concentrated on John and desperately desperate with void eyes It is recorded that it is defining it.

At the end, as a bonus picture, it contains a documentary on Chicago performances made at the local local station. You can find out how the Beatles are accepted in Chicago, with interviews from the parties involved at the time. It is exactly the interview which is possible only by local stations.

The title which recorded the state of the Beatles’ Chicago performance over the past three years with precious color images. It will be surprising that it contains many first-appearing images and that there is still a video of this first look. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press.


まず1964年である。初のアメリカン・ツアー、さらにシカゴのファンの前にお目見えするのも初めてということで、マスコミ注視の中で行なわれたシカゴ公演。複数のカメラで気合入れて撮影されており、特にステージ下からのクローズ・ショットには驚かされる。「All My Loving」を演奏中のジョンは、ギターに集中しているのか、歌を口ずさむことなく淡々と弾いている表情まではっきりとわかる。会場となったアリーナでは開演前からフィルムがまわされており、開演前の誰もいないステージとは裏腹に、ビートルズの登場を待ちきれないファンの様子も確認できる。そして驚かされるのは、コンサートを収録した鮮やかなカラー映像である。ステージ正面から各メンバーをまんべんなく撮影しており、これがアンソロジーに使用されなかったのが不思議なくらい、素晴らしく鮮やかなカラー映像である。繰り返すが、1964年の演奏シーンを収めたカラー映像なのだ。ポールのベースの茶色、ジョージのギターの赤色、メンバーの栗色の髪、それらが実に鮮やかなカラー映像で見ることができるのだ。その他、ステージ以外でも、入り待ちするファンの姿やシカゴの街の様子なども鮮やかなカラー映像で収録されている。最後は記者会見が収録されている。





01. B&W 16mm by WGN
02. B&W 16mm by Barbre Productions
03. Color 8mm by Bill Diehl
04. Color 8mm by An Amateur Fan
05. Press Conference

01. B&W 16mm by ABC
02. B&W 16mm by WGN
03. B&W 16mm by Chicago News
04. Press Conference

01. Color 8mm by An Amateur Fan
02. Press Conference

03. Archives Concert Film Raw Sources

Misterclaudel. MCDVD-35

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