Beatles / Adelaide & Sydney 1964 / 1CD Wx OBI Strip

Beatles / Adelaide & Sydney 1964 / 1CD Wx OBI Strip / Misterclaudel. MCDD-218

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Centennial Hall Adelaide Australia June 12, 1964. Digitally Remastered

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■ Single CD release of M Clodel “300000 BEATLE FANS CAN NOT BE WRONG”
■ Sound quality, content, pitch adjustment, the decision board of the long-known Adelaide performance
■ First appearance Two songs from Sydney performance
■ Adelaide and Sydney press conference

It is memorized as the year when the Beatles made a leap in the world in 1964. At the beginning of the year I performed a continuous performance in Paris, during which time “I want to hug” news of capturing the number one in the US enters. In addition to Ed Sullivan Show this time at the beginning of February, the concert was only two times in Washington and Carnegie Hall. It is said that this was Epstein’s strategy to fuel the hunger of fans. It was in August of the same year to do a full tour with full nation. This national tour is positioned as part of the world tour, before the United States, the Beatles are traveling not only to Europe but also to Australia in June. This was the first time for the Beatles in Australia. In case

The Beatles’ first Australian tour started with Adelaide and was busy with Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane across New Zealand tours, with a scale of only 16 performances in almost a half a month. This work is the very first day of this Australian tour, complete recording of Adelaide performance June 12, 1964. Apples are halfway participants from Melbourne for the treatment of tonsils, Jimmy Nicol is acting as a drummer in the first half of the tour, including Adelaide recorded in this work. In the jacket picture, you can see the appearance that Jimmy Nicole is striking the drum at the back of the front three people. In case

The Adelaide performance was recorded by a local radio station, it is a famous sound source familiar among manians for a long time. However, since the generation included in this work is young, the range is wider than that of the previous episode, and it is the best version that is clear and superior in tone quality compared to the previous episode which was comfortable. It is also worth noting that the pitch adjustment is applied and recorded at the correct speed. In case

The content is wonderful. It is the first day of the first Australian tour. There is a long introduction of the moderator and urges the audience to be calm. Not only in the UK, Europe and the United States, but also here in Australia the popularity of the Beatles was boiling. The set list is special, unlike the subsequent US tour. It is also interesting that the first song starts with “I Saw Her Standing There”. Beginning with a high count like a record, Australian fans must have stolen heart at a stretch at this time. As early as the second song “I want to hug” is being played. In Melbourne on the same tour, it has been changed to “You Can not Do That”, so it is very unusual to be played in this sequence. Jimmy Nicol naturally does not take vocals because of the absence of apple as mentioned above, and George sings “Roll Over Beethoven” outside John and Paul. In addition, “Twist And Shout” and “Long Tall Sally” end the concert with a series of cover numbers, representing the early days that John and Paul recorded their respective first take as they were, in recording. In case

In the second half of the CD, there are two songs from “Saw Her Standing There” and “You Can not Do That” from June 18 Sydney performance, which will be released for the first time. Although it is not a good sound quality by audience recording, it is fragmentary but it is a live of Beatles who first appeared in M ​​Claudel who listens for the first time, the appearance of fans, the appearance of fans, for the first time. Because the introduction of DJ’s narration suffered and the songs of the studio version along with the live performances of Sydney performances are recorded at the same time, it is not supposed to have been broadcast in this form, but probably someone at the radio station tried the tapes at the venue It seems to have been turned. First appearance Sydney performance of the Beatles. Finally there is a press conference in Adelaide and Sydney and an interview with John and Jimi Nicole. In case

From the Beatles’ first Australian tour, the first day Adelaide performances are fully compiled from Rowe Genete. It is a decision board of sound quality, pitch adjustment, contents, sound source known for a long time. Also two songs from the first appearance Sydney show, Adelaide and Sydney press conference and John and Jimi Nicole interview recorded simultaneously. It is CD single release of M Claudel “300000 BEATLE FANS CAN NOT BE WRONG (CD + 2 DVD)”. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.

■Mクローデル『300000 BEATLE FANS CAN’T BE WRONG』のCD単体リリース




内容は素晴らしいの一言に尽きる。なにせ初めての豪州ツアーの初日である。司会者の長いイントロダクションがあり、聴衆に冷静になるよう促している。英国、欧州、米国のみならず、ここ豪州でもビートルズの人気が沸騰していた事が伺える。セットリストはこの後の米国ツアーと異なり特別なものとなっている。まず1曲目が「I Saw Her Standing There」で始まるというのも興味深い。レコードと同じように高らかなカウントで始まり、豪州のファンたちは一気にこの時ハートを盗まれたに違いない。2曲目には早くも「抱きしめたい」が演奏されている。同じツアーのメルボルンでは「You Can’t Do That」に変更されているので、この並びで演奏されるのは非常に珍しいと言える。前述のようにリンゴが不在なため、当然ジミーニコルがボーカルを採ることもなく、ジョンとポール以外では、ジョージが「Roll Over Beethoven」を歌っている。さらに「Twist And Shout」と「Long Tall Sally」という、レコーディングにおいてはジョンとポールがそれぞれのファースト・テイクを勢いそのまま収録したという、初期を代表するカバー・ナンバーの連続でコンサートを締めくくっている。

CDの後半は、初登場となる6月18日シドニー公演より2曲、「I Saw Her Standing There」と「You Can’t Do That」を収録している。オーディエンス録音による、けして良い音質とはいえず、かつ断片的なものであるが、当時の熱狂、ファンの様子、何より初めて聴くMクローデルで初登場したビートルズのライヴである。イントロにDJのナレーションが被り、シドニー公演のライヴと共にスタジオ・バージョンの楽曲も同時に収録されているので、まさかこの形で放送されたとは思えないが、おそらくラジオ局の誰かが試しに会場でテープをまわしたものだと思われる。初登場ビートルズのシドニー公演である。また最後にアデレイドとシドニーにおける記者会見と、ジョンとジミーニコルのインタビューを収録している。

ビートルズ初の豪州ツアーより、初日アデレイド公演をロウ・ジェネ・テープより完全収録。音質、ピッチ調整、内容、古くから知られている音源の決定盤である。また初登場シドニー公演より2曲、アデレイドとシドニーの記者会見とジョンとジミーニコルのインタビューを同時収録。Mクローデル『300000 BEATLE FANS CAN’T BE WRONG(CD+2DVD)』のCD単体リリースである。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。

01. Introduction
02. I Saw Her Stainding There
03. I Want To Hold Your Hand
04. All My Loving
05. She Loves You
06. Till There Was You
07. Roll Over Beethoven
08. Can’t Buy Me Love
09. This Boy
10. Twist And Shout
11. Long Tall Sally
12. Outroduction

13. Introduction
14. I Saw Her Stainding There
15. You Can’t Do That #1
16. You Can’t Do That #2

17. Adelaide Press Conference
18. Sydney Press Conference
19. John Lennon Interview
20. Jimmy Nicol Interview

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