Beatles / Complete Recording Sessions Volume 3 / 2CD

Beatles / Complete Recording Sessions Volume 3 / 2CD / Non Label

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October 1964-June 1965.

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Of course, as well as limited press CD promotion release going back to “VOL.0”, of course, sequels will be released this time. “VOL.3” from the second part of the album “BEATLES FOR SALE” session to the album “HELP!” It is a culmination of recording sessions at the time when the popularity exploded in the United States and even the familiarity of the idol image was held. However, in this release, we reviewed the contents of the “THE COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS” series of coltturkey production which became the basis completely. It has been reborn as content with an upper feeling over the past two volumes.
The first disc cuts the sound source of the 64 years Christmas record, not playing, “She’s A Woman” and “I Feel Fine”, and “Yes It Is” session sound source was more intense sense of equalization From the coltturkey version Replaced with a natural master jedi version. “She’s A Woman” in which the performances were excited and exceeded more than 6 minutes Take 7 is one of the remarkable remnants of Beatles’ session history. It is also known in the state that the rough mix of “Ticket To Ride” Take 2 famous for not having a fade-out to maniacs has a problem such as coarse sounds from the old times and even a slow pitch, but here it is known that with precise pitch Not to mention recording, equalization improves clearness. And “I Need You” and “Another Girl” starting with John’s count are incompatible with hits “LAST LACQUERS” of our release in the additional recording from the so-called production · acetate sound source, but here they equalize the acetate noises It erases it by the addition, addition recording to prepare the time series of the session additionally.
And, as a first bonus part, collecting a fan production mix in a state where vocal track was singled using 5.1 sound of movie “HELP!” Especially at “The Night Before” you can enjoy Paul’s best R & B voice with a vibrant singing voice of a single track.

The second disc spends all the session scenery of the album “HELP!”. Again, the content of the coltturkey version has been thoroughly reworked, and the fans created and brought up on the net over the past few years, making full use of the mix of states without overdubbing (eg “MINUS ONE”) and further sessions Thin in details of. For example, “I’ve Just Seen A Face” and “Yesterday” a string-free version of take 2, as well as “Wait” that was recorded in this album’s session are more fundamental to the recording made by fans We adopted the finished version, and the content has been extensively improved as a document which followed the progress of the session in more detail.
As you can see from the fact that “Wait” that was recorded at this time was once entered, the session of “HELP!” Was also a session that created so many sinking songs that were impossible in the session of the Beatles so far. Among them, “That Means A Lot” is famous. Although I tried to arrange again from the beginning despite abandoning the track that I finished, it is captured that the session was one that increased the degree of confusion. Speaking of the session sound source, it is common to repeat take till you record the master of the song whose arrangement has been decided, but it is really interesting to say the session where you change the arrangement while recording.
On the contrary, “Album!” Which is the title song of the album is captured by taking over the performances without vocals without arranging the completed arrangements, but this time the decorations did not go on a regular basis. First of all John’s vocal track was taken in mono and stereo and the take was different, and I added more vocals for the version I use in the movie, and then I had to re-record with a movie studio this time.
That re-recorded version was used in the black and white performance scene of the same song flowing at the beginning of the movie back then in 1965, but at the same time as the movie was broadcasted as a picture before it was included in the movie (so-called darts version ) The sound of this is recorded. Unlike the movie version, the projector does not enter the sound to be played in the ending, and the point is that the song finishes cleanly. It is also a big point that you can listen to this vocal rerecorded version with clean speech, as it is now easy to replace the movie with darts version or audio with a regular mix. The feature of this version is that George ‘s voice is conspicuous when compared to the regular intros.
And bonus of this disc contains more “HELP!” Movies original and mono audio. Although the item which recorded the original voice existed so far, here the record with the legendary original audio broadcast realized in Japan realized the recording in a very clear state. You can call it a hidden feature in this release. A lot of session sound sources which used the multiple sound sources through two disks and contained the longest record included, for example “She’s A Woman” take 2 etc. realized the longest recording though slight differences. A compilation of Beatles sessions from the second half of 1964 to the first half of 1965, delivering with just the right things to the point. We guarantee contents that can make maniacs grow.
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「VOL.0」に遡っての限定プレスCD昇格リリースはもちろんですが、もちろん続編も今回リリースいたします。その「VOL.3」はアルバム「BEATLES FOR SALE」セッションの後編からアルバム「HELP!」まで。アメリカで人気が爆発し、さらにはアイドル的イメージの親しみやすさ兼ね備えていた時期のレコーディング・セッションの集大成となります。しかし今回のリリースに当たっては、元になったcoltturkey制作の「THE COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS」シリーズの内容を全面的に見直し。過去二つのボリューム以上にアッパー感のある内容へと生まれ変わりました。
一枚目のディスクは演奏でない64年クリスマス・レコードの音源をカット、「She’s A Woman」と「I Feel Fine」、さらには「Yes It Is」セッション音源はイコライズ感の強めだったcoltturkey版からよりナチュラルなmaster jediバージョンに差し替え。特に演奏が盛り上がって6分を超えた「She’s A Woman」テイク7はビートルズのセッション史上に残る名演の一つ。マニアにはフェイドアウトしない状態が有名な「Ticket To Ride」テイク2のラフミックスは昔から音が粗め、さらにピッチが遅いといった問題を抱えた状態でも知られていますが、ここでは正確なピッチでの収録はもちろんのこと、イコライズによってクリアネスが向上。そして「I Need You」やジョンのカウントから始まる「Another Girl」などは、いわゆるプロダクション・アセテート音源からの追加収録で当店リリースのヒット作「LAST LACQUERS」と被りますが、こちらはアセテート・ノイズをイコライズによって消した上、セッションの時系列を整えるために追加収録。
そして一枚目のボーナス・パートとして映画「HELP!」の5.1音声を駆使してボーカル・トラックをシングルにした状態のファン制作ミックスをまとめて収録。特に「The Night Before」ではポール最高のR&Bボイスがシングル・トラックの生々しい歌声で楽しめます。

二枚目のディスクはアルバム「HELP!」のセッション風景に丸々費やします。ここでもcoltturkey版の内容を徹底的に洗い直し、ここ数年の間でファンが制作してネットに上げた、オーバーダビングを省いた状態のミックス(例えば「MINUS ONE」など)を駆使し、さらなるセッションの詳細に肉薄。例えば「I’ve Just Seen A Face」や「Yesterday」テイク2のストリングス抜きバージョン、さらにはこのアルバムのセッションで録音されていた「Wait」などはファンによって作られた、レコーディングのよりベーシックな段階に仕上げたバージョンを採用し、より詳細にセッションの進行を追ったドキュメントとして格段に内容が充実するに至りました。
この時に録音された「Wait」が一旦はお蔵入りしたことからも解るように、「HELP!」のセッションはそれまでのビートルズのセッションではありえないほど多くの没ソングを生み出したセッションでもありました。中でも有名なのが「That Means A Lot」。一度完成しかけたトラックを放棄して一からアレンジをやり直してみたものの、セッションは混迷の度合いを増す一方であったことが捉えられています。セッション音源と言えばアレンジが決まった曲のマスターを録るまでテイクを繰り返すのが一般的ですが、こうしてレコーディングしながらアレンジを変えて行くセッションと言うのは本当に面白い。
そしてこのディスクのボーナスにはさらなる「HELP!」映画のオリジナル・モノ音声を収録。これまでにもオリジナル音声を収録したアイテムは存在しましたが、ここでは我が国で実現した伝説的なオリジナル音声放送の録画を使用して非常にクリアな状態での収録を実現。今回のリリースにおける隠れた目玉と呼べるでしょう。二枚のディスクを通して複数の音源を駆使した最長収録となったセッション音源も多く含まれており、例えば「She’s A Woman」テイク2などは僅からなの違いながらも最長収録を実現。正にすみずみまで行き届いた内容でお届けする、1964年後半から65年前半にかけてのビートルズ・セッションの集大成。マニアを唸らせる内容を保証します。


Disc 1 (78:03)
01. Eight Days A Week [Edit of Takes 1+2] 02. Eight Days A Week [Take 4] 03. Eight Days A Week [Take 5] 04. Eight Days A Week [Unknown Take] 05. Eight Days A Week [RS from Takes 13+15] 06. She’s A Woman [Take 1] 07. She’s A Woman [Take 2] 08. She’s A Woman [Take 3] 09. She’s A Woman [Take 4] 10. She’s A Woman [Take 5] 11. She’s A Woman [Take 6] 12. She’s A Woman [Take 7] 13. Kansas City-Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey [Take 2] 14. I Feel Fine [Take 1] 15. I Feel Fine [Take 2] 16. I Feel Fine [Take 5] 17. I Feel Fine [Take 6] 18. I Feel Fine [Take 7 – Partial] 19. I Feel Fine [Take 8 – Partial] 20. I Feel Fine [Take 9] 21. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby [Take 1 – Fragment] 22. Rock & Roll Music [Take 1 – Different Piano Overdub] 23. Honey Don’t [Unknown Take #1] 24. Honey Don’t [Unknown Take #2] 25. Ticket To Ride [Take 1 – Partial] 26. Ticket To Ride [Take 2] 27. I Need You [RM from Take 5] 28. Another Girl [RM from Take 1] 29. Yes It Is [Take 1] 30. Yes It Is [Take 2] 31. Yes It Is [Take 3] 32. Yes It Is [Take 4] 33. Yes It Is [Take 5] 34. Yes It Is [Take 6] 35. Yes It Is [Take 7] 36. Yes It Is [Take 8] 37. Yes It Is [Take 9] 38. Yes It Is [Take 10] 39. Yes It Is [Take 11] 40. Yes It Is [Take 14] 41. The Night Before [RM from Take 2] 42. You Like Me Too Much [RM from Take 8] 43. ”Keep That One, Mark It Fab!” [Undated Studio Talk] 44. Ticket To Ride [Take 2 – ‘Single Vocal’ Fan Mix] 45. I Need You [Take 5 – ‘Single Vocal’ Fan Mix] 46. The Night Before [Take 2 – ‘Single Vocal’ Fan Mix]

Disc 2 (78:47)
01. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away [Take 1] 02. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away [Take 5] 03. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away [RM from Take 9] 04. If You’ve Got Trouble [Take 1 – ‘Single Vocal’] 05. If You’ve Got Trouble [RS from Take 1] 06. You’re Going Lose That Girl [Take 3 – Different Guitar Overdub] 07. That Means A Lot [Take 1] 08. That Means A Lot [Take 3 – ‘Reh Take 1’] 09. That Means A Lot [RM1 from Take 1] 10. That Means A Lot [Take 20] 11. That Means A Lot [Take 21] 12. That Means A Lot [Take 23] 13. That Means A Lot [Take 24] 14. That Means A Lot [Test Take] 15. Help! [Take 01] 16. Help! [Take 02] 17. Help! [Take 03] 18. Help! [Take 04] 19. Help! [Take 05] 20. Help! [Take 06] 21. Help! [Take 07] 22. Help! [Take 08] 23. Help! [Take 09] 24. Help! [Take 10] 25. Help! [Take 11] 26. Help! [Take 12] 27. Help! [Alternate Mix – aka ‘Take 13’] 28. Help! [RM – ‘Re-record Vocals’] 29. I’ve Just Seen A Face [Take 6] 30. I’m Down [Take 1] 31. Yesterday [Take 1] 32. Yesterday [Take 2] 33. It’s Only Love [Take 2] 34. It’s Only Love [Take 3] 35. It’s Only Love [Take 6] 36. Wait [Take 4] 37. ‘OK George, I Do This One For You’ [Undated Studio Talk] 38. You’re Going To Lose That Girl [RM from Take 3 – Film Mix] 39. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away [RM from Take 9 – Film Mix] 40. Ticket To Ride [RM from Take 2 – Film Mix] 41. I Need You [RM from Take 5 – Film Mix] 42. The Barber Of Seville [Stereo Mix]

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