Beatles / White Reconstruction 2 / 1CDR

Beatles / White Reconstruction 2 / 1CDR / Beatfile

Remix collection. Soundboard

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Translated text:

2018 The second album of the Beatles’ white album remix collection where the 50th anniversary box set of “White Album” attracted attention! This time, from “Hey Jude” (take 25) to longer than “Hellter · Squelter” studio chat, “Circles” “The Inner · Wright” excellence remix, “ACROSS THE UNIVERSE” Takes and new remix sounds that can not be heard officially until the New Remix are summarized and this time as well, this is the second alternative remix collection in 2018 that will be a new alternate edition that rebuilt the “White Album” It is an appearance!


01. HEY JUDE (take 25)
02. REVOLUTION (back track remix)
03. DEAR PRUDENCE (new remix)
04. GLASS ONION (from mono remix)
05. WHILE MY GUITAR GENTRY WEEPS (complete take 27)
06. DON’T PASS ME BY (ultimate remix)
07. I’M SO TIRED (edit takes 3/6/9)
08. ROCKY RACCOON (take 8 remix)
10. DOWN IN HAVANA (jam)
11. I WILL (take 1)
12. JULIA (take 2)
13. LONG LONG LONG (garrod lofthouse remix)
14. HELTER SKELTER (studio talk)
15. HELTER SKELTER (new remix)
16. CRY BABY CRY (take 1)
17. CIRCLES (mashup remix)
18. THE INNER LIGHT (version 4 remix)
19. ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (take 2 remix)

Beatfile. BFP-135CDR

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