Beatles / Complete Recording Sessions Volume 2 / 2CD

Beatles / Complete Recording Sessions Volume 2 / 2CD / Non Label

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1963-1964 EMI Studio 2, London


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The Part 2 release of the Beatles’ recording sessions culmination starts with the only existing session tape in ‘WITH THE BEATLES’ recording. On this day, I first recorded messages for fans of Australia before playing. It was recorded on the Coltturkey masterpiece by recording using EMI studio, but after all it was recorded as this message recording as well as cutting the interview with “LAST LACQUERS” from the point that it is a talk unrelated to music I also saw the pattern recorded. From a Japanese, there is no doubt that this person is easy to hear.
Because session tape does not exist, it is frustrating that sessions of famous songs such as “All My Loving” can not be seen (so I added a hi-hat intro version of the same song to the Vol.1 bonus) but it was the only one left It is content that can be enjoyed very much only by the recording scenery of two songs left on session tape. Especially “Hold Me Tight” is covered up with clapping and double track decorating work based on adopted take, it is very valuable as a document until one song is completed for album.
After releasing “WITH THE BEATLES”, from the big hit single “I Want To Hold Your Hand” which informed the world of the name of the Beatles from the world to the injection of the German version, although the session tape exists, Since it is limited to public disclosure and there is no outflow of the sound source, such a short sound source will continue. Therefore, although the number of tracks is large, only sound sources which do not reach any minute. So this time we recorded the rare mix released only in Australia (the balance which the vocal is reminiscent of the initial stereo right) and tightened the contents. Even if it is a German version, it adds a rare non-CD mix.

The second half of the first disk moves to the 64th session and starts from take 1 of “Can not Buy Me Love” which is familiar to “ULTRA RARE TRAX” generation. Coltturkey The interview sound source for the US was recorded on the master plate, but this also cuts. Also regarding “Can not Buy ~”, Paul’s vocal which was made by taking off Take 4 from the 5.1 ch remix sound source of movie A hard day’s Night replaced the single track version. You can listen to the original guitar solo of Take 4 that was erased by overwrite more clearly than the finished version. In past releases, the session part of take 4 was often connected to the finished version, and even the Coltturkey master disk had been subjected to the same processing, but as a result of this editing it is possible to create a more faithful document of the session Recording is realized. This was unexpectedly the point which was overlooked.
From the end of this disc the “A HARD DAY ‘S NIGHT” sound source will concentrate, but instrumental “Train Song” will flow in a familiar scene in the movie “Uncle, take the ball!” Songs. Although it is also a sound source on which the Beatles performances are being debated, it is written as “The Beatles” “Hard Days Night” that appeared in ebay a few years ago and behind it was the label of Twickenham Studios affixed EMI’s It was recorded on reel tape. This is what Coltturkey put in as a bonus as it appeared in full length version before it was burned to movie film.
“I’m In Love” also included in the bonus is a maniac sound source recorded from John’s studio advice in the studio when Billy J. Kramer recorded the songs John provided. . Originally his track was the best album that saw the eyes of the day.

The second disc starts with the session of the movie title / song. This is also valuable and fun to taste the process until the completion of famous songs, but the session sound source of the same song is interrupted at the end of the interlude at take 9 before the interlude piano is overdubbed. So, past items were all tied up in a pseudo-perfect version by connecting them to the finished version, but both of Purple Tikk and BACK TO BASICS were incongruous and incomprehensible. Even Coltturkey adopted the latter version, but this time I replaced it with the latest editing version made from 5.1 ch remix sound source of movie A hard day’s Night which was connected much more smoothly than these.
“A HARD DAY’S NIGHT” In the interval between sessions, the sound source for TV special “AROUND THE BEATLES” is also covered. This neighborhood editing has been made to inherit that of BACK TO BASICS. And the second half of the second from “BEATLES FOR SALE” session. It is also the last time that the Beatles played while singing through the entire album and recording with “Sue”, so all the session sound sources that have been leaked or released until now are listening and playing. Especially “I ‘m A Loser” is captured how initially the tempo was faster and the performance was bright, changing to a calm atmosphere with each take. “What You’re Doing” Take 11 is replaced with an upgrade sound source. It has become a sound source considerably improved John Barrett sound source specific mocking sound quality.
As I wrote so far, the Coltturkey board which became the source of this press release of limited press releases a nice trick of fan releases created by two labels made in the past, so that the latest best sound source I tried to take in a new culmination by taking in or replacing it. In addition to that, we added a rare release mix from the finished version of each song this time, so that any songs from the first take to the release stage are not wasted, but more easily understandable and can be documented I will. A set of purple ticks and BACK TO BASICS is hard to beat maniac but still want to see a glimpse of the process by which the Beatles completes a song … It is summarized by the ease of listening, also recommended for beginners and fans as an introduction session · It’s a collection!

ビートルズのレコーディング・セッション集大成のパート2リリースは「WITH THE BEATLES」のレコーディングにおいて、唯一現存していたセッション・テープから始まります。この日はまず、演奏の前にオーストラリアのファン向けメッセージを録音していました。それはEMIスタジオを使った録音ということでColtturkey原盤には収録されていましたが、所詮は音楽と関係のないトークということから「LAST LACQUERS」でもインタビューをカットしたのと同様、このメッセージ録りの模様も収録を見送りました。日本人からすると、この方が聞きやすいのは間違いないですよね。
セッション・テープが現存しないことから「All My Loving」といった名曲のセッションが垣間見られない(だからこそVol.1のボーナスに同曲のハイハット・イントロ・バージョンを追加)のがもどかしいですが、唯一残されたセッション・テープに残された二曲の録音風景だけでも非常に楽しめる内容となっています。特に「Hold Me Tight」は採用テイクを元にした手拍子やダブルトラックの飾りつけ作業まで網羅されており、一曲がアルバム用に完成するまでのドキュメントとして大変に貴重なもの。
「WITH THE BEATLES」リリース後、世界中にビートルズの名を知らしめた大ヒット・シングル「I Want To Hold Your Hand」からドイツ語バージョンの吹込みまではセッション・テープこそ現存するものの、どれも断片的な公開に留まっており、なおかつ音源の流出もないことから、こうした短い音源が続いてしまいます。よってトラック数は多いながら、どれも一分に満たない音源ばかり。そこで今回はオーストラリアのみでリリースされたレア・ミックス(ボーカルが右という初期ステレオを彷彿とさせるバランス)を収録して内容を引き締めました。ドイツ語バージョンにしても同様にレアな未CD化ミックスを追加。

一枚目のディスクの後半は64年のセッションへと移り「ULTRA RARE TRAX」世代には懐かしい「Can’t Buy Me Love」のテイク1からスタート。Coltturkey原盤にはアメリカ向けインタビュー音源が収録されていましたが、これまたカット。また「Can’t Buy~」に関しても、テイク4を映画A hard Day’s Nightの5.1chリミックス音源からばらして作られたポールのボーカルがシングルトラックのバージョンへと差し替え。重ね録りで消去されてしまったテイク4のオリジナルギターソロも完成版よりくっきりと聴くことが出来ます。過去のリリースにおいてテイク4のセッション・パートは完成版へとつなげられてしまう場合が多く、Coltturkey原盤ですら同じ処理が施されていたのですが、今回の編集によってセッションのより忠実なドキュメントとしての収録が実現。これは意外と見過ごされていたポイントかと。
このディスクの終盤から「A HARD DAY’S NIGHT」サントラのセッション音源が集中しますが、インストゥルメンタル「Train Song」は映画の中で「おじさん、ボール取ってよ!」でおなじみの場面で流れたあの曲。ビートルズの演奏かどうかの議論が行われている音源でもありますが、数年前にebayに出現した「The Beatles」「Hard Days Night」と書かれ裏にはトゥイッケナムスタジオのラベルが貼られたEMIのリールテープに収録されていたというもの。これによって映画フィルムに焼き付けられる前の全長版音源が登場したことからColtturkeyがボーナスとして入れたものです。
同じくボーナスに収録された「I’m In Love」はジョンが提供した曲をビリー・J・クレイマーがレコーディングした際に、ジョンがスタジオでアドバイスする場面が聞きとれたことから収録されたマニアックな音源。元は彼のベスト・アルバムで日の目を見たトラックでした。

二枚目のディスクは映画のタイトル・ソングのセッションから始まります。これもまた有名曲の完成までの過程が味わえるという貴重かつ楽しいものですが、同曲のセッション音源は間奏のピアノがオーバーダビングされる前のテイク9において、間奏が終わったところで途切しまいます。そこで過去のアイテムはどれも完成版とつなげて疑似完全版に仕立てていたのですが、パープル・チックとBACK TO BASICSのどちらもつなぎが雑で違和感の否めないものでした。Coltturkeyですら後者のバージョンを採用していましたが、今回はそれらよりはるかになめらかにつなげられた、これまた映画A hard Day’s Nightの5.1chリミックス音源から作った最新編集バージョンに差し替えています。
「A HARD DAY’S NIGHT」セッションの合間にはテレビ・スペシャル「AROUND THE BEATLES」用の音源も網羅。この辺りの編集はBACK TO BASICSのそれを継承した作りとなっています。そして二枚目の後半は「BEATLES FOR SALE」のセッションから。ビートルズがアルバム全体を通して歌いながら演奏して「せーの」で録音していた最後の時期でもありますので、現在までに流出あるいは公開されてきたセッション音源はどれも聴き応えのある演奏ばかり。特に「I’m A Loser」は当初はもっとテンポが速くて明るい演奏だったのが、テイクを重ねるごとに落ち着いた雰囲気へと変わっていく様子が捉えられています。「What You’re Doing」テイク11はアップグレード音源へ差し替え。ジョンバレット音源特有のモコッとした音質がかなり改善された音源となっています。
ここまで書いてきたように、今回の限定のプレスCDリリースの元になったColtturkey盤は過去に作られた二つのレーベルが生み出したファン・リリースのいいとこどりをしつつ、それで最新のベスト音源を取り込んだり、あるいは差し替えることによって新たな集大成へと仕上げてみせたのです。そこに加え、それぞれの曲の完成バージョンからレアなリリース用ミックスを今回独自に付け加えたことで、どの曲もファースト・テイクからリリース段階までを無駄なく、おまけに解りやすくドキュメントできる内容にまとめられています。パープル・チックやBACK TO BASICSのセットはマニアックすぎてとっつき辛いけど、それでもビートルズが曲を完成させる工程を垣間見てみたい…そんな聞きやすさでまとめられた、ビギナー・ファンにも入門用としてオススメのセッション・コレクションです!

Disc 1 (69:12)
12th September 1963 – EMI Studio 2, London – 2:30PM – 11:30PM
1. Hold Me Tight [Studio Chat – Take 20 Remake] 2. Hold Me Tight [Take 20 Remake] 3. Hold Me Tight [Take 21] 4. Hold Me Tight [Take 22] 5. Hold Me Tight [Take 23] 6. Hold Me Tight [Take 24] 7. Hold Me Tight [Take 25] 8. Hold Me Tight [Take 26] 9. Hold Me Tight [Take 27] 10. Hold Me Tight [Take 28] 11. Hold Me Tight [Take 29] 12. Don’t Bother Me [Take 10] 13. Don’t Bother Me [Take 11] 14. Don’t Bother Me [Take 12] 15. Don’t Bother Me [Take 13]

17th October 1963 – EMI Studio 2, London – 2:30PM – 10:00PM
16. I Want To Hold Your Hand [Take 01] 17. I Want To Hold Your Hand [Take 02] 18. I Want To Hold Your Hand [Take 04] 19. I Want To Hold Your Hand [Take 09] 20. I Want To Hold Your Hand [Unknown Take #1] 21. I Want To Hold Your Hand [Unknown Take #2] 22. I Want To Hold Your Hand [RS17 Stereo Mix] 23. This Boy [Takes 04 + 11 Announcement] 24. This Boy [Take 12] 25. This Boy [Take 13] 26. This Boy [Unknown Take #1] 27. This Boy [Unknown Take #2] 28. This Boy [RS15 from Take 15]

29th January 1964 – EMI Pathe Marconi Studios, Paris
29. Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand [Take 01] 30. Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand [Take 02] 31. Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand [Take 07] 32. Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand [Take 09] 33. Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand [Take 10] 34. Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand [Unknown Take] 35. Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand [UK Rarities Mix] 36. Sie Liebt Dich [Unknown Take] 37. Sie Liebt Dich [US Rarities Mix] 38. Can’t Buy Me Love [Take 01] 39. Can’t Buy Me Love [Take 02] 40. Can’t Buy Me Love [Take 03] 41. Can’t Buy Me Love [Take 04] 42. Can’t Buy Me Love [Take 04 with Overdubs]

25th February 1964 – EMI Studio 2, London – 10:00AM – 5:30PM
43. You Can’t Do That [Take 06] 44. You Can’t Do That [Unknown Take] 45. And I Love Her [Take 02]

26th February 1964 – EMI Studio 2, London – 2:30PM – 10:00PM
46. I Should Have Known Better [Take 08] 47. I Should Have Known Better [Take 11] 48. I Should Have Known Better [Unknown Take] 49. I Should Have Known Better [Reel Music 1982 Mix] 50. And I Love Her [Takes 11 + 21 Announcement] 51. And I Love Her [Take 14 – Fragment] 52. And I Love Her [Unknown Take]

27th February 1964 – EMI Studio 2, London – 10:00AM – 5:30PM
53. And I Love Her [Instrumental] 54. And I Love Her [Take 22 – German Stereo Mix] 55. Tell Me Why [Take 02] 56. Tell Me Why [Take 04] 57. If I Fell [Unknown Take]

1st March 1964 – EMI Studio 2, London – 10:00AM – 1:00PM
58. I Call Your Name [Take 01 – Fragment]

25th February – 1st March 1964 – EMI Studio 2, London
59. Train Song

Bonus Tracks
60. ”OK, Hang on” [Undated Studio-Outtake] 61. I’m In Love [Take 21 – Bill J. Kramer Version] 62. I’m In Love [Take 22 – Bill J. Kramer Version] 63. Can’t Buy Me Love [Edit of Takes 01 + 02 – Anthology Mix]


Disc 2 (77:36)
16th April 1964 – EMI Studio 2, London – 10:00AM – 12:00PM
1. A Hard Day’s Night [Take 1] 2. A Hard Day’s Night [Take 2] 3. A Hard Day’s Night [Take 3] 4. A Hard Day’s Night [Take 4] 5. A Hard Day’s Night [Take 5] 6. A Hard Day’s Night [Take 6] 7. A Hard Day’s Night [Take 7] 8. A Hard Day’s Night [Take 8] 9. A Hard Day’s Night [Take 9] 10. A Hard Day’s Night [Take 9 with Overdubs]

19th April 1964 – IBC Studios, London
11. Twist And Shout [Mono Mix] 12. Roll Over Beethoven [Mono Mix] 13. I Wanna Be Your Man [Stereo Mix] 14. Long Tall Sally [Stereo Mix] 15. Beatles A-Side Medley
16. Can’t Buy Me Love [Mono Mix] 17. Shout [Unedited Mono Mix] 18. Boys [Stereo Mix]

1st June 1964 – EMI Studio 2, London – 7:00PM – 10:00PM
19. I’ll Be Back [Take 2] 20. I’ll Be Back [Take 3] 21. I’ll Be Back [Take 12] 22. I’ll Be Back [Take 13] 23. I’ll Be Back [Take 14] 24. I’ll Be Back [Take 15]

3rd June 1964 – EMI Studio 2, London
25. You Know What to Do [Demo] 26. No Reply [Demo]

11th August 1964 – EMI Studio 2, London – 7:00PM – 11:00PM
27. Baby’s In Black [Take 7]

14th August 1964 – EMI Studio 2, London – 7:00PM – 11:15PM
28. I’m A Loser [Take 1] 29. I’m A Loser [Take 2] 30. I’m A Loser [Take 3] 31. I’m A Loser [Take 4] 32. I’m A Loser [Take 5] 33. I’m A Loser [Take 6] 34. I’m A Loser [Take 7] 35. I’m A Loser [Take 8] 36. I’m A Loser [RS from Take 8] 37. Mr. Moonlight [Take 1] 38. Mr. Moonlight [Take 2] 39. Mr Moonlight [RS from Take 4] 40. Leave My Kitten Alone [Take 04] 41. Leave My Kitten Alone [Take 05]

30th September 1964 – EMI Studio 2, London – 2:30PM – 10:30PM
42. Every Little Thing [Unknown Take] 43. What You’re Doing [Take 11] 44. What You’re Doing [Unknown Take] 45. No Reply [Take 1] 46. No Reply [Take 2] 47. No Reply [Unknown Take #1] 48. No Reply [Unknown Take #2]

Bonus Tracks
49. “Keep Goin’ ” [Undated Studio-Outtake] 50. I Wanna Be Your Man [Mono Mix] 51. Long Tall Sally [Mono Mix] 52. Shout [Short Stereo Mix] 53. Leave My Kitten Alone [RS from Take 5 – Anthology CD Mix]

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