Beatles / 20 X 4 Remastered Edition / 1CDR 

Beatles / 20 X 4 Remastered Edition / 1CDR / Non Label

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Outtake With Alternate Vocal Tracks, From Abbey Road Sessions 7-18-69 Take 21

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There was a fan label called REMASTER WORKSHOP who was good at remastaring the Beatles past bootlegs. Its activities have been over for more than a decade, but unfortunately seems to have stopped working in the past few years. What I’m most proud of this label is to make past bootleg LP a CD. Under the concept of letting nostalgic analog items to be heard on CD, Adjusted scratch noise and pitch misadjustment, actively remastered the name board and the fuselage and kept exposing the file. REMASTER WORKSHOP created LP remaster titles of nostalgia that items released as a gift this week also are.
First of all, this LP which was released in 1978 was an editing compilation that included a newsletter of the Beatles’ new sound source which began to be excavated at the time. At the opening, Paul’s vocal take is completely different “Oh! Darling” was recorded, and it was the beginning of the shock at that time. Moreover, it can be called a trailer of the sound source which will be released on LP “NO.3 ABBEY ROAD NW 8”, such as Paul and Donovan ‘s session to’ Her Majesty ‘recorded until the end without being interrupted further.
Also, as the solo activity after the dissolution of the Beatles was in real time, the point that the sound source on the members / solo television and radio is summarized on the B side of the album will reflect the era. “Bye Bye Love” which the apple appeared in Japanese commercials, John last television appearance live, and George played with Paul Simon and television during the break (this is the audience recording by the viewer naturally) In the early days of release, sound sources that I heard for the first time are summarized, and they were also called famous boards.
However, this is exactly what seems to be the bootleg of the 1970s, and in the meantime songs from artists other than the fake sound source and the Beatles are recorded as a blanket. For example, “Help!” Picked up one channel from a speaker, and Kenny Oder’s artist “Homecoming Queen” was recorded as a wings unpublished song. Both of them are under control as they are wearing a monitor mix at the studio.
And as for top spirit, lead guitar was added without permission “Every Little Thing”. It certainly was a song that George was late for while recording and it was a song that I could not play the lead guitar, but back jersey recorded a ridiculous credit “George sings”. Was it well known that “Peace Of Mind” was deceived as Southern Pepper’s outtake and used in various LPs?
It is certainly an item that was treated as a masterpiece since it contained a groundbreaking new sound source at that time, but it seems like it was quite a bit of a make-up as I heard it again. In the past, when this album was converted to CD, there was also a version in which all sound sources of fake were replaced with headquarters’ take, but here it is such a fake and another artist’s performance as it is, yet it is very clean from LP It is attractive to record in the state. And in bonus there is an example “Homecoming Queen” recorded in a complete and clean state indeed!

(44: 27)
1. Oh! Darling – outtake with alternate vocal tracks, from Abbey Road sessions. 7-18-69 Take 21
2. Peace Of Mind – dunno who this is. You decide! (Not Beatles)
3. Blackbird – Paul & Donovan, from Mary Hopkin session for “Post Card”, Trident Studios, London, 11-68
4. Things We Said Today – from BBC “Top Gear”, recorded 7-14-64 and aired 7-16-64
5. Help! – this sounds like a monitor mix from 4-13-65 Take 9. It might be be . A FAKE It’S Never Turned Up On Another Bootleg.
6. Every Little Thing -.. A Monitor Mix From 9-24-64 Take 4. Also Never Turned Up Elsewhere FAKE
7. Kenny O’Dell – Homecoming Queen (Monitor Mix) – from The Soundshop, Nashville, 1972 (not McCartney)
8. Imagine – John Lennon, from “Salute To Sir Lew Grade”, 6-13-75
9. I Love My Suit – Ringo with Harry Nilsson and Davy Jones. Soundtrack of 1977 Japan TV ad for “Simple Life” leisure suits
10. Bye Bye Love – George with Paul Simon, from “Saturday Night Live” rehearsal, 11-17-76
11. My Carnival – Wings, WVUE – TV (New Orleans) news clip, from Sea Saint Studios on 2-13-75
12. Heather – Paul & Donovan, from “The Post Card Tape” 11-68
13. Her Majesty – unedited recording, 7-2-69 Take 3
14. Nowhere To Go + I ‘d Have You Anytime – George with Bob Dylan, late 11-68 at Dylan’s home in Woodstock, NY
15. Bluebird + Mama’s Little Girl + Michelle + Heart Of The Country – outtake from “James Paul McCartney”, 03-1973
16. Hi Hi Hi / C Moon (promo AD)
bonus track
17. Kenny O’Dell – Homecoming Queen (complete)

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