Beatles / Recovered Archives Vol 2 / 1DVD

Beatles / Recovered Archives Vol 2 / 1DVD / Misterclaudel

Translated text:
January 15, 1964 Cinema Cyrano Versailles, France, Previously Unreleased Associated Press Source


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Here is a sample video of digest from Vol.1 to Vol.4. And what is actually from compression for upload, please understand that you are asked a screen in the center. Product has been recorded in full screen.

Than mania must-have M Claudel label, new series of video appeared. This series named RECOVERED ARCHIVES is, as its name suggests, those that discovered archive, everyone first appearance video never seen, in the only such high-quality upgrade the video to surpass the image quality of until now is configured, it is excavated the video series.

This project, LIVE CHRONICLE Series M claw Dell label is currently release has become a beginning. Although it is a popular series that recorded valuable live sound and video of the Beatles in a systematic manner, its history has also become a thing more than 10 years, those that have been released at that time, by the subsequent excavation, currently always best not the case intended it came out. In addition, even in the first appearance the video that has been newly excavated, but have been stocked in the library of a variety of reasons in the M Claudel such as time constraints, there are many timing of release is difficult material. This time, the image of those treasured, for that whether is released to the series of itself, is this RECOVERED ARCHIVES.

Furthermore debut material of the Beatles has dramatically increased in the past 10 years. Rather, there is only this sound source time came out precisely because has passed, even the video, also various movements over the Beatles, I can say also promoted such excavation. From the video archives Beatles were buried in such worldwide and of a number of newly excavated ultra valuable images in recent years, here launched a new series, will they sequentially release but, I can say that the concept of RECOVERED ARCHIVES.

VOL.2 of the contents of the details are I’d like to see the chapter list, but none debut video, has been occupied by the first appearance upgrade the video, what you could not be viewed until now, I saw things This is footage of did not quality. Anyway as there as long as it is a mania, is supposed who understands the value of this footage. In addition, Even if you are not familiar with the video, future, I think always whether the splendor of this video can be day comes understanding. New series M claw Dell label is turning over the prestige. Since I am also planning to release this time, please please expected. Permanent preservation is firmly press board.



マニア必携Mクローデル・レーベルより、新たに映像のシリーズが登場します。RECOVERED ARCHIVESと名付けられた本シリーズは、その名の通り、発見されたアーカイブというもので、誰も見たことのない初登場映像、今までの画質を凌駕するハイ・クオリティのアップグレード映像などのみで構成された、発掘映像シリーズです。

このプロジェクトは、Mクローデルレーベルが現在リリースしているLIVE CHRONICLEシリーズが発端となっています。ビートルズの貴重なライヴ音源と映像を体系的に収録している人気のシリーズですが、その歴史も10年を超えるものとなっており、当時リリースされたものが、その後の発掘により、現在必ずしもベストのものではないケースが出てきました。また、新たに発掘された初登場映像であっても、時間の制約など様々な理由でMクローデルのライブラリーにストックされているものの、リリースのタイミングが難しいマテリアルも数多くあります。今回、それら秘蔵の映像を、それ自体をシリーズ化してリリースしてはどうかというのが、このRECOVERED ARCHIVESなのです。

さらにビートルズの初登場マテリアルは、ここ10年で飛躍的に増加しています。むしろ、これだけ時間が経ったからこそ出てきた音源、映像もあり、またビートルズを巡る様々な動きが、このような発掘を促進したとも言えます。そんな世界中に埋もれていたビートルズの映像アーカイブの中から、近年になって新たに発掘された超貴重な映像の数々を、ここに新たなシリーズを立ち上げて、それらを順次リリースしていくのが、RECOVERED ARCHIVESのコンセプトといえます。


January 15, 1964 Cinema Cyrano Versailles, France
previously unreleased Associated Press source
a : TORINI LOPEZ Green Green
b : SILVIE VARTAN Si je chante
c : THE BEATLES From Me To You

January 16, 1964 Cinema Cyrano Versailles, France upgrade and NO LOGO

January 16, 1964 Olympia Theatre Paris, France upgrade

February 11, 1964 Washington DC. U.S.A. upgrade
a : Twist And Shout
b : She Loves You

March, 1964 Sequences from “A Hard Day’s Night” colorise
a : Tell Me Why
b : And I Love Her

April 26, 1964 Empire Pool Wembley U.K. upgrade
a : She Loves You
b : Twist And Shout

June 04, 1964 K.B. Hallen Copenhagen, Denmark
a : news film previously unreleased
b : The Beatles She Loves You previously unreleased

c : The Hitmakers home movie previously unreleased
d : The Beatles home movie previously unreleased

June 04, 1964 London Airport, Heathrow to Kobenhavns Lufthavn, Kastrup
June 05, 1964 Amsterdam Luchthaven Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands
June 06, 1964 Veilinghal Blokker, The Netherplands news film previously unreleased
a : “In Holland” TCR
b : “In Holland” long version no TCR #1
c : “In Holland” long version no TCR #2
「In Holland」と題された記録フィルム。一部タイムコード入りで出回ったものの、本作に収録はタイムコードなしのロングバージョン。ブロッカーでのコンサートシーンに注目!

June 16, 1964 Festival Hall Melbourne, Australia
color home movie previously unreleased

June 17, 1964 Festival Hall Melbourne, Australia upgrade
a : All My Loving
b : Can’t Buy Me Love
c : Roll Over Beethoven
d : You Can’t Do That
e : Boys
f : Long Tall Sally
g : Twist And Shout
h : She Loves You
2006年の「Channel 9 Master」制作時には既にビデオテープのマスターが痛んでしまっていたが、これはテープが痛む前に保管されていた別コピーで、Channel 9 Masterでみられたドロップアウトが無い。

June 22, 1964 Sydney Stadium Sydney, Australia
previously unreleased
Misterclaudel. MCDVD-37

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