Beatles / Alternates I & II / 4CD

Beatles / Alternates I & II / 4CD / Digital Archives Promotion

Various Unusual Mix Collection.

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“* The latest compilation of rare sound sources that the Beatles collectors are paying attention to! The latest remixes and remasters of the upgraded sound sources from monaural to real stereo are recorded together. Simultaneous release!
* Original press board imported directly from overseas

* The latest compilation of rare sound sources that the Beatles collectors are paying attention to! Many version differences and session outtakes due to the latest remix & remaster are recorded with an upgraded sound source that has been reborn as real stereo by multi-track analysis by the latest restore editing from the original monaural sound source so far. In addition, noise removal and balance correction have been applied, making it the latest compilation with improved sound quality as well as real stereo from monaural when compared to the same sound source in the past. Early single versions such as “Love Me Do” and “See Loves You”, which do not have a stereo master, are recorded in a completely separated real stereo unlike the past pseudo-stereo. “BASIC TRACKS” in each song notation is the sound source before the overdubbing of the instrument is completed, and “SINGLE VOCAL TRACKS” is the sound source that highlights the vivid vocals in the previous stage when double tracking vocals and choruses are layered. “NO ADT” and ADT (artificial double tracking = artificial vocal multiple recording) are the same, and it is a naked vocal version before overdubbing. These sound sources are known to enthusiasts as “MINUS ONE” sound sources, but most of them were monaural as a result of track separation, but this time it became a stereo version by further multi-track analysis and restore editing. I am. Also, depending on the song, monaural sound sources such as the take recorded in “Anthology” and the chorus version of “Revolution” have also appeared for the first time in stereo. VOL, 1 (CD1 & 2) and VOL. 2 (CD1) is recorded in almost time series, and VOL. This is the latest DAP compilation of collectors’ attention, delivered in a volume of a total of 4 CDs containing additional extra tracks on 2 (CD2).


*ビートルズ・コレクター注目のレア音源コンピレーション最新作!最新リミックス&リマスターによる数多くのバージョン違いやセッション・アウトテイクスがこれまでのオリジナル・モノラル音源から最新リストア編集によるマルチトラック解析によってリアル・ステレオに生まれ変わったアップグレード音源で収録。さらにノイズ除去やバランス修正も施されており過去の同音源と聴き比べるとモノラルからのリアル・ステレオ化だけではなく音質クオリティも向上した最新コンピレーションとなっています。「ラブ・ミー・ドゥ」「シー・ラブス・ユー」等ステレオ・マスターが存在しない初期のシングル・バージョンは過去の疑似ステレオと違い完全分離されたセパレーションのリアル・ステレオで収録されています。各曲表記の”BASIC TRACKS”は楽器のオーバーダブが完了する前段階の音源で”SINGLE VOCAL TRACKS”はダブル・トラッキング・ボーカルやコーラス等を重ねる前段階の生々しいボーカルが浮き彫りとなった音源で”NO ADT”もADT(アーティフィシャル・ダブル・トラッキング=人工的ボーカル多重録音)も同様でオーバーダブ前のネイキッドなボーカル・バージョンです。これらの音源は”MINUS ONE”音源としてマニアには知られた音源ですがトラック分離の結果その多くがモノラルとなっていたのに対し今回は更なるマルチトラック解析とリストア編集によってステレオ・バージョンとなっています。また曲によっては”アンソロジー”に収録されていたテイクや「レヴォリューション」のコーラス・バージョンといったモノラル音源もステレオ初登場となっています。VOL,1(CD1&2)とVOL.2(CD1)でほぼ時系列に収録されVOL.2(CD2)に更なるエクストラ・トラックスを収録したトータルCD4枚組のヴォリュームでお届けするコレクター注目のDAP最新コンピレーションです。

Beatles / Alternates I / 2CD / Digital Archives Promotion. DAPB052CD1/2

Various Unusual Mix Collection

1. LOVE ME DO separated stereo mix
2. P.S. I LOVE YOU separated stereo mix
3. PLEASE PLEASE ME separated stereo mix
4. ASK ME WHY separated stereo mix
5. FROM ME TO YOU separated stereo mix
6. THANK YOU GIRL separated stereo mix
7. SHE LOVES YOU separated stereo mix
8. I’LL GET YOU separated stereo mix
9. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND basic tracks – no handclaps
10. THIS BOY single vocal tracks
11. ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN basic tracks – no handclaps
12. ALL MY LOVING hi-hat count-in remix
13. DON’T BOTHER ME basic tracks – clean vocals
14. MONEY (THAT’S WHAT I WANT) alternate piano mix
15. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT basic tracks – no overdubs
16. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER single vocal tracks
17. IF I FELL single vocal tracks
18. I’M HAPPY JUST TO DANCE WITH YOU basic single vocal tracks
19. AND I LOVE HER single vocal tracks
20. CAN’T BUY ME LOVE basic single vocal tracks
21. ANYTIME AT ALL basic single vocal tracks
22. I’LL CRY INSTEAD basic single vocal tracks
23. THINGS WE SAID TODAY basic single vocal tracks
24. LONG TALL SALLY no piano mix
25. SLOW DOWN no piano mix
26. I FEEL FINE single vocal tracks
27. BABY’S IN BLACK basic single vocal tracks
28. EIGHT DAYS A WEEK single vocal tracks
29. LEAVE MY KITTEN ALONE single vocal tracks
30. IF YOU’VE GOT TROUBLE basic single vocal tracks
31. THE NIGHT BEFORE basic single vocal tracks
32. I NEED YOU single vocal tracks
33. TICKET TO RIDE basic single vocal tracks

1. HELP! multi-tracks remix
3. IT’S ONLY LOVE basic tracks
4. I’VE JUST SEEN A FACE basic single vocal tracks
5. YESTERDAY no strings mix
6. WE CAN WORK IT OUT basic single vocal tracks
7. DAY TRIPPER basic single vocal tracks
8. NOWHERE MAN single vocal tracks
9. THINK FOR YOURSELF basic single vocal tracks
10. THE WORDS single vocal tracks
11. MICHELLE basic tracks
12. WHAT GOES ON without vocal harmonies
13. IN MY LIFE single vocal tracks
14. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE single vocal tracks
15. PAPERBACK WRITER basic single vocal tracks
16. ELEANOR RIGBY basic tracks
18. HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE single vocal tracks
20. DR. ROBERT no ADT mix
21. YELLOW SUBMARINE complete full sound effects
22. FOR NO ONE backing tracks
23. TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS forward solo mix
24. PENNY LANE basic single vocal tracks
26. SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND basic tracks – clean ending
27. A DAY IN THE LIFE no orchestra naked mix
28. THE FOOL ON THE HILL single vocal tracks
29. FLYING single tracked mix
30. YOUR MOTHER SHOULD KNOW single vocal tracks

compiled by DAP 2020


Beatles / Alternates II / 2CD / Digital Archives Promotion. DAPB053CD1/2

Various Unusual Mix Collection

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1. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE basic single vocal tracks
2. I AM THE WARLUS complete stereo mix
3. THE INNER LIGHT take 6 with vocal track
5. BACK IN THE U.S.S.R. basic single vocal tracks
6. OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA original clean stereo mix
7. REVOLUTION 1 reconstruction
8. BIRTHDAY alternate stereo mix
9. OLD BLOWN SHOE clean vocal remix
10. COME TOGETHER without John’s extra vocal parts
11. SOMETHING single vocal tracks
12. BECAUSE single vocal tracks
13. HERE COMES THE SUN alternate solo mix
15. GOLDEN SLUMBERS / CARRY THAT WEIGHT heaven’s choir mix
16. GET BACK alternate stereo mix
17. DON’T LET ME DOWN alternate stereo mix
18. DIG A PONY alternate stereo mix
19. I ME MINE alternate stereo mix
20. THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD alternate stereo mix
21. LET IT BE alternate stereo mix

1. THE ONE AFTER 909 separated stereo mix
2. MONEY (THAT’S WHAT I WANT) alternate separated mix
3. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND alternate overdub tracks
4. CAN’T BUY ME LOVE alternate tracks
5. KOMM GIB MIR DEINE HAND clean stereo mix
6. I FEEL FINE alternate overdub tracks
7. SHE’S A WOMAN alternate stereo mix
8. EIGHT DAYS A WEEK sessions
9. HONEY DON’T basic single vocal tracks
10. YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE THAT GIRL alternate stereo mix
11. ACT NATURALLY alternate stereo mix
12. THAT MEANS A LOT clean stereo mix
13. 12 BAR ORIGINAL alternate stereo mix
14. NOWHERE MAN alternate overdub tracks
15. IN MY LIFE alternate overdub tracks
16. RAIN alternate stereo mix
17. MARK I (TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS) separated stereo mix
18. TAXMAN original ending mix
19. ELEANOR RIGBY vocal tracks
21. AND YOUR BIRD CAN SING take 2 vocal tracks
22. GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE separated stereo mix
23. PENNY LANE naked mix
24. YOUR MOTHER SHOULD KNOW overdub tracks
25. REVOLUTION take 1 separated stereo mix
26. HERE COMES THE SUN take 15 vocal and orchestra mix
27. THE WALK (YOU WON’T GET ME THIS WAY) separated stereo mix

compiled by DAP 2020

Digital Archives Promotion. DAP-B052

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