Beatles / Complete Recording Sessions Volume 0 / 1CD

Beatles / Complete Recording Sessions Volume 0 / 1CD / Non Label

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June 1961 – October 1962.

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“COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS” which is popular among maniacs as a compilation of a new generation that summarizes the Beatles’ recording session sound source, but its starting point “VOL.0” is released as a gift item CD-R it was done. Naturally, the sound source before the debut does not exist in the session phase nor does it start with a studio recording (Beatles does not sing) that acted as a back of Tony Sheridan, and there is a studio source after “VOL.1” The taste is different. So it was treated gifts daringly.
However, the convenience that they can listen to studio recordings before their debut entirely on a single CD, as well as the convenience that only the best sources of famous sound sources before debut, including Dekka Audition, are summarized is a big appeal. And most of all, “Because it is a series, I still want to have” VOL.0 “on the press board” as well, the voice has come to be gathered, together with the release of the sequel “VOL.3” “VOL.0” Limited press CD release realized.
Of course, there is no way to release it as it is for this press CD promotion. Although it is Tony Sheridan sound source which occupies the first half of this disk, in the colttukey production version which became the original, the fan was adopting the so-called fan mix version which moved the vocal stereo to the center. This was tried in the item of “KICKS KUDOS AND CASH” fan release release, but of course it is not an official remix. So in this release we replaced all of this part with Polydor · Regular Mix. From a material point of view this is the correct answer.
Conversely, it means that value has been left on the gift CD-R with this. Yes, because only the version of the center mix is ​​heard here. If you have a gift version, please listen to this regular mix.

Decka audition tape which is the core of “VOL.0” was also diverted to “KICKS KUDOS AND CASH”, and furthermore the Godfather also released “WHERE ARE WE GOING, BOYS? THE DEFINITIVE DECCA TAPES” Decka tape Recorded from the fan release “NEVER MIND THE TREMELOES … HERE’S THE BEATLES” who called the topic as the best version of.
Deska tape which various items mixed with the boot and the official from the era of LP has been released, but in the end it was the same as the single of Deccagon that put out this sound for the first time, “THE DECCAGONES “It was recognized among maniacs that the best is, and that master finally appeared on the net was” NEVER MIND THE TREMELOES “.
As for the first recording which also celebrated the audition of June 6 that the major debut has finally come true, long version of “Besame Mucho” has been discovered for a long time, but since this is rough texture compared with other songs this time In releasing it is easier with equalization. The sense of discomfort with other first recording songs has narrowed considerably.

In addition, bonus tracks are added to further enhance the contents for this release. Although it can not be strictly called studio recording, a rehearsal at the cabin club where audiences are not entered is included as a bonus. We are familiar sound sources since the time of “Keene made” THE CAVERN TAPES CIRCA 1962 “, but here is the master jedi (” LAST LACQUERS “) which repaired unnecessary cuts and further fine-tuned the pitch It is recorded from the same name release of production. As a sound source that has already been widely circulated, there are surprisingly many manians who do not know the existence of his version. It is also important to note that making this first press CD.

And finishing off the end of this disc is “A Taste Of Honey” from the TV show “Manufacturer’s PEOPLE AND PLACES” that the Beatles appeared on October 29, 1962. Of course it is not a studio sound source, and additionally it has become a recording from the middle of the performance. However, with regard to the TV appearance of the Beatles 1962, there is no picture at all (it is natural because it’s still time to debut, is not it?), This is a piece that was barely recorded from the TV’s speaker at the time and left behind . On that day it was said that the debut song “Love Me Do” was also played, but unfortunately all fragments that can be heard here.
Above all, it is precious to call live performances that are not mouthpaks in television appearances of this era, and until now it has been misunderstood as being played on the BBC radio, and there are many sound sources that are recorded with crazy pitch was. Here it is recorded with an exact pitch, and it is a fragmented but playful performance.
Thus, famous sound sources before debut such as Tony Sheridan, Decka Tape, and early EMI recording are put together on a single CD, and the best version. In the added cabin club rehears, the point that the first version of “I Saw Her Standing There” is heard is appealing. Unlike later album versions and performances at Star Club, it will be surprised by a different color arrangement that John plays at a calm tempo and blows harmonica what. Competitive Recording Sessions’ series Compared to the main part, it may be a different color content, but it is a compilation without complaint in pre-debut sound source that can be enjoyed from beginners to maniacs. For those who recorded “That’ll Be The Day” acetate recorded by the qualemen era, please visit this well-received “LAST LACQUERS”.

ビートルズのレコーディング・セッション音源をまとめた新世代の集大成ということでマニアから好評を頂いている「COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS」ですが、そのスタート地点である「VOL.0」はギフト・アイテムCD-Rとしてリリースされました。デビュー前の音源は当然ながらセッション段階のものが存在せず、おまけにトニー・シェリダンのバックを務めたスタジオ録音(ビートルズが歌わない)から始まることもあり、「VOL.1」以降のスタジオ音源とは趣が異なります。そこで敢えてギフト扱いとなったのでした。
もちろん、今回のプレスCD昇格に当たってそのままリリースするはずもありません。このディスクの前半を占めるトニー・シェリダン音源ですが、元になったcolttukey制作バージョンにおいてはファンがボーカルの定位をセンターに移した、いわゆるファンミックスのバージョンが採用されていました。これは「KICKS KUDOS AND CASH」というファン制作リリースのアイテムの中で試みられていたものですが、もちろん正式なリミックスではない。そこで今回のリリースに当たっては、このパートをすべてポリドール・レギュラー・ミックスに差し替えました。資料的見地からすればこちらが正解というもの。

「VOL.0」の中核を占めるデッカ・オーディション・テープは「KICKS KUDOS AND CASH」にも流用され、さらにはゴッドファーザーも「WHERE ARE WE GOING, BOYS? THE DEFINITIVE DECCA TAPES」をリリースしたほどデッカ・テープのベスト・バージョンとして話題を呼んだファンリリース「NEVER MIND THE TREMELOES…HERE’S THE BEATLES」からの収録。
LPの時代からブート、オフィシャル入り混じって様々なアイテムがリリースされてきたデッカ・テープですが、結局はこの音源を初めて明るみに出したデッカゴーンのシングルと、同じレーベルがLPで出し直した「THE DECCAGONES」がベストということがマニアの間で認識され、そのマスターがようやくネット上に現れてくれたのが「NEVER MIND THE TREMELOES」だったのです。
遂にメジャーデビューが叶った6月6日のオーディションを兼ねたファースト・レコーディングに関しては「Besame Mucho」のロングバージョンが発掘されて久しいものですが、これだけ他の曲と比べてざらついた質感ですので、今回のリリースに当たってはイコライズにて緩和。他のファースト・レコーディング曲との違和感がかなり狭まりました。

さらに今回のリリースに当たってはボーナストラックを追加してさらに内容を充実させています。厳密にはスタジオ・レコーディングと呼べないものの、観客を入れないキャバーン・クラブにおけるリハーサルをボーナスとして収録。我々にはキニー製「THE CAVERN TAPES CIRCA 1962」の頃からおなじみの音源ではありますが、ここの収められたのは不要なカットを修繕し、さらにピッチも緻密にアジャストしたmaster jedi(「LAST LACQUERS」でおなじみ)制作の同名リリースから収録。既に広く出回っていた音源ということもあり、彼のバージョンの存在を知らないマニアが意外と多いのではないでしょうか。こちらの初プレスCD化というのも注目すべきポイントかと。

そして今回のディスク最後を締めくくるのはビートルズが1962年10月29日に出演したマンチェスターでのテレビ番組「PEOPLE AND PLACES」からの「A Taste Of Honey」。もちろんスタジオ音源ではありませんし、おまけに演奏の途中からの録音となっています。しかしビートルズ1962年のテレビ出演に関しては映像がまったく現存しておらず(まだデビュー間もない時期だから当然ですよね)、当時の放送をテレビのスピーカーから辛うじて録音して残された断片がこれなのです。当日は他にデビュー曲の「Love Me Do」も演奏されたとのことですが、残念ながらここで聞ける断片がすべて。
こうしてトニー・シェリダン、デッカ・テープ、そして最初期EMIレコーディングといったデビュー前の有名音源が一枚のCDに、しかもベストのバージョンでまとめられている。追加されたキャバーン・クラブ・リハでは「I Saw Her Standing There」の最初期バージョンが聞かれる点も魅力。ここでは後のアルバムバージョンやスター・クラブでの演奏と違い、落ち着いたテンポで演奏された上にジョンが何とハーモニカを吹くという異色なアレンジに驚かされることでしょう。「COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS」シリーズ本編と比べると異色の内容かもしれませんが、初心者からマニアまで楽しめるデビュー前音源における文句なしの集大成。クオリーメン時代の録音した「That’ll Be The Day」アセテートの方はこれまた好評の「LAST LACQUERS」でどうぞ。


01. My Bonnie [German Intro] 02. My Bonnie [English Intro] 03. My Bonnie
04. The Saints
05. Why (Can’t You Love Me Again)
06. Cry For A Shadow
07. Ain’t She Sweet
08. If You Love Me Baby
09. Nobody’s Child
10. Money (That’s What I Want)
11. The Sheik of Araby
12. Memphis, Tennessee
13. Three Cool Cats
14. Sure To Fall (In Love With You)
15. September In The Rain
16. Take Good Care of My Baby
17. Till There Was You
18. Crying Waiting Hoping
19. To Know Her Is To Love Her
20. Besame Mucho
21. Searchin’
22. Like Dreamers Do
23. Hello Little Girl
24. Love of The Loved
25. Besame Mucho
26. Love Me Do
27. Sweet Georgia Brown [1962 Version] 28. Sweet Georgia Brown [1964 Version] 29. I Saw Her Standing There
30. One After 909 [Take 1] 31. One After 909 [Take 2] 32. Catswalk [Take 1] 33. Catswalk [Take 2] 34. A Taste of Honey [Partial]

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