Beach Boys / Surfin USA 50th Anniversary Edition / 2CD

Beach Boys / Surfin USA 50th Anniversary Edition / 2CD  / Big Beat Production

Translated Text:

Label original 50th Anniversary Stereo Mix & Capitol Studios 11th February 1963.


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The 50th Anniversary Edition 2nd edition by enthusiastic fan compilation of BB 5!

The 50th anniversary edition of the album “Surfing USA” released by the beach boys in 1963 appeared in a two-sheet press board supervised by an enthusiastic beach boys fan! It is a new decisive compilation title of surf USA which collected thoroughly in 2 CDs, mainly on session sound source, realisties. Recording original selection of stereo mix, single reality, album session sound source, recording of related artists involved in the session by members. This project started with ‘I want this BB 5 item’ (planner’s story), finished in item to draw a line with Vimyo ~ cheap price half rolling on the street!
The image of front jacket is a photographer connection of the original board Jake. We will deliver here with fulfilling content appropriate for the 50th anniversary anniversary edition. Jake is a four-page spread, the board is a color / picture disc specification.

BB5の熱烈なファン編纂による50th アニヴァーサリー・エディション第2弾!


Disc 1
Label Original 50th Anniversary Mix
1. Surfin’ U.S.A.
2. Farmer’s Daughter
3. Misirlou
4. Stoked
5. Lonely Sea
6. Shut Down
7. Noble Surfer
8. Honky Tonk
9. Lana
10. Surf Jam
11. Let’s Go Trippin’
12. Finders Keepers

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab CD (UDCD-521)[1989] 13. Surfin’ U.S.A.
14. Farmer’s Daughter
15. Misirlou
16. Stoked
17. Lonely Sea
18. Shut Down
19. Noble Surfer
20. Honky Tonk
21. Lana
22. Surf Jam
23. Let’s Go Trippin’
24. Finders Keepers

DCC 24k Gold Disc Remaster
25. Surfin’ U.S.A. (from Endless Summer)
26. Shut Down (from Endless Summer)

27. Surfin’ U.S.A. (Japanese Single Master)
28. Shut Down (Japanese Single Master)

Disc 2

Western Records Studios 13th September 1962
1. Cindy, Oh Cindy
2. The Surfer Moon (Instrumental) [Bob & Sheri] 3. The Surfer Moon [Bob & Sheri]

Western Records Studios 12th December 1962
Dennis Wilson played the drums
4. Barefoot Adventure (Demo) [The Four Speeds] 5. My Sting Ray [The Four Speeds] 6. R.P.M. [The Four Speeds]

Western Records Studios 2nd January 1963
7. Little Surfer Girl (Demo)
8. Punchline (Instrumental)
9. Surfin’ U.S.A. (Demo)

Western Records Studios 5th January 1963
10. Shut Down (Instrumental)
11. Surfin’ U.S.A. (Instrumental)

Radio Records Studio 18th January 1963
12. Marie [Bob & Brian with Honeys] 13. Ride Away [Bob & Sheri] 14. The Big Beat [Bob & Sheri]

Western Records Studios 31st January 1963
15. Farmer’s Daughter (Instrumental)
16. Lana (Instrumental)
17. Shut Down (1st Vocal Overdub)
18. Shut Down (2nd Vocal Overdub)
19. Surfin’ U.S.A. (1st Vocal Overdub)
20. Surfin’ U.S.A. (2nd Vocal Overdub)

Capitol Studios 11th February 1963
21. Farmer’s Daughter (Vocal Overdub)
22. Farmer’s Daughter (Back Vocal Overdub)
23. Honky Tonk (Take 9)
24. Lana (Vocal Overdub)
25. Lana (Back Vocal Overdub)
26. Let’s Go Trippin’ (Take 8)
27. Miserlou (Take 12)
28. Noble Surfer (1st Stereo Mix)
29. Noble Surfer (2nd Stereo Mix)

Capitol Studios 12th February 1963
30. Finder Keepers (Vocal Take 18)
31. Stoked (Take 16)
32. Surf Jam (Take 8)

KFMB TV Studios 2nd March 1963
33. Things We Did Last Summer

4th March 1963
Backing+Backing Vocals
34. Surfin’ [Jan & Dean] 35. Surfin’ Safari [Jan & Dean]

Big Beat Production. BBP-004/5

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