Beach Boys / Surfin Safari 50th Anniversary Edition / 2CD

Beach Boys / Surfin Safari 50th Anniversary Edition / 2CD / Big Beat Production

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50th Anniversary Edition.

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The 50th anniversary edition of the debut album “Surfing Safari” released by the beach boys’ 1962 release appeared in a two-sheet press board supervised by an enthusiastic beach boys fan! It is a definitive compilation title of surfing safari which thoroughly recorded on 2 CDs, mainly outtake, realisties. Firstly in the first section of the first album is fully reproduced by stereo mix by original mix of “THE BIG BEAT PRODUCTIONS”. In the next section, it is recorded from the pseudo stereo board LP (DT 1808) of the current board uncompressed CD (now, it appears in the imported halfboard). In addition, two songs of 25-26 songs are songs of surfing safari recorded in various DCC gold disc boards. It is recorded here because it is mastering difference with the current CD. 27-35 songs are recorded as ‘singles’ covering not all albums, singles ‘mix differences, maniac mastering differences, and related artists’ singles. The second piece includes the session sound source and the acoustic sound source in the studio from the home recording, including the interview sound source, and also selected thoroughly also recorded here. We will deliver here with fulfilling content appropriate for the 50th anniversary anniversary edition. Jake is a four-page spread, the board is a color / picture disc specification.

ビーチ・ボーイズの1962年リリースのデビューアルバム「サーフィン・サファリ」の50thアニバーサリー・エディションが熱心なビーチボーイズ・ファン監修による2枚組プレス盤で登場!アウトテイク、レアリティーズを中心にCD2枚に徹底収録したサーフィン・サファリの決定的コンピレーション・タイトルです。まず1枚目最初のセクションには当「THE BIG BEAT PRODUCTIONS」のオリジナル・ミックスによるステレオ・ミックスにてアルバムを完全再現。次のセクションでは現行盤未CD化(現在、輸入ハーフ盤では出てる模様)の疑似ステレオ盤LP(DT 1808)から収録。さらに25-26曲目収録の2曲はDCCゴールドディスク盤各種に収録されたサーフィン・サファリの楽曲。現行CDとはマスタリング違いということでここに収録。27-35曲目は「シングルズ」としてアルバム未収録曲、シングルのミックス違い、マニアックなマスタリング違い、関連アーチストのシングルまで網羅し収録。2枚目はホームレコーディングからスタジオでのセッション音源、アセテート音源を中心に、インタビュー音源も含め、選りすぐってこちらも徹底的に収録。まさに50周年アニバーサリー・エディションにふさわしい充実した内容でここにお届け致します。ジャケは4面見開き、盤はカラー・ピクチャーディスク仕様。

DISC 1 (72:51)

Label Original 50th Anniversary Mix
01. Surfin’ Safari
02. County Fair
03. Ten Little Indians
04. Chug-A-Lug
05. Little Girl (You’re My Miss America)
06. 409
07. Surfin’
08. Heads You Win – Tails I Lose
09. Summertime Blues
10. Cuckoo Clock
11. Moon Dawg
12. The Shift

Duophonic for Stereo Phonographs Only (DT 1808)
13. Surfin’ Safari
14. County Fair
15. Ten Little Indians
16. Chug-A-Lug
17. Little Girl (You’re My Miss America)
18. 409
19. Surfin’
20. Heads You Win – Tails I Lose
21. Summertime Blues
22. Cuckoo Clock
23. Moon Dawg
24. The Shift

DCC 24k Gold Disc Remaster
25. Surfin’ Safari (from Endless Summer)
26. 409 (from Spirit Of America)

The Singles
27. Surfin’ (Single Version)
28. Luau
29. Barbie [Kenny & The Cadets] 30. What Is A Young Girl Made Of [Kenny & The Cadets] 31. 409 (Japanese Single Master)
32. Surfin’ Safari (Deep Echo)
33. Ten Little Indians (Japanese Single Master)
34. Country Fair (Japanese Single Master)
35. Surfin’ Safari (German Arioria Records)

DISC 2 (71:35)

Hawthorne, CA. 6th September 1961
01. Surfin’ (Home Rehearsal)

Morgan’s Home Demo 15th September 1961
02. Lavender
03. Luau
04. Surfin’

Keen Recording Studio 3rd October 1961
05. Luau (First Attempt)
06. Luau (Master Take)
07. Surfin’ (Early Take)
08. Surfin’ (Master Take)

World Pacific Studio 8th February 1962
09. Beach Boys Stomp (a.k.a. Karate)
10. Judy (Early Take)
11. Judy (Master Take)
12. Surfer Girl
13. Surfin’ Safari (Take 4)
14. Surfin’ Safari (Take 5)
15. Surfin’ Safari (Unknown Take Over Dub)

Morgan’s Home Demo 8th March 1962
16. Barbie (Alternate Vocal)
17. What Is A Young Girl Made Of (Alternate Vocal)

19th April 1962 Western Studio
Demo Recording for Capitol Records
18. Comment By Marry Wilson
19. Four-O-Nine (Long Version)
20. Lonely Sea (Oroginal Mono)
21. Surfin’ Safari (Long Version)
22. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring

14th July 1962
23. Mr. Moto Interview Radio KOXR (Brian Wilson)

Live at Azua Teen Club, Texas, CA. 27th July 1962
Shooting for Movie “One Man’s Challenge”
24. Surfin’ Safari

Capitol Studio 5th August 1962
25. Counrty Fair (Instrumental)
26. Cukoo Clock (Instrumental)

Capitol Studio 6th August 1962
27. Land Ahoy
28. Little Girl (You’re My Miss America) (Instrumental)
29. Summertime Blues (Instrumental)

Harmony Records Studio 4th September 1962
Recording for BOB & SHERI
30. Humpty Dumpty (Acetate)
31. Revo-Lution (Acetate)
32. Visions (a.k.a. Number One)

Big Beat Production. TBB-002/003

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