Beach Boys / Paleo Festival 1987 / 1CDR

Beach Boys / Paleo Festival 1987 / 1CDR / Project Zip

Translated Text:

Live At Paleo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland July 23rd 1987. Soundboard

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The beach boys who started the tour energetically in commemoration of 25th anniversary of the formation, appeared in the outdoor festival “Pareo Festival” annually held in Nyon, Switzerland on July 23, 1987!

A valuable sound source that recorded live at this time on the local radio broadcast sound board first appeared!
Unfortunately, although not all concerts, enjoy the unique performance of this period with new high and low quality sound boards showing off new and old songs!



01. Darlin’/02. Dance Dance Dance/03. Wouldn’t It Be Nice/04. Do It Again/05. Then I Kissed Her/06. Don’t Worry Baby/07. In My Room/08. God Only Knows/09. Cottonfields/10. 409/11. Little GTO/12. I Get Around/13. Getcha Back/14. California Dreaming/15. Come Go With Me/16. Good Vibrations/17. Rock And Roll Music/18. Help Me Rhonda/19. Barbara Ann

Live At Paleo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland July 23rd 1987


Project Zip. PJZ-577

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