BB King / Play The Blues In Houston / 2CDR

BB King / Play The Blues In Houston / 2CDR / Project Zip

Translated Text:
Live At Rockefeller’s, Houston, TX 12/12/1982. Soundboard


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High-quality sound board Live BB King in ’82 is the first appearance!

December 12, 82 and complete recorded in Houston, Texas Rockefeller high-quality sound board sound performances that took place in the figure.

“BB King Orchestra” performance by the large family band also joined horn section as will me just to hear the gorgeous performance worthy of the “King”.

It will say that must listen title to represent the 80s live dignity plenty! !






Live At Rockefeller’s, Houston, TX 12/12/1982

01. Introducing The B.B. King Orchestra
02. Unknown Instrumental
03. Unknown Instrumental
04. Introducing B.B. King
05. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
06. Crying Won’t Help You
07. I’ve Got A Mind To Give Up Living
08. I Just Can’t Leave Your Love Alone

01. B.B. Monologue / You’re Losing Me / Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
02. I Like To Live The Love
03. Guess Who
04. Night Life
05. How Blue Can You Get?
06. Theme Music (announcing B.B. off and back onstage) / B.B. introduces the band
07. The Thrill Is Gone
08. There Must Be A Better World Somewhere
09. Theme Music (playing B.B. off)

Project Zip. PJZ-550A/B

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