Band / In A Station 1976 / 1CDR

Band / In A Station 1976 / 1CDR / Non Label

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Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA,USA 26th June 1976.


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The footage from the concert at Stanford University, early in the tour in 1976 the same as the DVD of this time have. The sound quality is excellent while being a record audience of ’76, clearness is distinguished in stereo. Release by the disk of the press is also possible, if originally? I am proud of the stunning state of about and seem. Besides rare point called play of nostalgia name board from “MUSIC FROM BIG PINK” and “In A Station” does not miss to hear on this tour early. Selection of music that was revived to live repertoire for the first time in many years and, along with “Tears Of Rage” I was even as if going back to the original intention, but I will because it was the song a minor among other albums first? I will no longer be picked up immediately after this. It should It is no exaggeration to say that such a valuable performance has also been captured in good sound quality and mania tears of gratitude. And the overall structure is also quite different from the DVD of this time in that tour early, you will be able to be called precious sound source that it had started the tour in groping still be seen at this point. And I put together a gift item high-grade it becomes easy to hear even more by applying also pitch adjustment this time. On this occasion, enjoy the best version of the excellent sound source must listen!


今回のDVDと同じ1976年ツアーの序盤であるスタンフォード大学でのコンサートの模様を収録しています。76年のオーディエンス録音でありながらその音質は素晴らしく、ステレオでクリアネスも抜群。本来ならばプレスのディスクによるリリースも可能では?と思えるほどの見事な状態を誇ります。しかもこのツアー序盤では名盤「MUSIC FROM BIG PINK」から懐かしの「In A Station」を演奏するというレア・ポイントも聞き逃せません。「Tears Of Rage」と並んで久々にライブ・レパートリーに復活した選曲は初心に帰るかのようですらあったのですが、先のアルバムの中でも特にマイナーな曲だったからでしょうか?この後すぐに取り上げられなくなってしまいます。そんな貴重な演奏も良好な音質で捉えられている点はマニア感涙といっても過言ではないはず。それにツアー序盤ということで全体の構成も今回のDVDとはまったく異なっており、この時点ではまだ手探り状態でツアーを開始していたことが解る貴重音源とも言えるでしょう。そして今回はピッチ調整も施して一層聴きやすくなったハイグレードなギフト・アイテムにまとめ上げました。この機会に、必聴の優良音源のベストヴァージョンをお楽しみ下さい!

1. Don’t Do It 2. Shape I’m In 3. Stage Fright 4. Ophelia 5. In A Station
6. WS Walcott Medicine Show 7. This Wheel’s On Fire 8. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
9. Chest Fever 10. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever 11. Forbidden Fruit 12. Tears Of Rage
13. The Weight 14. It Makes No Difference 15. King Harvest 16. Up On Cripple Creek
17. Life Is A Carnival

Rick Danko – Bass, Guitar, Vocals Levon Helm – Drums, Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Robbie Robertson – Guitar Garth Hudson – Organ, Keyboards, Accordion, Saxophones
Richard Manuel – Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Vocals


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