Badlands / Live 1989 Definitive Master / 2CD

Badlands / Live 1989 Definitive Master / 2CD / Zodiac 346
Live at Rock N’ Roll Heaven, Toronto, ON, Canada 28th July 1989. Compilation from US Tour 1989. Stereo SBD

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 BADLANDS, the legendary hard rock band by Jake E. Lee and Ray Guilan. The super high-end stereo sound board album is brushed up and reprinted.
 BADLANDS was the ultimate band that embodied the extreme north of “Genkin-like hard rock”. A super group formed by a former OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist and a former BLACK SAB BATH singer & drummer, and in 1989 shocked with BLUE MURDER and Mr. BIG. Not only the music but also the real music is genuine. While drawing in the air of the era of Bruce return, he never ran into the monotonous and sloppy blues rock. While full of catchy hooks, he wrote a masterpiece group that won’t be pop, Jake’s first scratching guitar and his vocal debut song “BADLANDS” with Ray’s hot, hot singing vocals is just the brilliance of silver. However, unfortunately (unless the person did not know what to do with it), I was not blessed with commercial success, and two albums (at that time) and only a few live pieces disappeared in the dark of history. . Although I did not leave a live album officially, this work is suitable for such “official substitute” … No, it is a more intense soundboard recording.
 What is included in such a work, how four performances. However, detailed date and time are unknown. It’s a mysterious live album with only the names “Cleveland”, “Detroit”, “Dayton” and “Du Coin” known. “I don’t know, I don’t know” But what is it? First, let’s find out the position of the show in a walk as far as we know.

“May 11 ‘BADLANDS’ released”
· June 13-19 : Japan (6 performances)
· July 6: Boston performances
· July 23-August 15: North America # 1 (16 performances)
・ August 21-December 8: North America # 2 (62 performances) ?? Here?
・ December 14: Mexico show

[Supernatural sound board of the outflow of people concerned]
 1989 when this BADLANDS decorated the debut of shock. It can be said to BLUE MURDER, but there are too many unknown points for their activities that were not successful worldwide. The above is also in the place where the document is dull, so please consider it as an approximate flow. Among them, the 4 performances of this work are likely to be “North America # 2” which was the opening seat of GREAT WHITE & TESLA (However, Cleveland and Detroit suburbs are also rotating in “North America # 1”, so still not sure … ). Still there is a reason that I understood even only the place name. In fact, this work is an outflow cassette brought in via related parties at that time. Only the place name was written on the label.
 Anyway, this work that recorded such four performances is just a stereophonic sound board of fierce and fierce. I often write “official class” as a compliment of the highest class, but in this film, although the quality is the official class, it is a more spectacular sound than that. It is a direct connection sound board that a large audience’s enthusiasm (wow enthusiasm) can be heard too small and far away, and its direct feeling is transcendent. The drum is the elasticity level of the skin that bounces back the stick, and the guitar and the bass both vibrate so well that the strings vibrating in front of the eyes are super-deep. Even though it’s the same super-superior, if it’s an FM broadcast or an official work, the entire production will be directed to the excitement of the venue, but there will be no such beautifulness on the direct-link sound board. If the mix for outputting to the site PA is rough and the switching is also radically changing, the sense of stereos can also be delivered from end to end of the venue. For example, if you are going to pan the guitar from side to side with the “Dancing On The Edge” intro, you can grungge through the brain.
 Such a transcendent sound board has been loved as “Lost in a Shadow” on the Shades label, but this work is a brush-up on that super masterpiece. Stakeholders Digitized again from cassettes and polished with the latest mastering. Having said that, “LOST IN A SHADOW” is also a masterpiece that squeezed out the flavor of the original cassette, and it has not become “a whole different thing”. The direct connection feeling of the table direct connection sound board is the same as the previous work, but the wide feeling can be more accurately tasted by the balance of the left and right stereo feeling that was slightly biased in the previous work. Furthermore, the sound pressure and the volume which were disorganized in 4 performances were arranged, and the pursuit as a 2 piece set live album was investigated.

[The live of the scorching live that embodies the extreme north of hard rock] The
 feeling of close contact and freshness beyond such an official match BADLANDS. As mentioned above, their music requires the passion of a live performer rather than the beauty of balance. The ensemble is reflected in the direct-link sound board where the singing voice that makes a heart beat is played directly in the brain by completely synchronizing the scratching guitar. Improvisation time “Guitar & Vocal” at each performance will also be shown, but its flexible, lively dripping blues tastes rich …. Jake has a stance of “only music is important (more than success)” from that time to the present, but ad hoc sympathy with Ray who shares its stoic spirit. Of course, Eric Singer’s drumming, who supported the stony of BLACK SABBATH with Rei, is still active at KISS, and Greg Chaisson’s base is Buckinbackin. This is already surpassing even that name board “BADLANDS” lightly.
 Of course, not only improvisations but also songs are intense. All songs are occupied by the number of the debut work, and it is very similar with only 4 performances on the same tour. But not exactly the same. Let’s organize it easily here ….

● 4 performance commons (5 songs)
“Hard Driver” “Ball And Chain” “Devil’s Stomp” “Dreams In The Dark” “Winter’s Call”
● Dayton performance only (2 songs)
“Streets Cry Freedom” “Jade’s Song”
● Dayton Other than the performance (1 song)
“High Wire”

… and is like this. The set is different only for the Dayton performance of Disc 2, and “BADLANDS” No. 8 songs and 25 takes which were exploded by stage tension are bathed in the whole body with the transcendent stereo sound board.
 BADLANDS’s work continued until 1992, but the initial impulse was burning in 1989 when Eric Singer was enrolled. It was disappointing that I didn’t leave an official live album, but if I had it, I would not have exceeded this record … … such a transcendental table-connected stereo sound board so as to want to assert that. It is a 2-disc set that updates its highest peak. The voice of the roaring voice turns into a breath as the expert of the hard rock tastes in the bone. Please enjoy to the fullest with perpetual preservation press 2CD.


BADLANDSは、まさに“玄人好みハードロック”の極北を体現した究極のバンドでした。元OZZY OSBOURNEのギタリストと元BLACK SABBATHのシンガー&ドラマーによって結成され、1989年にBLUE MURDERやMr.BIGと共に衝撃を持って迎えられたスーパー・グループ。そのメンツだけでなく、実際の音楽も本物志向。ブルース回帰の時代の空気をたっぷりと吸い込みつつ、決して単調で気取っただけのブルースロックには走らなかった。キャッチーなフックを満載しつつ、ポップにはならない名曲群を書き上げ、ジェイク一流の引っ掻くようなギターと、レイの熱く熱く歌い込むヴォーカルで彩ったデビュー作『BADLANDS』は、まさにいぶし銀の輝き。しかし、不運にも(むしろ、本人達が意に介さなかったせいか)商業的な成功に恵まれず、アルバム2枚(当時)とわずかなライヴのみで歴史の闇に消えていってしまいました。公式にライヴアルバムを残さなかったわけですが、本作はそんな“オフィシャル代わり”に相応しい……いえ、それ以上に激烈なサウンドボード録音なのです。


これがBADLANDSが衝撃のデビューを飾った1989年。BLUE MURDERにも言えますが、世界的に成功を収められなかった彼らの活動には不明点が多すぎる。上記も資料にあやふやな所もあり、あくまでもおおよその流れとお考えください。その中でも本作の4公演はGREAT WHITE&TESLAの前座だった「北米#2」の可能性が高い(ただし、クリーヴランドやデトロイト近郊は「北米#1」でも回っているので、やはり確実ではありませんが……)。それでも地名だけでも分かったのにも理由がある。実は、本作は当時の関係者経由でもたらされた流出カセット。そのラベルに地名だけが記されていたわけです。
ともあれ、そんな4公演を記録した本作は、まさに激烈・苛烈のステレオ・サウンドボード。よく最上級の賛辞として「オフィシャル級」と書きますが、本作はクオリティこそ公式級ではあるものの、それ以上の凄まじいサウンド。大観衆の熱狂(すごい熱狂)も遠く遠くに小さく聞こえる卓直結サウンドボードでして、そのダイレクト感は超絶。ドラムはスティックを跳ね返す皮の弾力レベルですし、ギターもベースも振動する弦が目の前に見えるほどに超・ド直球。同じ超極上とは言っても、FM放送やオフィシャル作なら全体を整えた上で会場の盛り上がりまでトータルで演出しますが、卓直結サウンドボードにはそんな小綺麗さなど皆無。現場PAに出力するためのミックスは演奏音が丸出しでスイッチングもいきなり変わるラフさなら、ステレオ感も会場の端から端まで届ける豪快さ。例えば、「Dancing On The Edge」イントロでギターが左右にパンしようものなら、脳みそ内をグルングルンかき回すのです。
そんな超絶サウンドボードはShadesレーベルの『LOST IN A SHADOW』としても愛されてきましたが、本作はあの超名盤をさらにブラッシュ・アップしたもの。関係者カセットから再度デジタル化され、さらに最新マスタリングで磨きをかけました。とは言いつつ、『LOST IN A SHADOW』もオリジナル・カセットの旨みを絞り出した名作だっただけに「まるで別物」ともなっていません。卓直結サウンドボードのド直結感は前作通りですが、前作ではやや偏り過ぎだった左右ステレオ感のバランスが整ったことでワイド感をより正確に味わえる。さらに4公演でバラバラだった音圧や音量も整え、2枚組ライヴアルバムとしての完成度を追究しました。

そんなオフィシャル超えのド密着感と生々しさが、BADLANDSに似合いまくっている。前述した通り、彼らの音楽は均整の美よりも生々しい演者の情熱こそが要。引っ掻きまくるギターを完全シンクロし、情念迸る歌声が脳内で直接鳴る直結サウンドボードこそ、そのアンサンブルが映えまくる。各公演でのインプロヴィゼーション・タイム「Guitar & Vocal」も披露されますが、そのフレキシブルで生々しく滴るブルースの芳醇な事と言ったら……。ジェイクは当時から現在に至るまで「(成功よりも)音楽だけが重要」のスタンスを貫いていますが、そのストイックな精神を共有するレイとのその場限りの交感。もちろん、レイと共にBLACK SABBATHの屋台骨を支えたエリック・シンガーのドラミングはKISSでの活躍そのままですし、グレッグ・チェイソンのベースもバッキンバッキン。これはもう、あの名盤『BADLANDS』さえ軽々と超えているのです。

「Hard Driver」「Ball And Chain」「Devil’s Stomp」「Dreams In The Dark」「Winter’s Call」
「Streets Cry Freedom」「Jade’s Song」
「High Wire」


Disc 1(69:22)

1. Hard Driver
2. Ball And Chain
3. Devil’s Stomp
4. Dreams In The Dark
5. Winter’s Call
6. Guitar & Vocal
7. High Wire


8. Hard Driver
9. Ball And Chain
10. Devil’s Stomp
11. Dreams In The Dark
12. Winter’s Call
13. Guitar & Vocal
14. High Wire

Disc 2(79:31)

1. Hard Driver
2. Ball And Chain
3. Winter’s Call
4. Dancing On The Edge
5. Streets Cry Freedom
6. Jade’s Song
7. Devil’s Stomp
8. Guitar & Vocal


9. Hard Driver
10. Ball And Chain
11. Winter’s Call
12. Dreams In The Dark
13. Devil’s Stomp
14. Guitar & Vocal
15. High Wire

Ray Gillen – Vocal Jake E. Lee – Guitar Greg Chaisson – Bass Eric Singer – Drums


Zodiac 346


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