Badfinger / Set Of Six Granada TV Master 1972 / 1DVDR

Badfinger / Set Of Six Granada TV Master 1972 / 1DVDR / Uxbridge

Granada Studios, Manchester, UK 3rd ,May 1972. PRO-SHOT

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Another amazing live video from Granada TV in Manchester, where the excavation of rare vintage live images such as Simon & Garfunkel and Kate Bush continues! This time, the rare footage of the world’s rock mania surprises featuring the band’s Apple Records band, Badfinger’s super valuable studio live. Badfinger is a rare group of live video in the first place, but the point that the video released this time is precious is that it is a video containing a pure live performance.
There are still TV appearances from 1970 to 71 when they were spotlighted by the hits of “Come And Get It” and “No Matter What”, but most of them are just mouth-packed recordings that make you feel the times, Or just singing at karaoke. However, their stage taken by Granada TV in 1972 is not only a pure live performance, but it is also very valuable as a capture of their climax.

In 1972 Granada TV planned a music program called “SET OF SIX” to broadcast live performances of British up-and-coming bands. There, they were mixed with groups such as Pentaglu and ELO, and white arrows were set up on the bad fingers. The timing of this recording was exquisite, and it was one month before the 72-year version of “ BBC IN CONCERT ” was recorded that was officially released later and was to inform the wonderfulness of Bad Finger’s live performance That’s it.
In addition, it is very precious that the performance of the big hit song “Day After Day” that was not performed at the BBC can be seen at the opening, but the surprisingly hard “Suitcase” and “Better Days” are heated The splendor that makes you want to call it the BBC video version. Badfinger breaks in 1970, and the band’s performance is greatly improved by steady live activities the following year. The result was the BBC and this video.
In terms of time, that famous board “STRAIGHT UP” may have been released almost half a year later, and it is also attractive that songs from the album are featured in 30 minutes. For example, Pete Ham sings “Take It All” carefully while playing the piano. However, at the end of the peak period, the final song “No Matter What” will be concluded. The value of this video is too high in that it can be seen in a complete live performance.

However, it is also a classic live video that has been popular among the bad finger enthusiasts for about 10 years ago on YouTube (due to upload restrictions at that time), divided by song. Five years ago, a version that recorded the entire program, up to the ending “Johnny B. Goode”, appeared on YouTube, but it was stopped publicly.
However, this version has a super-clear image quality that is totally different from the previous YouTube take. Will it be possible to release it officially as it is? It seems that high quality for the first time will make mania all over the world stunned. Even so, what is the clear image quality? In the same way as Kate Bush’s excavation video “ MANCHESTER 1979 ” that made mania all over the world say, this time also has a time code in the upper left of the screen, but as her video demonstrated And this size and position doesn’t make you feel stressful (laughs). Rather, this may support this extraordinary quality. You can’t complain because you can see the live performances of the famous songs they left with the highest image quality.
And “Johnny B. Goode”, which was played a little during the end credit and sung by Joey Morland, was completely recorded this time including video. Although the group’s appearance is immediately hidden in the title back and the performance itself fades out immediately, it is a joyful point of mania to see scenes that have been heard only for a long time.
Although it is a live video in less than 30 minutes (hence this time it was released on DVD-R), there is plenty of charm as a bad finger live band. And again, the image quality is too clear. This is the best live video of British rock in the early 70s that I would like to recommend to all rock fans as well as bad finger enthusiasts!

彼らが「Come And Get It」や「No Matter What」のヒットによって脚光を浴びた1970年から71年にかけてのテレビ出演が残されていますが、それらのほとんどが時代を感じさせる口パク収録ばかり、あるいはカラオケで歌だけ生という状態。しかしグラナダTVが1972年に撮影した彼らのステージは純然たるライブ演奏であるばかりか、彼らの絶頂期の姿を捉えたものとしても非常に価値の高いものなのです。

1972年グラナダTVはイギリスの気鋭バンドのライブを放送すべく「SET OF SIX」という音楽番組を企画。そこではペンタグルやELOといったグループに混ざり、バッドフィンガーにも白羽の矢が立てられたのです。この収録が行われたタイミングというのが絶妙で、後にオフィシャル・リリースされてバッドフィンガーのライブの素晴らしさを知らしめることになった「BBC IN CONCERT」72年版が収録される一か月前だったという。
おまけにBBCでは披露されなかった大ヒット曲「Day After Day」の演奏がオープニングで見られるというのも非常に貴重ですが、驚くほどハードな「Suitcase」と「Better Days」の白熱した演奏は正にBBCの映像版とでも呼びたくなる素晴らしさ。バッドフィンガーは1970年にブレイクを果たしてから翌年の地道なライブ活動によってバンドの演奏力が大幅にアップ。その成果がBBCや本映像だったのです。
時期的には、あの名盤「STRAIGHT UP」がリリースされてほぼ半年後ということもあり、30分の枠で同アルバムからの曲がふんだんにフィーチャーされているのも魅力でしょう。例えばピート・ハムがピアノを弾きながら「Take It All」をじっくりと歌い上げる様など、この時期でしか見られないもの。それでいて最後は代表曲「No Matter What」でしっかり締めくくってくれるというのも絶頂期ならでは。同曲を完全なライブ演奏で見られるという点でも、この映像の価値はあまりに高い。

もっともバッドフィンガー・マニアの間では10年ほど前からYouTube上に(当時のアップロードの制約から)曲ごとに分断されたバージョンで親しまれてきた定番ライブ映像でもあります。5年前にようやく番組全体を、なおかつエンディングの「Johnny B. Goode」まで収録したバージョンがYouTube上に現れましたが、そちらはあえなく公開停止となってしまいました。
ところが今回のバージョンはそれら過去のYouTubeテイクとまるで次元の違う超鮮明画質なのです。もうこのままオフィシャルでもリリース出来てしまうのでは?と思えるハイクオリティぶりは世界中のマニアを唖然とさせてしまうことでしょう。それにしても、なんてクリアーな画質でしょうか。同じように世界中のマニアをアッと言わせたケイト・ブッシュの発掘映像「MANCHESTER 1979」と同様、今回も画面の左上にタイムコードが入っているのですが、彼女の映像が実証したように、この大きさや位置だとまるで鑑賞のストレスにならないですよね(笑)。むしろ、そのことがこの別格すぎるクオリティを裏付けてくれるのではないでしょうか。彼らが遺した名曲のライブ演奏を最高の画質で見られるのだから文句の付けようがありません。
そしてエンド・クレジットの際に少しだけ演奏されてジョーイ・モーランドが歌った「Johnny B. Goode」も今回は映像込みで完全収録。グループの姿はすぐにタイトル・バックに隠れてしまい、演奏自体もすぐにフェイドアウトしてしまうものではありますが、長らく音声でしか聞かれなかった場面までも見られるのはマニア歓喜なポイントでしょう。

1. Day After Day
2. Sweet Tuesday Morning
3. Take It All
4. Suitcase
5. Better Days
6. No Matter What
7. Johnny B. Goode (Credits)

Pete Ham – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Joey Molland – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Tom Evans – vocals, bass, guitar
Mike Gibbins – vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards


Uxbridge 1086

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