Bad Company / Live 1975 March / 1CD

Bad Company / Live 1975 March / 1CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at The Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 3rd March 1975 & Taken from the original LP record “Live 1975 March”(OG-859)

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Budd company’s Budokan performance which realized only one day in March of 1975. It was a very unusual pattern to have a group of just-exploding people coming to Japan for a one – time performance in the era when the artists who came to Japan had taken the tour in the form of tours of course. There are many artists who come to Japan only for a single performance as a bird in Summerfest but it is appropriate for calling a legend that the group as much as Budd company did only perform as a result as a result . Since then the band was reunited with the original members, it was only once, because at that time the performance of Japan did not come true, sooner or later it came to Japan for the first time in 1975 The Budokan in Budokan can be called a historical day.
As a result, the item which contained the stage of this day was produced for a long time, and several titles having the complete record are finally released in the era of CD. However, all the CD items that recorded the Budokan performances were the audience recordings that seemed to sound like “if a bit better sound …” that sound quality is not clear. Regarding the CD-R “READY FOR LIVE” which was released in recent years, although it was a good quality audience recording, it is indeed in a cassette-like recording state in the mid 1970’s, and especially in the final stage where the live is exciting, the clapping The sound entered greatly, and it turned into a state where the performance was heard from the back. There was a dilemma that the items which were issued in the past are consistently old-fashioned sound quality and the legendary evening was hard to convey over the night.
As various items proved, in many cases the audience recording of great sound quality is left behind in the big name in Japan in the 1970’s. In that respect the bad company may have done only the performances of the day was a disaster.

However, there were items that captured the legendary day with a different quality. The thing that matters here is “item”. The sound source was not circulating among traders, it was released as an item. This time, LP “LIVE 1975 MARCH” released on limited press CD. That was released OG. A legendary label that was producing a wonderful item such as ZEP or the Beatles’ Japanese performances. It will no longer be necessary for maniacs. The audience recording actually contained in the main board is superior quality though it is monaural. Besides, there was only what was released in real time, the freshness of the tape itself is outstanding. I breathed in plenty of the air of that legendary night, the realistic sound quality is wonderful.
First of all, from the sound image, the on-recording state with a different dimension from other items is exquisite. Even at LP, although the excitement of the venue has been caught after ‘The Stealer’ which is equivalent to the encore of the day, it is surprising that the performance is still not put into clapping. However, when it comes to something other than encore, the surroundings are very quiet while playing it is a realistic feeling like a concert in Japan in the 1970s, but that also thanks to Rogers who is exciting at that point on CD – R “READY FOR LIVE” More attractive excitement was caught throughout the show and the value of CD-R has not faded from the fact that it is still complete recording.
Besides, “LIVE 1975 MARCH” has been released on LP single volume. So alas, only half of the songs played at the show on the day were recorded. Each item of OG was decided according to the budget of the person who brought in the project, and it proved that the item was overwhelmingly 1 LP. This is “private board”. Therefore, it seems that “LIVE 1975 MARCH” was also released as a single LP, but in addition to that there was a high pitch recorded. This is also a common phenomenon in LP bootleg, it probably was a hard time to put a lot of songs on one disc.

Still, the sound quality of this LP is noteworthy. It is not only that the sound image is close, but it also surprises me that the boss-barrel base is so clearly perceived. As the stage progresses, Mick · Ralphs plays the lead · guitar is heard in a tremendous closeness as well, and it is clear that he will switch guitar solo to Paul Rodgers when he becomes “Hiss No” Can not Get Enough ” It is also surprising to hear it. And, above all, it is high point that you can listen to ‘Seagull’ with live version extremely rare with excellent sound quality. Although I made a great success from the first album and climbed up to the band of arena class at a stretch, it is nice for fans that this song which is said to be unsuitable in front of a noisy American audience is played in Japan .
Because it is such an exceptional quality, until the release of the album “STRAIGHT SHOOTER” recorded songs are clearly up to the first performance. In “Feel Like Makin ‘Love” which will be one of the representative songs soon, if you think that Boz removed the bass sound, there are scenes where Ralf’s and Rogers’ twin leads do not engage well. It is said that the songs on the album are just incorporated into the live repertoire at this time, and that it is captured by the awkwardness of that reason. In addition, the OG board itself was also made after the release of “STRAIGHT SHOOTER”, and the slick design used the same dice as the motif as a motif.

Talking about the OG board, ZEP “LIVE IN JAPAN 1971” to “A CELLARFUL OF NOISE” American TAKRL copy machine was released, but the name “LIVE 1975 MARCH” is also called “LIVE IN JAPAN” A copyboard from the same label was made. To make a copyboard for the bootleg is a “medal” so to speak, a proof of a famous board. It became a form to prove the high quality of the main board without making it.
This LP is played on a turntable for high-end users this time, but after adjusting the pitch and making it into a CD, it makes it much easier to hear compared with the original plate. However, it also succeeded in recording with scratch noise not noticeable at all. LP as if it was born to be made into a CD as best as possible!

★ As a sound source of Budd company ‘s 75th Budokan performance, the sound quality is the best for the OG board.

★ Fixed about 40% higher pitch of semitones. I deleted an anxious needle.

それだけに古くからこの日のステージを収めたアイテムが生み出され、CDの時代にはいよいよショーを完全収録したタイトルがいくつかリリースされています。ただし武道館公演を収録したCDアイテムはどれも音質がすっきりしない「もうちょっと音が良ければ…」と感じる様なオーディエンス録音ばかりだったのが現状だったのです。近年リリースされて好評を博したCD-R「READY FOR LIVE」に関しても良質なクオリティのオーディエンス録音ではあったものの、いかにも1970年代半ばのカセット的な録音状態にあり、中でもライブが盛り上がる終盤では手拍子の音が大きく入ってしまい、演奏が奥から聞こえてくる状態に変わっていました。もっとも過去に出されたアイテムも一貫して古めかしい音質であり、伝説の一夜がイマイチ伝わり辛かったというジレンマがあったのですが。

だがしかし、伝説の一日を別格のクオリティで捉えていてくれたアイテムが存在していたのです。ここで大事なのは「アイテム」であるということ。音源がトレーダー間に出回っていたのではなく、アイテムとしてリリースされていたのです。それが今回、限定プレスCDにてリリースされるLP「LIVE 1975 MARCH」。リリースしたのは、あのOG。ZEPやビートルズの日本公演などの素晴らしいアイテムを生み出していた伝説のレーベル。もはやマニアには説明不要でしょう。実際に本盤に収められたオーディエンス録音はモノラルながら極上のクオリティ。おまけにリアルタイムでリリースされただけのことはあり、テープ自体の鮮度も抜群。あの伝説の一夜の空気をたっぷりと吸い込んだ、あまりにリアルな音質が素晴らしい。
まず音像からして他のアイテムとはまるで次元の違うオンな録音状態が絶品なのです。このLPでも当日のアンコールに相当する「The Stealer」以降は会場の盛り上がりも捉えられているものの、それでいて演奏が手拍子に追いやられないのが驚き。もっともアンコール以外になると演奏中は周囲が非常に静かなのが1970年代日本の外タレ・コンサートらしい臨場感なのですが、その点CD-R「READY FOR LIVE」では盛り上げ上手なロジャースのおかげもあってショー全体を通してよりアツい盛り上がりが捉えられていましたし、なおかつ完全収録ということからCD-Rの価値も色褪せていません。
それに「LIVE 1975 MARCH」はLP一枚のボリュームでリリースされています。よって悲しいかな、当日のショーで演奏された曲目の半分しか収録されていない。OGの各アイテムは企画を持ち込んだ人物の予算によってフォーマットも決められており、圧倒的に1LPのアイテムが多いということがそれを証明していました。これぞ「プライベート盤」。それ故に「LIVE 1975 MARCH」も一枚のLPとしてリリースされたのだと思われますが、そこに加えてピッチが高い状態で収録されていたのです。これもLPブートレグにはありがちな現象といえ、一枚のディスクに多くの曲を収めるための苦肉の策だったのでしょう。

それでもなお、このLPの音質の良さは特筆もの。ただ音像が近いというだけでなく、ボズ・バレルのベースがこれほどクッキリと捉えられているという点にも驚かされます。ステージが進行するにつれてミック・ラルフズが弾くリード・ギターが凄まじい近さで聞かれるのも同様で、必殺の「Can’t Get Enough」になると彼からポール・ロジャースにギター・ソロが切り替わるところもはっきり聞き取れてしまうのがまた驚き。そして何よりもライブ・バージョンが極めてレアな「Seagull」を素晴らしい音質で聞けるというのがポイント高い。ファースト・アルバムから大きな成功を収めて一気に・アリーナ・クラスのバンドへと登り詰めましたが、騒がしいアメリカのオーディエンスの前では不向きと言えるこの曲を日本で演奏しているのがファンには嬉しいところ。
そんな別格のクオリティですので、リリースを目前に控えたアルバム「STRAIGHT SHOOTER」収録曲の初々しい演奏ぶりまではっきりと。まもなく代表曲の一つとなる「Feel Like Makin’ Love」ではボズがベースの音を外したかと思えば、ラルフズとロジャースのツイン・リードが上手くかみ合わないといった場面もみられます。同アルバム収録曲はこの時ライブ・レパートリーに組み込まれたばかりであり、それ故のぎこちなさ捉えられているという。おまけにOG盤自体も「STRAIGHT SHOOTER」のリリース後に作られたこともあって、スリックのデザインは同アルバムのサイコロをモチーフにしていました。

そしてOG盤と言えばZEP「LIVE IN JAPAN 1971」から「A CELLARFUL OF NOISE」というアメリカのTAKRL製コピー盤がリリースされましたが、「LIVE 1975 MARCH」に関してはその名も「LIVE IN JAPAN」という同レーベルからのコピー盤が作られました。ブートレグにとってコピー盤が作られるというのは、いわば「勲章」であり名盤の証。図らずとも本盤のクオリティの高さを証明する形となったのです。



1. Opening 2. Deal With The Preacher 3. Ready For Love 4. Feel Like Makin’ Love
5. Shooting Star 6. Seagull 7. Can’t Get Enough 8. The Stealer 9. Good Lovin’ Gone Bad

Paul Rodgers – Vocal, Guitar, Piano Mick Ralphs – Guitar Boz Burrell – Bass
Simon Kirke – Drums

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