Bad Company / Boston 1977 / 1CDR

Bad Company / Boston 1977 / 1CDR / Uxbridge
Live at Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USA 6th August 1977

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New discover the golden 70 ‘s best album. A masterpiece that has jumped over 40 years time has appeared.
This work is a new master that maniacs all around the world are trembling right now. It is ultra superficial audience recording which vacuum packed the site of “Boston performance on August 6, 1977”.

【Overwhelming sound recording over the official】
Speaking of what is shocking, sound. Anyway it is amazing. There is nothing in the sense of distance etc. in the thick core, both the performance sound and the singing voice are extremely on. Detail is made oddly to the detail extraordinarily, modest cymbal work, base line and a little arming of the guitar are super vivid. Vocals are also caught beautifully up to one syllable rather than one word of lyrics. If you listen carefully with your headphones, you can feel realistic venue acoustics, but it is a beauty like the official work that bothers the effects by all means. While it is the official-quality sound and quality, it also fulfills the reality of one outrage unique to an audience.
Moreover, the official grade in this case is a contemporary sense comparable to the re-formation era rather than at the time of the 1970s. In fact, this tour is still an official work “LIVE IN CONCERT 1977 & 1979” is also left, but this work is overwhelmingly wonderful. Although I rarely rarely come across the soundboard and the audience recording exceeding the official, it is in the 70’s … ….
It was the prestigious “Krw_co” that accomplished the new excavation. The excavation this time is the 1st Gen reel master who was dubbed directly from the Omoto cassette. Its freshness is overwhelming, and the ringing is fresh anyway, the vibe of the guitar is delicate enough to float up to the waveform and the ocean of clapping is also beautiful up to 1 stroke. It is able to draw up even a three-dimensional feeling that ultra-fine sand grain spreads everywhere. Moreover, the sense of stability unique to 1st Gen is also excellent. No matter how much you praise it, there will be no dullness, and the beautiful sound will not shake all the time, and will not be disturbed and will penetrate the full story. It is exactly a wonderful and elegant name recording.
That original sound is more than enough to surprise all over the world, but this work has also been meticulously remasterred. Originally amazing, it is not supposed to be “a different thing” (it is still messed up), but adjusting the pitch so that you can taste the edge more like a sound board more clearly. We finished excavation of the century to the ultimate sound.

【Ultra precious “In The Midnight Hour”】
It is a name recording that transcends the age at all, but it is undoubtedly the golden 70’s engraved there. Five months after the release of “BURNIN ‘SKY”, the big song and the new song at that time are freshly performed on this day. As mentioned above, “BURNIN ‘SKY TOUR” is also “LIVE IN CONCERT 1977 & 1979”, but there are plenty of famous songs that can not be heard there too. “Run With The Pack” “Bad Company” “Can not Get Enough” can also be heard with the energy of the tour in 1977, and “Deal With The Preacher” and “In The Midnight Hour” that I could not listen even in conjunction with the take in 1979 You will also show off.
Especially valuable is “In The Midnight Hour”. Wilson · Pickett’s masterpiece cover, but the fact that I was doing this song is surprising. Not a BAD COMPANY, it is an extremely valuable song that FREE and Paul’s solo can not find a record of. Moreover, the rocking arrangement which is intensely dynamic is intense, and Paul’s singing voice is energetic, it is delicious deeply. I would like to be able to listen to such a treasure with a sound that goes beyond the official … …. It is one song only thankful to the recording man who recorded this day, also the prestige who excavated.

Even the official lives of the 70’s original Budokan with only a few records left. It is a miracle new excavation live album that you can experience with the transcendental sound of the official exceeding the site. I can not stop the boot leg because I can meet such a treasure. Audience recording can not be revealed. One piece of cultural heritage grade that you want to touch everyone who loves rock Britain. Please, please experience and appreciate.


しかも、この場合のオフィシャル級とは70年代当時と言うよりは再結成時代にも匹敵するような現代感。実際、このツアーはオフィシャル作『LIVE IN CONCERT 1977 & 1979』も残されているわけですが、本作の方が圧倒的に素晴らしいのです。ごくごく希にサウンドボード超え、オフィシャル超えのオーディエンス録音というものに出くわしますが、それが70年代とは……。

【超貴重な「In The Midnight Hour」】
まったくもって時代を超越した名録音なのですが、そこに刻まれているのは紛れもなく黄金の70年代。この日は『BURNIN’ SKY』リリースから5ヶ月後にあたり、大代表曲と当時の新曲がフレッシュに演奏される。前述のように“BURNIN’ SKY TOUR”は『LIVE IN CONCERT 1977 & 1979』にもなっているわけですが、そこでも聴けない名曲がたっぷり。「Run With The Pack」「Bad Company」「Can’t Get Enough」も1977年ツアーのエネルギーで聴けますし、1979年テイクと併せても聴けなかった「Deal With The Preacher」「In The Midnight Hour」も披露してくれる。
特に貴重なのは「In The Midnight Hour」。ウィルソン・ピケットの名曲カバーですが、この曲をやっていた事実自体が驚き。BAD COMPANYはおろか、FREEやポールのソロでも記録の見当たらない超貴重な1曲なのです。しかも、激しく躍動するロックなアレンジが強烈でポールの歌声は滋味深くもえらくエネルギッシュ。こんな秘宝をオフィシャル超えのサウンドで聴くことができようとは……。この日を録音してくれた録音家にも、発掘してくれた名門にも感謝しかない1曲です。


1. Intro 2. Burnin’ Sky 3. Too Bad 4. Ready for Love 5. Heartbeat 6. Like Water
7. Leaving You 8. Deal With The Preacher 9. In The Midnight Hour 10. Simple Man
11. Shooting Star 12. Run With The Pack 13. Bad Company 14. Feel Like Makin’ Love
15. Can’t Get Enough

Paul Rodgers – vocals. guitar. keyboards. harmonica
Mick Ralphs – guitars. backing vocals Simon Kirke – drums. backing vocals
Boz Burrell – bass, backing vocals

Uxbridge 930

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