Bad Company / Complete Forum Nights 2010 / 4CDR

Bad Company / Complete Forum Nights 2010 / 4CDR /  Non Label

Live At Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 25th October 2010

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Since 1975, the Tokyo International Forum performance 2 days, which was the final stage of the Japan tour, was recorded on the 25th and 26th of October from the 2010 performance in Japan under the name of Bad Company, which was the first time in 35 years. Ultra-high-quality audience recording and complete recording 4-disc set using the original master provided by the author.
While performing daily songs such as Gone, Gone, Gone and Rock Steady, the first day of the forum was a show with a content of 1 hour and 23 minutes, but the last day of the tour, so in addition to the daily Run With The Pack, The opening song Rock And Roll Fantasy on the previous day included the Beatles number, and in the latter half of the show, Be My Friend, Final Encore Stormy Monday Blues and a long concert of 1 hour and 50 minutes, which was a big action, were held on the second day of the forum. , Both of them made the fans very satisfied with the best entertainment shows full of listening places. After the new song Mr. Midnight with the addition of side guitar Marcus Wolf, the MC “I remember this song” followed by Paul’s guitar playing “Dawn Detective”, I noticed on the way. It is realistically documented that the audience is surprised and greatly pleased. In the energetic Rock’N ‘Roll Fantasy, Beatles’ Ticket To Ride & I Feel Fine has appeared. Energetic yelling to Paul’s audience in this part is the best. The main set last, Movin ‘On, which is played with a lot of groove, is tight and powerful. As mentioned above, both sound quality is very good, it is ultra clear and has a clear sound, and you can enjoy a wonderful show from the beginning to the end on both days.
Bad Company’s 2010 live, which has been almost 10 years since it was just like this. Hope you can listen to such a wonderful live one day again, and enjoy it tonight!


Gone, Gone, Gone、Rock Steadyといった日替わり曲を披露しながらも、1時間23分と締まった内容のショウだったフォーラム初日に対し、ツアー最終日ということで、日替わりのRun With The Packに加え、前日のオープニング曲Rock And Roll Fantasyではビートルズナンバーを組み込み、ショウ後半ではフリーのBe My Friend、ファイナル・アンコールStormy Monday Bluesと、まさに大盤振る舞いの1時間50分ものロングコンサートを披露したフォーラム2日目と、どちらも聴き所いっぱいの極上エンタテインメント・ショウでファンを大いに満足させてくれました。サイド・ギターのマーカス・ウルフが加わっての新曲Mr. Midnightに続いて、「この曲覚えてるかな」というMCに続いてポールのギターの弾き語りで「夜明けの刑事」が演奏され、途中で気がついた観客が驚きとともに大いに喜んでいる様子がリアルにドキュメントされています。エネルギッシュなRock ‘N’ Roll FantasyではビートルズのTicket To Ride & I Feel Fineが登場。この部分のポールの観客へのエネルギッシュな掛け声は最高。グルーブ感いっぱいに演奏されるメインセット・ラストのMovin’ Onのタイトな演奏は迫力満点です。前述の通り、音質はどちらも大変優れており、ウルトラ・クリアーで、澄み切ったようなサウンドが特徴で、両日ともに最初から最後まで素晴らしいショウを最高のサウンドで堪能できます。


Live at Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 25th October 2010

Disc 1 (50:03)
1. Rock And Roll Fantasy 2. Honey Child 3. Gone, Gone, Gone 4. Burnin’ Sky 5. Oh! Atlanta
6. Seagull 7. Rock Steady 8. Electric Land 9. Mr. Midnight 10. Yoakeno Keiji
11. Feel Like Makin’ Love

Disc 2 (32:39)
1. Shooting Star 2. Can’t Get Enough 3. Movin’ On 4. Bad Company 5. Ready For Love

Live at Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 26th October 2010
Disc 3 (57:15)
1. Intro(I Am The Walrus) 2. Can’t Get Enough 3. Honey Child 4. Run With The Pack
5. Burnin’ Sky 6. Oh! Atlanta 7. Seagull 8. Gone, Gone, Gone 9. Mr. Midnight 10. Yoakeno Keiji
11. Electric Land 12. Feel Like Makin’ Love
Disc 4 (52:34)
1. Shooting Star 2. Rock And Roll Fantasy incl. Ticket To Ride & I Feel Fine 3. Movin’ On
4. Bad Company 5. Be My Friend 6. Ready For Love 7. Stormy Monday Blues

Paul Rodgers – Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Harmonica Simon Kirke – Drums Howard Leese – Guitar
Lynn Sorensen – Bass Markus Wolfe – Guitar

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