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Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 6th December 1983.

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From 1983 Japan tour in which Greg Lake participated December 6 the first day December 6 Tokyo Budokan performance was recorded from 2 kinds of original · master · cassette · tape 2 complete. Disk 1 includes “Version Dragon Attack 1983” which was recorded over Disk 1 & 2 for about 79 minutes without cutting in the song. (Although there is a tape reversal cut after the show, there is no effect on the song.) Not only can you listen from Sole Survivor of the first encore to Cutting It Fine of the second encore with non-cut, it is amplified by equalization You can enjoy the full picture of the show with an ideal sound image that is different from the sound, yet has enough punch and clearness. As an era of this era, it is said that it is an extraordinary, it is recorded with a super-sound like penetrating, the sound excellent with scale feeling is a masterpiece, and a dynamic show of another image of a different image from a strangely small sound image of the next day’s television broadcasting image You can enjoy it. If you see a fan who only saw the TV broadcast version, you can enjoy a high quality and attractive live performance that will change the impression of Asia in 83 years. It seems like the four people ‘s sounds are organically combined, and it seems that the Budokan is in a large space, especially the dynamism of the first three songs is amazing. Here Comes The Feeling After the show, you can listen to Japanese MC of Greg ‘s “Welcome to Konbanwa Tokyo, Asia in Asia!” Immediately after that we will do MC for the USA that is conscious of satellite broadcasting (Westwood One). Guitar solo following Eye To Eye In Sketches In The Sun, the enthusiasm for Steve Howe, who came to Japan for the first time in 11 years, will cover the venue. The impressive mood spreading all the way of the Only Time Will Tell is also wonderful and you can enjoy the excitement filled with heat. Open Your Eyes will have higher sound quality as the direction of the microphone has changed in the second minute. Keyboard solo is abbreviated version and Video Killed … is not included. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Greg is singing with a solo piece with backing the piano is a terrible version when thinking now. Wildest Dreams starting with Howe’s introduction shines Greg’s narcissistic clear and attractive vocals. The whole performance is unbelievable, and these kind of audiences can experience realistic power as well. Drum solos are also recorded with a powerful full sound. Heat Of The Moment has been playing full of lively dynamism over the next day at the latter guitar solo and has created a wonderful peak time. Sole Survivor is recording a guitar in the song which is towing the whole, and it has become a powerful take including the last free form of long ad lib solos. Between tracks of Cutting It Fine, which starts about 1 minute 30 seconds apart, it is recorded for the first time with non-cut in the main board. Dynamic medley performance from a dignified mood end part to a straight daylight drives Greg, who is good at driving rock tune, to a very fascinating vocal. Recording is continued around 3 minutes and 40 seconds after the show, a final announcement, ambiguous atmosphere in the place is recorded.
On Disk 2, the same show was completely recorded for about 80 minutes from the original master cassette which was not even circulated among traders. This is recorded one minute longer than Disk 1. Attention is that the opening MC of MTV presenter was completely recorded for the first time. I will try to speak like Japanese on the same day as the broadcast on the next day, but some parts will become unclear in the middle due to lack of practice. (I succeeded the next day.) Although this version feels a little distance compared to Disk 1, it is fully recorded with the full appearance of the show with a sufficiently good stable, wonderful audience recording with outstanding freshness and separation feeling. Although there is a presence, the musical sound itself is captured clearly over the details, listening supreme response. Eye To Eye ‘s intro sounds recorded with preeminent punch sounds will be greatly surprised. Sketches In The Sun is also recorded with wonderful sound pressure. Disk 1 had a cut The Smile Has Left Your Eyes MC’s Howe’s MC after the show also included a non-cut. It is definitely a must-have mania with a straight and clear complete first appearance sound source. At that time, one of the essential topics was invited among general rock and fans, the first day of Asia’s first visit to Japan using two excellent audience recordings, one of the must-have fans who totally recorded with master quality is.

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.106 (May 2009 issue). For your information.

Speaking of the sound source on December 6, 1983, a sound source exceeding that sounds appeared here, although it is a famous board “DRAGON ATTACK 1983 (Ayanami-055)” which appeared in that dramatic superior sound quality if it was a fan. This work is recorded on December 6 in both Disc 1 and Disc 2 with master sound source difference, but these two sound sources are content which can be said to be the definitive version of the December 6 performance. First of all, it is Disc 1, but this is the same sound source as its previous episode “DRAGON ATTACK 1983”. I am using the same master, but there are two major differences. One is that this work is a raw sound quality as it is a master sound source not equalized. When I compare it to each other, the difference is obvious, but the outline of the sound is even more clear than the original one, and the sound image is close, and I was honestly surprised by this. Another difference is that one performance can be listened with a single disc with the uncut to the end with this work. This means that the songs of about 1 minute and 30 seconds of songs from the end of “Sole Survivor” which had been cut in the original machine to the beginning of “Cutting It Fine” are recorded. Of course, this work also as well as the pre-launch board, the tape has been running for more than 4 minutes after the show, also including this on a single disc. But the real shock of this work will be Disc 2.
The master used in Disc 2 is a completely new sound appearance. Surprisingly, this sound source has been completely recorded from the opening MC of the beginning of this day, that is, Mr. Mark · Goodman’s greetings which have long been considered a mystery. I do not touch here because I would like to listen to the MC content directly and confirm it, but this state of the opening greeting was not recorded in any 6th sound source which had been circulating between the previous title and the taper so far, this recording You can say that it is a good result. When it comes to this, the sound quality of the entire show is also anxious, but the sound image is only slightly farther compared to Disc 1. However, it is a story compared with Disc 1 of excellent tone quality and “DRAGON ATTACK 1983”, and if it is usually recorded with such sound quality, it is a level that everyone would think excellent sound quality. Of course, this Disc 2 is also a complete unrecorded version on a single disc as with Disc 1, but on this Disc 2, furthermore, a part was cut on Disc 1 (due to the tape reversal point at the time of master sound source recording) “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes “after the concert, Haw’s MC is also recorded in a complete form with no cut, this point is also a necessity check. And this master of Disc 2 also has a tape revolving for more than 3 minutes after the “Daylight” concert, conveying the presence and excitement of this day vividly.
I think that this work is taken as an excavation sound source with a new discovery or a sound source that touched a corner of a hood and a hearing person, but at least this work seems to be the first stage of Asia ‘s first performing in Japan I think that it is a very excellent audience / documentary sound source that can accurately follow up. It is a wonderful sound source that you would like to listen to those who already have a titled title. Recommendation.

グレッグ・レイクが参加した1983年日本ツアーより初日12月6日東京武道館公演を2種のオリジナル・マスター・カセット・テープより2テイク完全収録。ディスク1には「Dragon Attack 1983」でディスク1&2にまたがって収録されていたヴァージョンを約79分曲中カット無しで収録。(The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 終演後にテープ反転のカットがありますが、楽曲に影響ありません。)ファーストアンコールのSole SurvivorからセカンドアンコールのCutting It Fineまでをノンカットで聞けるばかりではなく、イコライズによって増幅されたサウンドとは別物の自然で、それでいて十分なパンチとクリアさをもった理想的な音像でショウの全貌を堪能できます。この時代としては、別格とも言える、突き抜けるようなスーパーサウンドで収録された、スケール感抜群のサウンドは圧巻で、翌日のテレビ放送映像の妙に小ぶりな音像とはまるで別物のイメージのダイナミックなショウを堪能することができます。もし、テレビ放送版しか見たことの無いファンが見たら、83年エイジアの印象が一変してしまうほどの高品質かつ魅力的なライブを楽しむことができます。4人のサウンドが有機的に結合し、武道館の広い空間に迸る様は圧巻で、特に最初の3曲のダイナミズムは凄いものがあります。Here Comes The Feeling 終演後にはグレッグの「コンバンワ トウキョウ、エイジア・イン・エイジアへようこそ!」という日本語のMCが聴けます。その直後には衛星放送(Westwood One)を意識したアメリカ向けのMCを行います。Eye To Eyeに続くギターソロSketches In The Sunでは、11年ぶりの来日となったスティーブ・ハウへの熱狂ムードが会場を包みます。Only Time Will Tellの場内いっぱいに広がる感動的なムードも素晴らしく、熱気溢れる盛り上がりを楽しめます。Open Your Eyesは2分目あたりでマイクのダイレクションが変わったのかより高音質になります。キーボードソロは短縮版でVideo Killed…はインクルードされていません。ピアノをバックにグレッグがソロで切々と歌うThe Smile Has Left Your Eyes は今考えると凄いヴァージョンです。ハウの紹介でスタートするWildest Dreamsはグレッグのナルシスト風のクリアで魅力的なボーカルが映えます。全体が一丸となった演奏は絶品で、こういうのはやはりオーディエンス録音のほうがリアルな迫力を体感できます。ドラムソロも迫力満点のサウンドで収録されています。Heat Of The Momentは後半のギターソロでは翌日以上にのびのびと躍動感いっぱいに弾きまくっており素晴らしいピークタイムを造り出しています。Sole Survivorは全体を牽引する曲中のギターがラウドに録音されており、ラストのフリーフォームのロングアドリブソロも含め、迫力あるテイクになっています。約1分30秒の間をおいてスタートするCutting It Fineの曲間も本盤では初めてノンカットで収録。尊厳なムードのエンドパートからのストレートなDaylightへのダイナミックなメドレー演奏はドライブしたロックチューンを得意とするグレッグが非常に魅惑的なボーカルを聞かせてくれます。録音は終演後3分40秒も回り続け、終演アナウンス、場内の騒然とした雰囲気を収録しています。
ディスク2には、トレーダー間でも一切出回っていないオリジナル・マスター・カセットより約80分同日ショウを完全収録。こちらはディスク1より1分長く収録しています。注目はMTV司会者のオープニングMCがこのたび、初めて完全に収録されたことです。翌日の放送同様の文句を日本語で喋ろうとしますが、練習不足で途中、日本語が不明瞭になってしまうパートもあります。(翌日は上手くいきました。)こちらのヴァージョンはディスク1に比べるとやや距離を感じるものの、鮮度および分離感抜群の、十分に良好な安定した素晴らしいオーディエンス録音でショウの全貌を完全収録しています。臨場感はあるものの、楽音そのものは細部に渡ってはっきりと捉えられており、聴き応え満点です。パンチ抜群の音で収録されたEye To Eye のイントロの音の良さには皆、大いに驚かれることでしょう。Sketches In The Sunも素晴らしい音圧で収録されています。ディスク1ではカットのあったThe Smile Has Left Your Eyes 終演後のハウのMCもノンカット収録。ストレートでクリアな完全初登場の本音源は間違いなくマニア必携です。当時、一般のロック・ファンの間でも大きな話題を呼んだ、エイジア初来日公演初日を2種の優秀なオーディエンス録音を使用し、どちらもマスター・クオリティで完全収録したファン必携の一枚が登場です。

★beatleg誌 vol.106(2009年5月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

83年12月6日の音源と言えば、ファンの方ならばあの劇的な優良音質で登場した名盤『DRAGON ATTACK 1983 (Ayanami-055)』だが、ここにそれを上回る音源が登場した。本作はDisc1、Disc2のどちらにも12月6日公演がマスター音源違いで収録されているのだが、この両音源は12月6日公演の決定版と言える内容になっている。まずDisc1だが、これはその既発『DRAGON ATTACK 1983』と同音源。使用しているマスターも同じなのだが、大きな違いが2つある。ひとつは、本作はイコライズされていないマスター音源そのままの生音質であること。聴き比べてみるとその差は歴然とするが、既発盤より音の輪郭更に明瞭になっているうえに音像も近くなっていて、これには正直驚かされた。もうひとつの違いは、本作は一公演が一枚のディスクで最後までノーカットで聴き通せる点だ。これは既発盤ではカットされていた「Sole Survivor」の終演~「Cutting It Fine」が始まるまでの約1分30秒の曲間が収録されている事を意味している。勿論、本作も既発盤と同様に終演後4分以上もテープが回っており、これもディスク一枚に含めての完全収録。しかし本作の本当の衝撃はDisc2であろう。
Disc2で使用されているマスターは完全初登場の新音源。驚くことに、この音源では長い間謎とされていたこの日の冒頭のMC、つまりマーク・グッドマン氏の挨拶から完全収録されているのである。MC内容は直接聴いて確かめて戴きたいのでここでは触れないが、これまで既発タイトルやテーパー間に出回っていたどの6日音源にもこの冒頭挨拶の様子は未収録だっただけに、この収録は快挙と言えるだろう。こうなってくるとショウ全体の音質も気になるところだが、音像はDisc1と比べるとほんの僅かに距離を感じる程度。しかしそれはあくまでも優良音質のDisc1及び『DRAGON ATTACK 1983』と比べての話であって、通常これ程の音質で収録されていれば優良音質と皆が思うであろうレベルだ。勿論このDisc2もDisc1同様に一枚ディスクでのノーカット完全収録版だが、このDisc2では更に、Disc1で一部分がカット(マスター音源録音時のテープリバース点に起因する)されていた「The Smile Has Left Your Eyes」終演後の、ハウのMCも完全な形でノーカット収録されており、この点も要チェックである。そしてこのDisc2のマスターもまた「Daylight」終演後に3分以上もテープが回っていて、この日の臨場感と興奮を生々しく伝えている。

Disc 1 : Source #1

1. Intro. 2. Time Again 3. The Heat Goes On 4. Here Comes The Feeling 5. Eye To Eye
6. Sketches In The Sun 7. Only Time Will Tell 8. Open Your Eyes 9. Keyboard Solo
10. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 11. Wildest Dreams 12. Drum Solo 13. Heat Of The Moment
14. Sole Survivor 15. Cutting It Fine 16. Daylight

Disc 2 : Source #2

1. Introduction by Mark Goodman(Complete) 2. Time Again 3. The Heat Goes On
4. Here Comes The Feeling 5. Eye To Eye 6. Sketches In The Sun 7. Only Time Will Tell
8. Open Your Eyes 9. Keyboard Solo 10. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 11. Wildest Dreams
12. Drum Solo 13. Heat Of The Moment 14. Sole Survivor 15. Cutting It Fine 16. Daylight

Greg Lake – Bass & Vocal Steve Howe – Guitar Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards
Carl Palmer – Drums

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