Asia / Osaka 2008 In Front Of Howe / 2CDR

Asia / Osaka 2008 In Front Of Howe / 2CDR / Non label

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Koseinenkan Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 9th May 2008



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Than Japan Tour of Asia 2008 album “PHOENIX” immediately after the release, a sound source with a fully recorded performance on the 9th May and Osaka is appeared in gift items. Title fascinating has been released simultaneously from a variety of manufacturers in Japan after at this time, and many people also may seem “too late, it?’m Issuing a Japan tour at the time why,” he said. But it was recorded in high-quality sound of angry waves Meihan 2DAYS title in the 2014 Japan tour of Asia the other day “LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1 (Virtuoso 179/180/181/182)” and “Record of the present work is, western Japan and I think we can become and friendship “?! example” speaking it’s taper “Mr. strongest. And treasured recording of this completely original that he provided us with this time has become a recording is in the soil right in front of Osaka Welfare Pension Hall (Large Hall) front row Howe seat from (※ A column 20s), already at the time it has become entitled to cast one stone to Hatsu-ban all. The direct recording the raw sound of the amplifier and 4 disc 3 of the aforementioned “LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1” even out from the soil right in front of the second row Central and Wet ‘n’ venue, bass sound stand out in a state of “on” and Gorigori he I let me hear the sound of excitement was superb, but the present work is “version of how” just that. In the front row of the blocker absolutely no, It’s a performance in Osaka ’08 Stunning picked up uncut until the end of a show the raw sound emanating from the amplifier guitar Howe rings directly!

Recording begins hall SE Cayenne ago, prompting and attention “… because it is annoying for those behind? Could you Sitting” from hall staff at 28 seconds around 00 minutes of this Disc1- (1) beginning scene being is included. This is the was noted Once rose to Moriageyo take the initiative from the front row According to Mr., but word of the front row unique that “towards the back” this is the best sound values ​​reach from now on this recording position it will offer many opportunities from before the curtain. The show has become the opening of unusual seems time that starts from “Daylight” is also on this day, the sound of the front row specific feel the thickness in the medium to low range and around the sound output of the guitar that stands out clearly is rising sharply. You think that it is able to understand you this does not mean that the sound output of other instruments are recessed to say guitar is because they stand out, the sound of the keyboard, which extends and Tsubudachi of hi-hat also is being exhausted firmly, or out of the vocal sing of Wet ‘n’ will also you are able to very satisfied through a small sound is also so clear.

It has been recorded in a close sound that stands out very guitar also “Roundabout”, but here I feel from the sound image composition called “Howe leading to tow the three members of veteran progressive rock” rather than a music performance of Jesus by Asia I think that it fall into fresh feeling never be, tasted. It is to change the sound full of clarity overall balance of the sound is very good either because it was re-holding the guitar acoustic part and later from the “Voice Of America” and solo time Howe, but the “Ride Easy” is fine among them moments should also not release the ear and since it is recorded in the sound of the best picked up admirably to whine. On the other hand, has been captured without perfection that heavy sound of midrange you, and you will move slowly, such as “Without You” also cracking sound, and that the chorus harmony of four people heard firmly in “The Court of the Crimson King” you think I would like to have your attention also. This is because we had Yarisugoshi only two people of the Downs and Wet ‘n’ is put a voice to the chorus that has been pre-recorded, the chorus, etc. that fall in the “Valkyrie” beginning in GRAVITAS tour Japan tour in June this year. But at that time in ’08 the way of Asia Sound and Howe, as a “guitarist sing” you take how the four people have repeated harmony properly with live chorus listening to Katsuaki, Wet ‘n’ was looking habitually in this band here you will be able to understand anew from playing. Asia in those days had been a centerpiece of the show and “palace”, “Roundabout” is of a recorded sound that makes me realize it was possible to play precisely because guitarist sing firmly Howe Speaking to reverse.

It is to come hear nearby state of “on” guitar again until “The Heat Goes On” – show end, but the few songs of this final stage is ideal for achieving himself whether the Semare how much guitar melody of the original it has become a scene of. Guitar’m hear as close to stand out among other things, even the sound source during the “Do not Cry” in particular, electric play version of this song is changed to the acoustic version from the tour mid-this ’08, 2013 As you know and you will be playing as electric plate is sealed until June. In other words This is why it is now time I saw actually the other day a concert in Japan that this song is returned to the electric version again guitarist has changed is felt most sensitive to differences in the expression is what “now” at, you will say how seasoned of electric plates by old and new guitarist of different types, the difference in how alive the music is an important scene the need for re-check occurs anew precisely because now you know the approach of Sam.

That said board gift, it does not take others from is accompanied by contents in it corresponding to release the sound of Japan ’08 Become a bother now. And as was “The All Four Original Members of ASIA Japan Tour” tour title at the time, the centerpiece of Reunion Asia is that after all Howe stayed. But for some reason, even if there is a title that hits the spot and voices of Wet ‘n’ bass, there was no example in any board already issued at the time title it is closed up to Howe. This is really strange. Well, not necessarily play itself is recessed to say guitar is because they stand out and as noted at the beginning, and because I a sound happy that sounds close as guitar is projected resolution of all remains high, at that time real-time you will enjoy our shop you might guess be that much regret that it could not be released in the press this CD recording. But why It’s a chance this week. Then please take advantage of this free gift, enjoy the blow of a real dragon that has been doing behind somewhat from Osaka 2008 this weekend by all means. And a recording’s “LIVING A LEGACY (Virtuoso-143/144)” of the masterpiece was recorded Nagoya its 2012 and “LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1” the bonus board and “OSAKA 2012”, in the wake of this work “you think I would like to have to know the power of taper “Mr. West strongest.

アルバム『PHOENIX』リリース直後のエイジア2008年の日本公演より、5月9日・大阪での演奏をフル収録した音源がギフトアイテムで登場です。この時の来日後には様々なメーカーから魅惑的なタイトルが一斉にリリースされましたし、多くの方も「何故今更、当時の日本公演を出すんだ?」と思われるかもしれません。しかし本作の録音者が、先日の2014年エイジア来日公演での名阪2DAYSタイトル『LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1 (Virtuoso 179/180/181/182)』を怒涛の高音質で収録した”西日本最強のテーパー”氏だと言えば「え?!」とお感じになるのではないでしょうか。しかも今回彼が提供してくれたこの完全オリジナルの秘蔵録音は大阪厚生年金会館大ホール最前列・ハウのド真ん前にある席(※A列20番台)からの録音となっており、当時の既発盤全てに一石を投じるものとなっています。彼は前述の『LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1』のディスク3と4でも会場2列目中央・ウエットンのド真ん前から出るアンプの生音をダイレクト収録し、ベース音がゴリゴリと”オン”な状態で浮き出た極上の興奮サウンドを聴かせてくれましたが、本作はまさにその”ハウ版”。ハウのギターが直に鳴るアンプから発せられる生音を遮断物一切無しの最前列で、終演までノーカットで拾った驚愕の08年大阪公演なのです!


「Roundabout」もギターが大変目立つ間近な音で収録されていますが、ここはエイジアによるイエスの楽曲演奏というよりも “プログレ歴戦のメンバー3人を従えてリードするハウ” という構図がその音像から感じられ、味わったことの無い新鮮な感覚に陥ると思います。ハウのソロタイムや「Voice Of America」からのアコースティック・パート以降はギターを持ち替えた為か非常に全体音のバランスが良い透明感溢れる音像に変化するのですが、中でも「Ride Easy」は微細な弱音まで見事に拾った極上の音で記録されているのでひと時も耳を離せなくなる筈です。一方「Without You」の様なゆっくり動いてゆく中音域の重厚な響きも音割れする事無く完璧に捉えていますし、「The Court of the Crimson King」では4人のコーラス・ハーモニーがしっかり聴こえる点にも御注目戴きたいと思います。というのは、今年6月のGRAVITASツアー日本公演では「Valkyrie」冒頭で入るコーラス等を、予め録音されたコーラスにウエットンとダウンズの2人だけが声を乗せてやり過ごしていたからです。でもここでは4人が生コーラスできちんとハーモニーを重ねている様子が克明に聴いて取れ、ウエットンがこのバンドに常々求めていた「歌えるギタリスト」としてのハウ、そしてエイジア・サウンドの在り方を08年当時の演奏から改めて理解する事が出来るでしょう。逆に言えばあの頃のエイジアがショウの目玉としていた「宮殿」や「Roundabout」は、ハウがしっかり歌えるギタリストだからこそ演奏可能だったと気付かせてくれる収録音なのです。

「The Heat Goes On」~ショウエンドまでは再びギターが”オン”の状態で近く聴こえてくるのですが、この終盤の数曲はオリジナルのギター旋律に本人がどれだけ迫れているかを図るに最適のシーンとなっています。特に「Don’t Cry」は本音源中でもとりわけ際立ってギターが近くに聴こえているのですが、御存知の通りこの曲のエレクトリック演奏版はこの08年ツアー中盤からアコースティック版に変更され、以降2013年6月までエレキ版としての演奏が封印される事になります。これは言い換えると、ギタリストが変わってこの曲が再びエレキ版に戻された来日公演を先日実際に観た”今”こそがその表現の違いを一番敏感に感じられる時期になっている訳で、タイプの異なる新旧ギタリストによるエレキ版の味付けの仕方、楽曲の生かし方の差はサムのアプローチを知っている今だからこそ新たに再チェックの必要性が生じている重要なシーンと言えるでしょう。

ギフト盤とはいえ、わざわざ今になって08年の来日音源をリリースするにはそれ相応の収録内容を伴っているからに他なりません。当時のツアー・タイトルが”The All Four Original Members of ASIA Japan Tour”だった様に、リユニオン・エイジアの目玉は何と言ってもハウが居た事です。しかし何故か、ウエットンのベースや声にスポットが当たるタイトルはあっても、ハウにクローズアップしたタイトルは当時のどの既発盤にも例がありませんでした。これは本当に不思議です。しかも冒頭で記した様にギターが浮き出ているからと言って演奏自体が奥まっている訳ではありませんし、全ての解像度が高いままギターだけが突出して近く聴こえるという嬉しい音像なのですから、あの当時リアルタイムでこの録音をプレスCDでリリース出来なかった事を当店がどれだけ悔やんでいるかもお察し戴けるでしょう。でもだからこそ今週はチャンスなのです。是非この週末はこの無料ギフトを御活用し、2008年大阪からいささか遅れてやってきた本物のドラゴンの一撃をお楽しみ下さい。そして本作をきっかけに『LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1』やそのボーナス盤『OSAKA 2012』、そしてその2012年名古屋を収録した傑作『LIVING A LEGACY (Virtuoso-143/144)』の録音者である”西日本最強のテーパー”氏の実力を知って戴きたいと思います。

Disc 1(68:15)
1. Introduction 2. Daylight 3. Only Time Will Tell 4. Wildest Dreams 5. Never Again
6. Roundabout 7. Time Again 8. Keyboard Solo 9. Steve Howe Solo(incl. Clap)
10. Voice Of America 11. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 12. Ride Easy 13. Open Your Eyes

Disc 2(62:31)
1. Fanfare For The Common Man 2. Without You 3. An Extraordinary Life
4. In The Court Of The Crimson King 5. Video Killed The Radio Star 6. The Heat Goes On
7. Drum Solo/The Heat Goes On(reprise) 8. Heat Of The Moment 9. Don’t Cry
10. Sole Survivor

John Wetton – Bass, Lead Vocal Steve Howe – Guitar, Vocal Carl Palmer – Drums, Percussion
Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal


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