Asia / The Making Of Asia / 1CDR

Asia / The Making Of Asia / 1CDR / Highland Project

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The Making Of Asia 1981-1998 Rehearsals & Demos. Audience


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The package a valuable source of official debut earlier ASIA which attracted the attention of the world as a super-group of progressive rock world!

Collector’s compilation that summarizes many of the sound-board rare recordings of the 1990s, including the rare rehearsal sound source.

Including the rehearsal was done Trevor Lovin ‘debut before the hottest with the participation, compile a valuable source that contains the first appearance of the sound source number.

It is the appearance of the rare recordings collection Recommended not miss to ASIA collector!





The Making Of Asia 1981-1998 Rehearsals & Demos
01. Embryos (medley) (pre-Asia soundbytes 1978-1981)
02. Here Comes The Feeling
(with Trevor Rabin as 5th member of Asia 
– rehearsals 1981)
03. Starry Eyes (Only Time Will Tell) 
(with Trevor Rabin as 5th member of Asia 
– rehearsals 1981)
04. Playin’ Around On The Keyboards (1981)
05. Cutting It Fine (rehearsals 1981)
06. Bolero & Mountain King (rehearsals 1981)
07. Rock And Roll Dream 
(Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 1985)
08. 1990’s Era Medley #1 (1992-1994)
09. 1990’s Era Medley #2 (1992-1994)
10. Aziz Ibrahim Clip #1 (Heat of the Moment 1994)
11. Aziz Ibrahim Clip #2 (Desire 1994)
12. Aziz Ibrahim Clip #3 (Remembrance Day 1994)
13. Heaven (demo 1995)
14. Playsia (Sony Playstation – game song 1996)
15. Journey Ends (Salmon – Against the Tide 1998)
16. Come Make My Day (demo 1998)

Highland Project. HLP-106

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