Asia / Asia In Asia Collectors Edition / 1DVDR

Asia / Asia In Asia Collectors Edition / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 7th December 1983 PRO-SHOT(2 VERSIONS)

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The 3rd Tokyo Budokan, and Osaka Castle Hall, 4 concert was held in a large venue tour of Asia in Japan in December 1983. In concert at the Budokan on the second day Japan tour, and that it that live live in the United States at MTV, though it is a performance on Wednesday, this day, was a full house still (live from daytime afternoon is amazing I). Besides live live because, in the short set of stripped down songs for only one song of Sketches In The Sun, to fit the broadcast time frame also of content and short, acoustic Howe Nodea there was a slightly unsatisfactory impression side you are watching or you will not. In fact, though it is a Japan tour, etc. greet “America Good evening, now, (English of course) that is doing live in Japan,” said it’s aware of the broadcast in the trenches, MC also somewhat followed by “Hello, Tokyo” to, The contents of slapstick feeling is, there is a feature of this day. (If you listen to the boot of the three performances of others,. Playing music at ease more), however, (“ready to rock is over! Do you say”) from, at this time opening remarks of Mark Goodman familiar to fans (It is slightly) also to the struggle of the first time Greg good-looking and thin, is very pleasant content (based Steinberger also looking good) miraculously. But not after only a few years from the dissolution Jesus, of ELP, everyone, is full of uplifting and powerful and young, also played youth also looks, I can enjoy playing a very good player of the individual. This live has been official released after, but this board, in the first half, the second half and, from Pioneer laser disc of US board, live video footage of the United States has been recorded in the CM included. The Men Time Again that has been cut (cut-in unfortunately), the curtain immediately after the official
Interviews of sweaty bar has also been recorded, the contents of the impressive perfect score. You are the master video, but this is not a problem in picture quality and sound both. Add Live DVD of the restructuring of Asia Wetton return after the 1990 bonus.

★ I collect and laser disk of US board, the image of the United States live (Time Again entering)

1983年12月のエイジア日本ツアーは東京・武道館3日、大阪城ホールと、大会場にて4公演が開催されました。日本公演2日目の武道館でのコンサートで、この日は、MTVにて全米にライブを生中継するということで、水曜日の公演なのに、午後の昼間からのライブ(それでも満員だったのは凄いですね)。しかも生中継ライブゆえ、ハウのアコースティックは短くSketches In The Sunの一曲だけ、内容的にも放送時間枠に収めるため曲を削ったショートセットで、観てる側はちょっと物足りない印象があったのであないでしょうか。実際、日本公演なのに、MCも「こんにちは、トーキョー」に続いては「こんばんはアメリカ、今、日本でライブやってます(もちろん英語)」と挨拶するなど、各所で放送を意識しての、多少、ドタバタ気味の内容が、この日の特徴ではあります。(他の3公演のブートを聴くと、もっとのびのびと演奏しています。)しかし、ファンにはお馴染みのマーク・グッドマンの冒頭挨拶(「ロックの用意はいいですかー!」)から、この時は奇跡的に(若干ですが)痩せてグッド・ルッキングなグレッグの奮闘ぶりも合わせて、非常に楽しい内容です(スタインバーガーのベースも似合ってます)。イエス、ELPの解散から数年しかたっていないわけで、皆、ルックスも若々しく、演奏もパワフルかつ躍動感に満ちており、個々のプレイヤー的には非常に良い演奏が楽しめます。本ライブは後にオフィシャル・リリースされましたが、本盤は、前半に、US盤のパイオニアレーザー・ディスクから、そして後半は、アメリカでの生中継ビデオ映像がCM込みで収録されています。オフィシャルではカットされたTime Again(残念ながらカットイン) 、終演直後のメン

★US盤のレーザー・ディスクと、全米生放送の映像を収録(Time Again入り)

US Laserdisc

1. Mark Goodman Intro 2. The Heat Goes On 3. Here Comes The Feeling 4. Eye To Eye 
5. Sketches In The Sun 6. Only Time Will Tell 7. Open Your Eyes 8. Keyboard Solo 
9. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 10. Wildest Dreams 11. Drum Solo 12. Heat Of The Moment 
13. Sole Survivor

MTV Global Satellite Broadcast

14. Intro 15. Time Again 16. The Heat Goes On 17. Here Comes The Feeling 18. Eye To Eye 
19. Sketches In The Sun 20. Only Time Will Tell 21. Open Your Eyes 22. Keyboard Solo 
23. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 24. Wildest Dreams 25. Drum Solo 26. Heat Of The Moment 
27. Sole Survivor

28. CM(Wrangler, Montgomery Ward, Budwiser) 29. Band Interviews with Mark Goodman/End Credit
30. MTV Outro.

Bonus Track
31. 1990 Live Clips

Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocal
Carl Palmer – Drums, Percussion Greg Lake – Bass, Lead Vocals


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